The Buried is one of the Entities. It is the manifestation of a collection of fears that deal with being trapped without enough space: claustrophobia, small spaces, of being unable to breathe and the underground and dust, of being at the centre of everything and it is all pushing down. It may be focused in North America.

It can also be called "Choke" or "Too Close I Cannot Breathe".

It is identified by name by Gertrude Robinson in MAG 99 in reference to a series of deadly dust storms in and around Boise city, and Gerard Keay confirms much of the information in MAG 111.

Deep water may be associated with The Buried if it the effect is described as claustrophobic, crushing, drowning, heavy, sinking, etc. The Buried is also associated with certain "crushing" money issues, such as desperate poverty,[1][2][3][4] "drowning in debt,"[5] and seeking[6] or borrowing money under bad terms.[7]

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*Suffocation or drowning triggers

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The Buried's ritual is called "Sunken Sky". The ritual was intended to take place in Bucoda, Washington at some point before March 2009. Gertrude Robinson stopped the ritual by tossing the dismembered body Jan Kilbride, which had been touched by The Vast, into the pit in Bucoda (seen in MAG 97, confirmed to have been them in MAG 129).

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  • The Buried is the opposite of The Vast, as they represent opposing forces of not enough space vs. too much.
  • The Lonely and The Buried seem to have several features in common. In MAG 13, Naomi Herne describes the second half of her experience in ways more commonly associated with The Buried: thick fog pressing in and making it hard to breathe, open graves trying to suck her in, frequent mentions of dirt and pressure, and lost time/memories. In MAG 48, Andrea Nunis describes being thirsty and hot in a manner reminiscent of the suffering from The Buried in MAG 66 and MAG 132. (And, interestingly, Peter Lukas appears in MAG 66 at the end of Vincent's ordeal.)
    • Conversely, MAG 2MAG 15MAG 71, and MAG 129 all describe ways The Buried isolated the statement givers, such as Joshua living completely alone in a large building[7], Laura and Kulbir being separated from their sisters[1][5], and several lone travelers being taken on the night train by The Buried[8]
    • Anchors also seem to be effective in defeating both The Lonely and The Buried. Andrea survives her experience by thinking of her mother as Gerry advised in a way similar to Kulbir's anchoring to his grandfather via the knife.

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