Nikola Orsinov is a recurring character in the Magnus Archives, and Is either an acolyte or an aspect of The Stranger. She appears as a plastic female manniquin dressed as a circus ringmaster.


Before Nikola Orsinov was a manniquin, she was known as the most famous clown in London, Joseph Grimaldi. Sometime during Grimaldi’s life he grew to resent his current life and wandered into the Circus of the Other, where the ringmaster, Gregor Orsinov, ‘remade‘ him into The Stranger’s dancer.

At an unknown time, the remade Nikola killed Gregor as he had become ‘boring.’

At the time of the current story, she had been working on bringing about The Unknowing, the ritual that would remake the world for The Stranger.

Historical connection

Joseph Grimaldi was a real individual that lived in the late 18th century. He was an English actor, comedian, and dancer who became a prominent entertainer during the Regency era.


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