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Statement of Georgina Barker regarding the last words of a possible corpse. Recorded direct from subject.


Georgie, Jonathan's ex-girlfriend and current housemate, studied English at Balliol and felt very out of place among her extremely rich and classically educated cohorts. She only felt herself around Alex Brooke, who grew up in the Black Country, an industrial area of the West Midlands.

There were various protests in some of the medical science buildings and the building was avoided by lecturers rescheduling lectures in that building. Georgie wondered why there were no police around, and Alex had a glint in her eye.

The next day Alex demanded to meet up with Georgie and seemed extremely tired. In the building, she found the protesters lying on the floor as though they had collapsed. They stared blankly up and seemed to breathe. The bodies had collapsed away from an older, almost naked woman standing in the middle of the fallen students. The woman looked at Alex, and she recognised her as one of the cadavers brought in for lectures. Georgie said that she would go back with Alex for a second look.

On Saturday, the two of them went to the medical science building. Alex found the room easily enough, although members of the faculty and a few police officers had joined them, all with pale grey skin. The woman in the middle knelt now, and she looked at the two of them. Slowly, she started to stand and walked towards Georgie and Alex. Alex lunged forward, grabbing the corpse, shouting at her asking what she wanted. The cadaver bent down to Alex's ear and whispered into her ear. Alex's eyes lacking her normal spark, she shrugged at Georgie and lay down.

The dead woman started to whisper at Georgie, who quickly covered her ears, but it did not block out the whisper from the creature: "The moment that you die will feel exactly the same as this one." Georgie had a revelation about the end of everything and that everything is contained in one moment. She glimpsed the smallness of the universe.

She awoke in her bed after several days. Downstairs her mum wept in relief to see her, but Georgie seemed dead to her. It took her several months before the memory began to fade and she started to feel again. She took a year off university to recover.

Georgie does not know what happened to the corpse and students. She heard that an ambulance and police car came at night to take them away, but none of them came back, and she never saw Alex again.

Since that day Georgie has not been able to feel fear, and she is not sure if it was cauterised or stolen.


John is exhausted after Georgie's statement and goes to lie down.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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  • A slight variation of the dead woman's phrase, "the moment I die will feel just the same as this one", previously appeared in MAG 70, in the narrator's musings about mortality near the beginning of the statement.


  • This episode is the first one to list the voice actors and the roles they were performing in the written episode description.