Martin Blackwood is one of the archival assistants working for the Magnus Institute and has worked for the Institute since at least 2009 (MAG 72). He helps Jonathan Sims by following up on the Archive's cases. Initially, Sims does not appear to value his services, saying he will contribute "nothing but delays.”

Martin is 29 years old in November 2016. (MAG 56). His mother is chronically ill and lives in a care home in Devon (MAG 42). His father abandoned the family when Martin was about eight or nine years old, and at seventeen he dropped out of school to care for his mother (MAG 118, MAG 56).

His sexual orientation remains unconfirmed, but it has been confirmed that he has a crush on Sims.

Martin is a little claustrophobic (MAG 15).

History Edit

Martin looked into any mention of the book Ex Altiora, but found no records (MAG 4).

He did a follow up interview with Kieran Woodward about the bin bags at 93 Lancaster Road, but there was nothing new to add to the statement, and no new bags had arrived at the property (MAG 5).

Martin researched 105 Hill Top Road and the ownership of the house, as well as discovering Agnes Montague (MAG 8).

Martin revealed that he was at the Magnus Institute when Trevor Herbert came to the institution (MAG 10).

Martin tried to find Angela related to the Piecemeal case, but found nothing after 3 days (MAG 14).

He looked into the Arachnophobia case and confirmed that Carlos Vittery lived at the flat in Archway (MAG 16).

Martin looked into the fate of Sebastian Adekoya and found that he had been killed in a supposed hit and run (MAG 17).

Martin was "off sick" (MAG 17,18,19,20).

Martin returned after being imprisoned by Jane Prentiss and reported a statement on the events surrounding his "illness" (MAG 22).

Martin found a police report on 15th March 2015, police were called to the Hither Green Chapel as there were screams heard after 11pm, although no cause of the noise was found. This concerns Jonathan Sims because this is the same day that Gertrude Robinson passed away (MAG 25).

He called Marcus McKenzie, son of Paul McKenzie, regarding the goings on at his father's house. Marcus confirmed that he had already given a statement (MAG 27).

Martin was trapped in the panic room during Jane Prentiss's attack, but left with Jonathan and Tim to try to escape when they had an opportunity. (MAG 39) He became separated from the others and was lost in the tunnels underground, where he found the body of Gertrude Robinson. (MAG 40).

While Sims was recovering and returning to work, he noted that Martin had been showing increased competence and apparent concern for the Archivist, leading Sims to consider Martin suspicious at the beginning of his investigation (MAG 41).

Martin interrupted Sims during a supplemental recording while Sims was wondering about Tim's reasons for remaining at the Institute, leading to Sims quickly making an excuse and ending his supplemental investigation (MAG 45).

After Sims was attacked by Michael, the Archivist lied to his team saying he had accidentally cut himself with a breadknife. Martin expressed concern over Sims's well-being, and began watching his boss more closely at the office (MAG 53).

Statements Read By Him Edit

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