Rosie is an employee of The Magnus Institute, serving as a receptionist or assistant position.


Rosie was first mentioned when Jonathan Sims states that he "might have a word with Rosie, to make sure I get a copy of any new statements as soon as they're made" (MAG 11).

She is also mentioned when Jonathan receives a complaint about his behavior during a statement taking, which Sims says would not have been necessary if Rosie had kept her equipment in better order (MAG 17).

She is later mentioned as also having approved the two unknown delivery men who brought a lighter and table into the institute, with her recollections of the incident said to be as vague as Martin's (MAG 37).

Sims asked Rosie to contact Mikaele Salesa for an interview, but the antiques dealer was unreachable (MAG 45).

Rosie can be heard on a recording telling Elias that police have come to arrest Daisy, and then again when Elias tells her to dismiss the officers (MAG 92).

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