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Statement of Michael Crew regarding his experiences with the supernatural.


Jonathan Sims goes to meet Michael Crew. Michael offers him tea, which John turns down, and John tells Michael he features in several statements. John asks Michael how he got his scar, which annoys Michael. Michael does... something to John which causes a falling sensation. He complains that all he wants is privacy and says he might let John live if he learns some respect.


Michael talks about the pain of being struck by lightning, although he does not really remember being struck by lightning itself. The doctors told him there would be no lasting damage.

Michael explains that Lichtenberg figures are fractals and while he could not see them, his fingers could feel them on his skin. When he felt them in the dark they went on and on.

Michael suspects that he attracted the attention of something after that night of exploring his scars. Something followed him, delighting in confusing his senses making him believe a storm was coming. It was almost a man with flashing Lichtenberg organs. Although it chased him for years, it did not hurt him, but he was still terrified of it.

It found where he lived, and he dreamt of endless lightning corridors leading nowhere. He awoke and went into his small garden to the back gate. He opened the gate and found a darkened forest which stretched forever; the bare branches of the trees reached down from the sky, and there was a strong smell of ozone.

He found A Journal of the Plague Year when he was 17, which caused his parents' house to collapse from decay. It opened his eyes to the power of the things beyond that could save him from his past. He knew filth was not for him, so he threw it into a sewer. Next, he found The Boneturner's Tale in a flooded library. He tried to shift himself, but everything he changed had the same terrible fractals that scarred his skin. He deposited it in Chiswick Library. He spent some time with a book in Cyrillic which he could not read, but when it tried to read him back, he buried it in the moors.

Finally, he found Ex Altiora in the back of a Lions Street bookshop. The creature that followed him was a branch of the Twisting Deceit, which had, perhaps foolishly, taken a form from the sky. The sensation of falling touched him personally.

He does not remember the night of the storm in MAG 46, but he faintly remembers feeling resigned and desperate, though he cannot understand these feelings now. He does remember throwing himself into the arms of the emptiness as he bound his tormentor to the book. Since then he has fed the entity that feeds him.

He admits that he may have thrown Grant Walker off of the Tour Montparnasse in MAG 75, but it is hard to keep track.

Michael releases John from whatever hold he had on The Archivist, and John gasps for air.


As Michael starts to tell him to leave, there is a knock at the door. Crew opens the door and is punched in the face by Daisy Tonner, who asks John if Michael is human. John says he is not and confirms that he has killed people. Daisy asks if he needs to speak to people to kill them, and John is unsure.

Daisy proceeds to kick Michael into unconsciousness before telling John to turn off the recorder and help her put Michael in her car.

The recorder turns on by itself as Daisy and John reach her 'special place'. She shoots Michael, presumably killing him. She goes through John's bag, finding his empty wallet, a packet of cigarettes, a gold lighter with a spiderweb design, a blunt pocket knife, a set of keys to The Magnus Institute, and the tape recorder.

John compels Daisy to explain why she is doing this, but she defies him. As she is poised to kill him, holding him by the throat off the ground, Basira appears, telling Daisy to put him down. Basira says she thought Daisy only killed monsters, and Daisy says that John is one, because he is able to compel people to tell their stories.

Daisy says she is going to kill him because he is a murderer, but the Archivist says he believes Elias killed Leitner and Gertrude. Basira suggests Daisy use John's power to get the truth from Elias. Reluctantly, Daisy agrees, telling John to get a spade to bury Michael.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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