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Rosie is an employee of The Magnus Institute, serving as a receptionist and assistant to Elias Bouchard.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.


Rosie is polite but curt when speaking with others, and internally is very critical of the people around her. She is a deeply paranoid person and often worries that people may think poorly of her or are making jokes at her expense. She is acutely aware of when she may be being watched and goes to great lengths to appear unconcerned to the hypothetical observer.

Rosie is highly curious about the world around her, and especially in what information people may be hiding. She is prone to snooping through the belongings of others and avoids taking action in potentially dangerous situations in order to witness events further. She is somewhat passive-aggressive but is highly avoidant of direct confrontation.[1][2]


Very little is known about Rosie's life prior to her employment at The Magnus Institute. In her childhood she was called "Nosy Rosie", a cruel nickname that brings her pain even in her adult life. She was married prior to being employed by The Magnus Institute, but the relationship failed as a result of her paranoia.[2]

Rosie was hired by The Magnus Institute sometime between 1996 and 2015.[3] Although Elias had begun to gaslight her as early as her initial interview, Rosie got on well with Gertrude Robinson prior to her death and was somewhat privy to her thoughts, particularly her opinions on John.[1][2]

Rosie shows John to his office after his promotion to Head Archivist in 2015. Following a special request, she ensures that copies of new statements are sent to the archives as soon as they are made.[1][4]

Rosie is mentioned during a brief meeting between John and Elias after a statement giver complained about John's conduct. In the meeting, John blames her for the digital recording equipment not functioning properly during certain statements and leaving the tape recorders as his only means of recording.[5][6]

At some point in 2016, Rosie is visited by two strange deliverymen who have a package for John. The two men are stone-faced and intimidating, and have cartoonishly exaggerated Cockney accents that leave Rosie suspicious someone may be playing a prank on her. Rosie decides to sign for the package and entrust it to Martin rather wait for John to sign for the package himself, as she worries he will be confrontational with the deliverymen and does not want to be in their company for longer than is necessary.[2][7]

Later in 2016, John asks Rosie to contact Mikaele Salesa for an interview but the antiques dealer is unreachable.[8]

In April 2017, Rosie is instructed by Elias not to call the police just before Daisy Tonner arrives to his office with John. She is tense and afraid as they enter the office, followed soon after by Tim, Melanie, and Martin. Rosie desperately wishes she could warn them not to make Elias angry, but she is gripped by her fear of the man and says nothing. Not long after the meeting begins, police arrive to arrest Daisy and Rosie informs Elias of their presence. She is told to ask them to wait, and soon receives a call back from Elias telling her to send them away.[2][9]

Rosie's suspicions that Elias is evil rather than selfish are confirmed after the meeting, but she is aware of the depth of knowledge he has on his employees and does not feel safe confronting him or quitting. She continues to work despite her fear, and quietly hopes that by staying unnoticed she might learn more about the true nature of The Magnus Institute.[2]

On Elias's request, Rosie books rooms for the archival staff at a bed-and-breakfast in Great Yarmouth as they prepare to to stop The Unknowing.[10]

On 7 August 2017, Rosie watches with trepidation as Elias is arrested and led out of The Magnus Institute in handcuffs. She had been expecting to feel some amount of relief after he was gone, but her discomfort does not waver. Shortly after, Peter Lukas introduces himself as the new head of The Magnus Institute. Rosie is uneasy around Peter and distrustful of his motives after reading about him while snooping through Elias's office, but feels indebted to Elias after he validated her suspicions and remains as Peter's assistant.[2]

Rosie continues to show up for her shifts, even after Peter is killed and The Magnus Institute is stormed by Trevor Herbert and Julia Montauk, leaving much of the staff dead. She can sense a great tension surrounding the building and is unwilling to leave until she finds out what it is. As she has no friends or family she can talk with, Rosie waits at her desk for some weeks until the world finally changes and Elias returns to his office.[2]

After The Change, Rosie is assistant to Jonah Magnus and is stationed just outside his office in the Panopticon. While she retains most of her memories of life before The Change, she is unable to recognise people she once knew.[2]

Rosie does not know she is being watched by The Eye specifically but is acutely aware that she is being watched by something. To cope with the immense unease caused by what she assumes is her paranoia, she feigns smiles in an attempt to appease whatever may be watching her. Rosie knows that Magnus is responsible for the new world and the horrors around her and feels she has an obligation to ask him to stop, but is immobilised by her fear of the man. While the Panopticon is not a Domain, The Eye feeds off the fear and distress she feels stationed at her desk, torn between her sense of responsibility and the fear of being subjected to the horrors of the world if she confronts Magnus on his actions.[2]

When John kills Magnus to assume the role as The Eye's pupil, Rosie hears the commotion and goes to investigate. Now assistant to John, she asks if he is alright and is firmly dismissed from her position. She thanks him and leaves.[11]

Episode Appearances[]

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  • Rosie's voice actor, Hannah Brankin, also voices Jane Prentiss and the statement giver from MAG 15, Laura.
  • Rosie's last name is possibly a reference to Zampano, a character from the novel House of Leaves by Mark. Z. Danielewski, and the in-book author of the House of Leaves manuscript.
    • This is in keeping with the trend of character who work with the supernatural sharing last names with horror authors.