Raymond Fielding was the former owner of a halfway house on Hill Top Road. He was affiliated with The Web and was the guardian of Agnes Montague.

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Fielding is described by Ivo Lensik as being "quite young, white, maybe mid-twenties, clean-shaven with shaggy, chestnut brown hair" (MAG 8) and by Ronald Sinclair as being easygoing and smiling a lot (MAG 59). He and Agnes Montague were said to have looked "something alike."

Timeline Edit

1923 - Walter Fielding dies and passes ownership of 105 Hill Top Road to his son, Alfred Fielding.

1957 - Alfred Fielding dies and passes ownership of 105 Hill Top Road to his son, Raymond Fielding.[1]

1960s - Raymond sets up his his house as a halfway house for children, supported by the local Catholic church. He owns a strange table with a web-like pattern, and later takes custody of Agnes Montague after the The Cult of the Lightless Flame found her difficult to raise.[2]

When Ronald Sinclair, a resident of the halfway house, tries to leave, Raymond compels him to return to the basement and stare at the table, though he eventually escaped.[3]

1974 - Raymond disappears and leaves the house's ownership to Agnes Montague. His remains, minus a hand, are found in the basement when she burns the house down.

2006 - Raymond (or someone pretending to be him) appears at the door of the house while Ivo Lensik works on the building's reconstruction. He stares at the tree in the backyard before disappearing, leaving only scorch marks and the smell of burnt hair. Agnes Montague's remains are found hanging in her flat that same day, with a hand that is not hers chained to her waist--later confirmed to belong to Raymond.

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Episode Appearances

References Edit

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