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Natalie Ennis was a young woman with an influential role in The People's Church of the Divine Host.


Natalie Ennis was once a devout Christian before the death of her mother in October of 2014. After losing her faith she found her way to the People's Church of the Divine Host and began serving the Dark. She quickly rose through the ranks and within the year she was leading the preparations for the Extinguished Sun ritual at Hither Green Dissenter's Chapel. During the ritual, her efforts would be unwittingly foiled by Mark Bilham, the boyfriend of Natalie's roommate and former friend Katherine Harper, when he tracked her down to confront her for trying to convert Kathy.

Sometime in 2017, Natalie aided in the attempt to transfer the consciousness of Maxwell Rayner into the body of Callum Brodie, after he was weakened by the failure of their ritual. The process was interrupted by a police raid, during which she killed Sectioned officer Leo Altman before being shot and killed by the unnamed officer he was partnered with for the raid.

Manuela Dominguez would later say that besides herself and Rayner, Natalie was the only one who could look upon the Dark Star.

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