Melanie King is a former ghost hunter, who became an archival assistant at the Magnus Institute in MAG 84.

Physical Appearance

Melanie has never been described physically, except for MAG 131, which implies she's skinny in a way that Martin and Basira are not. At some point after MAG 154, she has damaged eyes from being blinded.

First Statement

Melanie King was the host of a YouTube channel, Ghost Hunt UK, where she and her team went into haunted buildings or sites with scientific equipment in order to look for ghosts and evidence thereof.

In January 2015, Melanie's friend Georgie Barker put her in contact with Sarah Baldwin as a replacement for the group's sound engineer for an investigation of Cambridge Medical Hospital. After the events of that night, she gave a statement to Jonathan Sims (MAG 28), and the two of them end up in a screaming argument.

Independent Research

After the aforementioned incident, Ghost Hunt UK gradually folded, and Melanie began doing independent research. Her focus was "war ghosts", hauntings at locations connected to historical conflict. In her research, she realized that other paranormal researchers focused on the same few locations, the ones "confirmed as safe", and started investigating locations others avoided, predicting that those would be far more likely to be "real." (MAG 76).

After sneaking in to investigate a train graveyard with a train that smelled of blood, Melanie was stabbed by a ghost, captured by security guards, and caught on video screaming about blood and ghosts, which went viral and was briefly a meme, costing Melanie the rest of her professional reputation (MAG 76). Doing followup research on the train car, she realized she needed a book available in the library of The Magnus Institute (MAG 76), and had to ask Jonathan to vouch for her so she could be allowed to access it without having the usual academic credentials. (MAG 63) With the book, she realized there was another similar haunting in India, and came back to the Institute to give Jonathan another statement about her train adventure before leaving to investigate it.

At this point, she asked where Sasha was so she could say goodbye to her, but Jonathan insisted Not-Sasha was the same person. They had an argument as Melanie could tell the two Sashas were different people, and thought Jon was trying to gaslight her (MAG 76).

In India, Melanie got shot by a ghost. The bullet went into her leg, though when she went to the hospital afterward the scanners showed nothing there (MAG 117)

Work with The Magnus Institute

Melanie came back to the Institute thinking to give another statement to Jon, but found him not there (as he was on the run wanted for murder), and was unable to give her statement to Martin instead. Elias then offered her the job recently vacated by Not-Sasha. Despite a warning from Martin, she began working full-time for the Institute as an archival assistant. (MAG 84).

After Jon heard Melanie was working for the Institute, he came to her to ask her to be his "source on the inside" and help him research leads using Institute resources (MAG 86). She helped him track down Jude Perry and inquired about the calliope organ that had been supposed to be artefact storage (MAG 88).

When she learned that the archive staff were bound to the institute, Melanie repeatedly tried to kill Elias. He retaliated by implanting the knowledge of her father's death at Ivy Meadows Care Home (MAG 36) in her mind, and threatening to seat the image of how he died deep in her brain if she continued to try to kill Elias (MAG 106). While Martin distracted Elias in the archives, Melanie broke into his office and obtained the tape of Jurgen Leitner's murder as well as other incriminating documents to hand over to the police (MAG 118).

When The Flesh attacked the Archives, Melanie got a knife and protected the others.

Upon Jon's return to the Institute after awakening from his coma, Melanie reacts violently and attacks him, accusing him of being to blame for Tim and Daisy's deaths stopping The Unknowing (MAG 123).

Jon's powers let him realize the ghost bullet in Melanie's leg is "pumping violence into her", infecting her with The Slaughter. He and Basira decide to do surgery on her while she is asleep to remove the bullet, as she is currently too violent to react well to being asked. However, she wakes up during the procedure and freaks out, stabbing Jon. (MAG 125).

After having the bullet removed from her leg, she avoids Jon for the most part. Eventually, when Jon finds out that removing your eyes frees you from The Eye, she uses a hole puncher from the Archive's library to do so. She then lives with Georgie, who she is dating, and recovers there. She welcomes Jon visiting as a friend, but refuses to help him with anything related to the Archives or the Entities.


Bold marks episodes where Melanie has read a statement.



  • Melanie starting her recording with a little clap in MAG 86 was a decision made Lydia Nicholas, her voice actor.
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