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Outer Bay Shipping is a company affiliated with The Dark. It owns and operates its company town Ny-Ålesund, Norway, and is frequently connected to The People's Church of the Divine Host. Little information has been discovered about it except that it is a shell corporation.


In 2007, a company called Optic Solutions Ltd, based in Ny-Ålesund, provided cameras to the Space Station Daedalus (MAG 57).

In July 2010, Outer Bay Shipping was delivering bodies to a company called DKN Systems, staffed with The People's Church members who appeared to be performing some kind of rituals inside their office buildings. The ritual was disrupted by Julia Montauk and Trevor Herbert. (MAG 109)

In March 2015, a gathering of the People's Church in Hither Green Chapel were conducting a ritual which involved singing the name Ny-Ålesund (MAG 25), not long before there was a solar eclipse there (MAG 108).

In February 2017, the building where Maxwell Rayner and the Church were hiding with the child they had kidnapped was owned by Outer Bay. (MAG 73)