Manuela Dominguez is an avatar of the Dark, and a high ranking member of The People's Church of the Divine Host. She studied dark matter and dark energy, and used it to create the Dark Sun.

History Edit

Dominguez came from a religious family, her parents fearing the "unnatural". Her parents resistance to her pursuit of science eventually lead to her breaking contact with them.

While studying dark matter, she met Maxwell Rayner who introduced her to the Dark, leading to their working together in the The People's Church of the Divine Host.

Dominguez was tasked to create a black star for worship, which was completed during her time on-board the Daedalus. After the failed attempt at the Dark's ritual, known as the "Extinguished Sun," she remained in Ny-Ålesund to protect her dark sun, waiting for something to happen.

After the dark sun is destroyed by John and Basira, Manuela flees, and Helen appears to inform them that she has captured Manuela in her corridors and intends on keeping her.

Episode Appearances Edit

Bold marks episodes where Manuela has given a statement.

Episode Appearances
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