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Sarah Baldwin is first mentioned in MAG 1, where it is noted that she was reported missing in August 2006 in Old Fishmarket Close, possibly taken by the Anglerfish.

Later, she appears in MAG 28, where she seems changed, able to peel back the skin of her arm and staple it without apparent discomfort. She's attacked by an unidentified spectre inside of the Cambridge Military Hospital, as witnessed by Melanie King.

As of 2017, Sarah Baldwin has been running The Trophy Room, a taxidermy shop that is a place of power for The Stranger and was previously run by another victim of the Anglerfish, Daniel Rawlings. She is detained there by Jonathan and Daisy in MAG 96 but ends up escaping.

Sarah is briefly mentioned by Nikola Orsinov in MAG 101, as having been talked out of nailing Jonathan to a chair.

She is described by Melanie as very short, with close-cropped dark brown hair.

Episode Appearances[]

Episode Appearances