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Sasha James was one of the archival assistants at the Magnus Institute who helped Jonathan Sims with archived statements.


Sasha is described as being tall, with long hair and glasses.[1]


When Sasha first joined the Institute, she worked as a practical researcher, personally trying out the various artefacts in Artefact storage to analyse and investigate them. She hated this and transferred after 3 months.[2] Later, she transferred again from her position as a researcher to the Archives.[3]

Sasha offered Amy Patel a follow-up interview, which she declined. Just as well, Sasha found the contents of the Graham Folger's notebooks were the same phrase, repeated over and over again: "Keep Watching".[4]

Sasha looked into any mention of the Leitner book Ex Altiora but found no records.[5]

Sasha looked into the police reports regarding the bin bags at 93 Lancaster Road. She found that Alan Parfitt was reported as missing by his brother, Michael Parfitt, on 20th August 2008 (misspoke on podcast, confirmed by Jonny on the forum) and was never found. Officer Suresh and Altman were the two officers who dealt with the teeth case.[6]

She looked into the police reports of the arson caused by Timothy Hodge and found that there was no evidence of arson, nor were any human remains found in the flat.[7]

Sasha looked into Gerard Keay's appearance at the St Thomas hospital. She also spotted the single frame of the eye on the CCTV.[8]

Sasha looked into the arrest records of Lee Rentoul and Paul Noriega and confirmed their background. The last time anyone heard from Noriega was 2 months before Lee's statement.[9]

Checking the path through the Three Counties System, Sasha confirmed that the course that Laura Popham and her sister Aleana Sanderson supposedly took was impossible.[10]

Sasha got access to Toby Carlyle's financial records and he didn't seem able to pay for anything except his council tax, leading to questions about how he could afford the meat.[11]

Sasha looked into 'Open Skydiving' but found that it was not a registered company and didn't have any licences for sky diving.[12]

Sasha interrupted the statement regarding the red calliope to discuss with Jonathan Sims how to pronounce 'calliope'. She had just obtained the police reports on the Harold Silvana case.[13]

She confirmed the police reports of Natalie Ennis' disappearance.[14]

Sasha had an encounter with a being calling itself Michael. His distorted image had torso sized, sharp hands. Michael later led Sasha to Timothy Hodge, now infected with the silver worms, who she killed with the spray from a fire extinguisher. Michael removed a worm from Sasha.[15]

Sasha confirmed that the police were called to Paul McKenzie's house on two occasions.[16]

When Melanie King came to the institute to give her first statement, she and Sasha had a long conversation about haunted pubs.[17][1]

She discovered that Dr Risheed Sidana killed himself last year. He taught the 'Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapy' course at St Mary's University. A note was found with his body which read 'Not to be used for teaching.'[18]

When fleeing the invasion of the Archives by Jane Prentiss, she encountered the Web Table. She was replaced by Not-Sasha, who took her place unnoticed by the rest of the team.[2][19] Eventually, Melanie King was revealed to still have memories of the original Sasha.[1]

Episode Appearances[]

Bold marks episodes where Sasha makes a statement.



  • Sasha is the first assistant of the original trio to die. Her last words were "show yourself."
  • Melanie described Sasha as being tall, long haired and wearing glasses while talking to Jon after giving a statement in MAG 76.
  • Original Sasha's D&D class would be Wizard.
  • Sasha James was named after horror writer M.R. James and Sasha Sienna, Jonny Sims' spouse. (who voices Georgie Barker!).[20]
    • Jonny Sims regrets naming characters after real-life people - especially Sasha since she was the first character to die.
    • Sasha was almost named Sasha Stine, after R.L Stine - Sasha Sienna's favourite horror writer, but that was changed as it "felt too Marvel Comics."[21]
  • Gertrude Robinson expected Sasha to be appointed as her replacement.
  • Originally, Tim was the one planned to be killed. Sasha's voice actor couldn't continue, so they wrote Sasha out instead.