Nikola Orsinov is a recurring character in the Magnus Archives, and is either an acolyte or an aspect of The Stranger. She appears as a plastic female mannequin dressed as a circus ringmaster, although she can disguise herself as human using stolen skin and a 'borrowed' voicebox

History Edit

Before being transformed by the Stranger, Nikola Orsinov was Joseph Grimaldi (born 18 December 1778), an English actor and entertainer who was in his time the most famous clown in London. At some point (presumably after his retirement and descent into poverty in 1823) Grimaldi grew to resent his life and wandered into Circus of the Other. The Circus' ringmaster, Gregor Orsinov, created Nikola from what was left of Grimaldi to serve as the lead dancer for a future attempt at The Unknowing.

At some point during the latter half of the 20th century, Nikola decided Gregor had become 'boring' and murdered him, taking over the Circus and becoming the new Ringmaster. Though she retained this position until 2017, her control of the circus proved unpredictable. At some point the Circus lost ownership of a key component for the Unknowing ritual, the gorilla skin, causing Breekon & Hope to leave the Circus.[1]

In the early 2010s, Nikola seems to have begun making preparations to perform the Unknowing, and reconnected with Breekon & Hope to this end.[2]

In August 2013 an apparition resembling Joseph Grimaldi attacked Danny Stoker (brother of Magnus Institute archival assistant Timothy Stoker) while he explored the ruined Covent Garden theatre; the same apparition was later seen by Tim after Danny disappeared.[3] Four years later, Nikola claims that this apparition was her, saying she is still sometimes Grimaldi "for special occasions".[4]

In Autumn 2013 she appears to have stalked and murdered department store manager Lana Billings, presumably as a source of skin for the ritual.[5]

In Autumn 2014 Nikola was preparing for the ritual in a compound in the Gwydir Forest; these preparations included harvested human skin, living mannequins, and living severed heads. The compound seemed to be run by a woman named Megan, who may or may not be Nikola in disguise, who lured Sebastian Skinner into the complex, hoping to introduce him to her 'boss'. Sebastian escaped, and Orsinov asked Jude Perry to burn down the complex, destroying any evidence.[6]

In May 2017 Nikola broke into Georgie Barker's flat to interrogate the Archivist, Jonathan Sims, demanding the return of the gorilla skin (Stolen from The Trophy Room by Gertrude Robinson).[7] Shortly afterwards, she changed her mind and sent Breekon & Hope to kidnap John,[8] holding him captive at the House of Wax Museum in Great Yarmouth for around a month, intending to use his skin for the ritual, until he escaped with the help of Helen.[9] Nikola eventually had her agents rob the graves of Gertrude Robinson and Jurgen Leitner for their skin to be used in the ritual.

On August 6th-7th, 2017, Nikola and her agents began the Unknowing at the House of Wax, but were interrupted by a team from the Magnus Institute comprised on Jonathan Sims, Tim Stoker, Basira Hussain, and Alice "Daisy" Tonner.[10] Tim was able to detonate the plastic explosives the team had planted under the museum before they entered, killing both Nikola Orsinov and himself in the process.[4]

Nikola Orsinov has not been seen since the destruction of the House of Wax. After 'extracting' a statement from the entity known as 'Breekon', the Archivist stated that it believes Orsinov to have been destroyed in the explosion.[2]

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  • Joseph Grimaldi is a real individual who lived in the late 18th century. He was an English actor, comedian, and dancer who became a prominent entertainer during the Regency era.
  • Nikola is voiced by Jessica Law who was in the band The Mechanismswith Jonny Sims and played "The Toy Soldier," a living wooden automaton.  


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    MAG 96 implies it took place later as Gertrude kills Daniel Rawlings when she steals the skin and he was not taken by the angler fish until 2006.
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