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Michael Crew is an avatar of The Vast.


Michael is a thin, pale man with a white Lichtenberg figure scar running across his neck and back. He is short, has pale eyes, and smells of ozone.[1][2][3][4]


When Mike was 8, he was struck by lightning when playing in a field with Dominic Swain during an intense storm. The lightning branded him with the fractal pattern of a Lichtenberg figure and he was pursued throughout his life by a creature of The Spiral that took the shape of a strobing, branching figure that tormented him with illusions of storms.[5]

At age seventeen, he encountered the book A Journal of the Plague Year, which infected his house and killed his parents. He started looking for more books in the hope of finding one that would release him from his tormentor.[5]

In 1996, he found The Boneturner's Tale, a book from the library of Jurgen Leitner. He tried to remove his scar using the book's power but any changes he made to his body were laced with fractals. He ultimately deposited it in Chiswick Library along with four other books.[6] Some time after encountering The Boneturner's Tale, he was briefly in possession of a book in Cyrillic that tried to "read him back." He buried it in a stretch of moorland.

From late 1997 to early 1998, Michael frequented Lions Street Books and eventually found Ex Altiora, a book of The Vast. He bound the creature pursuing him to it and devoted himself to The Vast, becoming an avatar.[2]

In 2005, he walked by Stephen and Grant Walker's house and watched their attempts to enter through a window using a ladder. In 2006 he encountered Stephen and Grant again on top of the Tour Montparnasse, the tallest public building in Paris. Using the power of The Vast, Michael transported Grant to a reality where he was alone at the top of an infinitely tall building and had to climb down a ladder, one of his greatest fears.[3]

In 2017, Michael is contacted by Jonathan Sims. When John offends Michael by bluntly asking about his scar, Michael dramatically affects John's perception of the world and forces his senses to believe he is falling at terminal velocity. Michael describes his life leading up to his becoming an avatar of The Vast in a statement. He returns John's senses to normal, but is then knocked out by Daisy and later murdered. His body is buried in a Eping Forest.[7]

Episode Appearances[]

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