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Recording of a brief interaction between Jonathan Sims and Martin Blackwood.


The sounds of a transformed world can be heard as a tape recorder turns itself on inside Daisy’s safehouse. John is dejected and asks what more it could possibly want to hear now that it has already won.

There is a knock upon the door. It is Martin and he has brought tea. "Today" has little meaning anymore and John feels unchanged from the last time he checked in. John points out that they ran out of tea the day before The Change and what Martin has brought is not tea.

Martin sputters but there is a noise from the mug and it shatters upon the floor as he drops it. Something that is not tea scuttles away. This is no longer a world where comfort can be trusted.

Martin suggests he head down to the village to see if they have coffee but John remarks that the village is already gone. John seems consumed by despair but Martin is not ready to give in to it yet. He reassures John that he is there for him and they sit together.

John is trying not to, but he can still feel and see everything. It washes over him in waves, filling his head with awful sights.

He wishes it felt horrible but it only feels right.