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The Entities normally do not and cannot directly exist in the physical world - in order for them to do so, "merge with reality", reality must fundamentally be changed to be made closer to the essence of the Entity. Servants of the Entities can perform a ritual to enact this. (MAG 92) If the ritual succeeds, the fear energy that the Entities feed on becomes much more plentiful. The ritual first requires building up power over hundreds of years, which must be started over if the ritual fails. No ritual has ever succeeded.

It is speculated that one entity's ritual could also bring along other similar entities. (MAG 111)

Not all entities have a ritual, only most of them - The Web and The End have never attempted one. (MAG 134)

Individual Rituals

The Eye

  • The Eye's ritual is called "The Watcher's Crown."
  • As far as Basira Hussain knows, no one has attempted to bring the Watcher's Crown to fruition, and The Eye may be the only entity who has yet to do so (MAG 123).

The Spiral

  • The Spiral's ritual is called "The Great Twisting". It happened some time after mid-2009 and at latest 2011.
  • The Worker of Clay (MAG 126) created a door through which the Great Twisting would happen.
  • Gertrude Robinson took her assistant Michael Shelley to "Sannikov Land" in Russia and gave him a map to navigate the maze. He subsequently became The Distortion, an aspect of The Spiral (or it may be more accurate to say that it became him). Gertrude left the island before it disappeared (MAG 101).

The Lonely

  • Peter Lukas confirms that Gertrude Robinson stopped the Lonely's ritual. (MAG 134)
  • Little else is known about the Lonely's ritual.
  • The Lonely's ritual won't be able to be attempted for a few decades or even centuries (MAG 134)

The Stranger

  • The Stranger's ritual is called "The Unknowing."
  • It takes the form of a dance.
  • The Stranger has attempted The Unknowing twice that we know of: once in 1787 (stopped by The Slaughter) and once in 2017 (stopped by The Eye + a Hunter with C4).

The Desolation 

  • The Desolation's Ritual is called "The Scoured Earth".
  • It was stopped in 2013 or 2014 by Gertrude, who was apparently injured in the process of stopping it. (MAG 99)
  • The ritual may or may not have been linked to Agnes Montague' death.

The Slaughter

  • The Slaughter's Ritual is called "The Risen War"
  • It was attempted in 1942 aboard a ship called the Nemesis and seems to have failed on its own. Gertrude speculates that the ship was supposed to have been bombed in order to complete it but it sank before that could happen. (MAG 137)

The Vast

  • There is currently no information on The Vast's ritual.

The Buried 

  • The Buried's ritual is called "Sunken Sky" and the end result would be called "the Forever Buried."
  • It was attempted in 2008 in Bucoda, Washington with a giant pit (MAG 97).
  • Gertrude stopped the ritual by throwing astronaut Jan Kilbride (MAG 106) into the pit, as he was marked by The Vast. She believed she was being merciful by killing and dismembering him first (MAG 129).
  • The ritual itself and/or the fallout from it caused an "earthquake" that caused the town of Bucoda to completely vanish. (MAG 97)

The Dark

  • The Dark's ritual is called the "Extinguished Sun."
  • The Dark's ritual may have taken place in March 2015 (MAG 25), tied to a solar eclipse in Ny-Alesund, which would make the last ritual in 1715 and tied to the last solar eclipse there. (MAG 108)

The Corruption 

  • There is currently no information on The Corruption's ritual.

The Flesh

  • The Flesh's ritual is "the Last Feast," in which participants continuously offer meat into a giant maw.
  • Gertrude stopped the Last Feast in October 2008 by throwing explosives into the "meat pit" in a Gnostic temple in Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) (MAG 130).
  • Jared Hopworth refused to help with the ritual because he liked the world the way it was (MAG 131).

The Hunt

  • The Hunt's ritual is called the Everchase. It involves an endless search by groups of explorers for a mythical location, such as the Lost City of Zed, or the Northwest Passage.
  • Jonathan Sims speculates that due to the nature of the Hunt and Hunters to value the act of hunting over the culmination of the hunt and capture of their prey, this ritual may be impossible to actually complete. (MAG 133)
  • It had not yet happened in 2007; Gertrude was looking at North America for its location but wasn't completely sold on this, and expected it to be at some point after that of The Buried in 2008 (MAG 99).

Entities That Have Never Attempted Rituals

The Web 

  • The Web has not attempted a ritual because it prefers the world as it is, where it can play everyone off against each other. (MAG 134)

The End 

  • The End has never attempted a ritual because it knows it "gets everything eventually" because everything dies.
  • A world in which The End manifested would just be lifeless, not full of terror to feed on. (MAG 134)
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