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The Buried is one of the Entities. It is the manifestation of a collection of fears that deal with being trapped without enough space: claustrophobia, small spaces, of being unable to breathe and the underground and dust, of being at the centre of everything and it is all pushing down.

Deep water can be associated with The Buried, but only when the effect is described as claustrophobic, crushing, drowning, heavy, sinking, etc. The Buried is also associated with certain "crushing" money issues, such as desperate poverty,[1][2][3][4] "drowning in debt,"[5] and seeking[6] or borrowing money under bad terms.[7]

Gertrude Robinson theorised that The Buried may be focused in North America.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.



Other Appearances[]


  • "The Governor": A figure described as short and wide; wears a tall black hat that reveals grey wisps of hair and carries around a black cane with an iron tip. His presence is made known by the jangling of keys. After hearing this jangling, Sampson Kempthorne experienced the sensation of walls closing in around him to the point that he could hardly breathe or move.
  • George Gilbert Scott: An architect who worked alongside Henry Roberts- who himself had studied under Robert Smirke- and George had consequentially studied some under him as well. Revised and drafted many buildings that were described as claustrophobic and extremely impractical. Heavily implied by Robert to have fallen to the Buried as his patron.
  • Hezekiah Wakely: A gravedigger who envied the dead's peacefulness at the bottom of graves. Was eventually buried alive and became an avatar for the Buried.
  • Enrique MacMillian: After reading the DIG book, he became seized with the urge to dig because, to him, "below" felt comforting while "above" felt overwhelming. Attempted to dig into the floor of the Head Archivist's office with his bare hands after seeing something below the floorboards that no one else saw.
  • Karolina Górka: Was trapped in an underground train, which continued on a never-ending route and got progressively dirtier and more crushed in by earth. Karolina woke up at Walthamstow Central after resigning herself to death in the train as dirt piled up around her. She decided it could not have been a dream because she was still covered in dirt when she woke. Left a great deal of dust behind after making her statement.
  • Vincent Yang: Was trapped in The Box after accidentally touching it when examining Mikaele Salesa's shipping container. The Box closed in on him even tighter whenever he experienced any sort of fleeting hope. Vincent remained in the box for around four days according to his watch and the rise and fall of the sun, but upon escaping was surprised to find out that it was only the day after he first touched the box and his watch no longer matched other clocks.
  • Breekon and Hope: Agents of The Stranger who became bound to The Coffin.
  • "Man Whose Teeth Were Always Stained With Mud": Presumably an avatar, buried alive a servant of the Web under Hill Top Road during a civil war.[8]


  • The Coffin: Also known as The Pit, usually appears with chains locking it closed, a gateway into The Buried. Screams and moans can be heard from within when it rains and if anything is placed on its lid, scratching can be heard directly beneath whatever object is placed on top. Possibly created by Hezekiah Wakely, as his statement refers to both graves/coffins and the rain.
  • DIG:[9] A Leitner Book apparently filled with pages that read nothing but "DIG." Imbues its readers with a fascination/comfort in dirt and the untameable urge to dig. Could possibly also bestow its readers with the ability to see things of value beneath the earth's surface.
  • The Box: A box that traps a person inside it the morning after they touch it. Closes more tightly around its prisoner every time they feel any kind of hope of getting out. Time moves differently inside The Box and its prisoners will experience more days inside of it than they possibly could have.
  • Seven Lamps of Architecture: A Leitner Book that, when read in full, causes walls to close in around the reader. When read near Robert Smirke's architecture, the reader is able to change or move parts of the building.


  • Bucoda, Washington: An American town where the Buried's ritual was attempted.
  • The Field of Worms: A domain in the post-Change world that appears as an open field with thin, vertical tunnels leading deep into the earth. In these tunnels are 'worms', once human, now only able to crawl slowly upward, only to be pushed down by the eventual rain.


The Buried's ritual is called "Sunken Sky". It took place on June 17, 2008, in Bucoda, Washington, where the townspeople began silently climbing into a massive pit. (MAG 97) Gertrude Robinson stopped the ritual by tossing the dismembered body of Jan Kilbride, which had been touched by The Vast, into the pit (MAG 129). That night an earthquake reportedly struck Bucoda and destroyed the town

Connections to other Entities[]

  • The Buried is in many ways the opposite of The Vast, as they represent opposing forces of not enough space vs. too much.
    • These entities were proven[3][5] to be somewhat antithetical to each other, given that the body of a single person touched by The Vast[10] was able to destabilise The Buried's grand ritual.
  • The Lonely and The Buried seem to have several features in common. In MAG 13, Naomi Herne describes the second half of her experience in ways more commonly associated with The Buried: thick fog pressing in and making it hard to breathe, open graves trying to suck her in, frequent mentions of dirt and pressure, and lost time/memories. In MAG 48, Andrea Nunis describes being thirsty and hot in a manner reminiscent of the suffering from The Buried in MAG 66 and MAG 132. (And, interestingly, Peter Lukas appears in MAG 66 at the end of Vincent's ordeal.)
    • Conversely, MAG 2MAG 15MAG 71, and MAG 129 all describe ways The Buried isolated the statement givers, such as Joshua living completely alone in a large building,[7] Laura and Kulbir being separated from their sisters,[1][5] and several lone travellers being taken on the night train by The Buried.[11] 
    • Anchors also seem to be effective in overcoming both The Lonely and The Buried. Andrea survives her experience by thinking of her mother as Gerry advised in a way similar to Kulbir's anchoring to his grandfather via the knife.
  • A possible avatar of The Buried buried alive a servant of The Web under Hilltop road. Other than this mentioned incident there has been no conflict between The Web and Buried