Sarah Baldwin is a recurring character in the cases of the Magnus Archives. She was first mentioned in MAG 1: Angler Fish, where it was noted that she was reported missing in August 2006 in Old Fishmarket Close, possibly taken by the same entity reported in MAG 1.

Later, she appeared in MAG 28: Skintight, where she seems changed, able to peel back the skin of her arm and staple it without apparent discomfort.

As of 2017 Sarah Baldwin has been running 'The Trophy Room', a taxidermy shop previously ran by another victim of The Angler Fish, Daniel Rawlings where she was detained by Jonathan and Daisy. 'The Trophy Room' appears to be a sort of home to The Stranger and its avatars.

She is described by Melanie King as very short, with close-cropped, dark brown hair.

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