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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

The Admiral is Georgie Barker's pet cat. He enjoys sleeping on the radiator, getting belly rubs, and showing people his bottom.


It is unknown how long the Admiral has lived with Georgie, or how old he is. In MAG 81, Georgie expresses appreciation to Jonathan Sims for keeping the Admiral company.

Unlike his owner, the Admiral is not immune to The Change and resides in a domain full of cats and their prey. Georgie thinks he is happy there, but he does not recognize her when she visits him.

After the apocalypse, he appears to have been turned back into a regular cat.

Episode Appearances[]

Episode Appearances


  • Before MAG 161, The Admiral was the only character John had been recorded saying "I love you" to.[1]
  • According to Jonny Sims (the writer), the Admiral is "an amalgamation of all the cats in [his] life."[2]
  • Jonny Sims has a fondness for naming cats with titles, as with Major Tom from MAG 16 and his own two cats "Ambassador Cat" and "Sir Pouncealot".