The Buried is one of the Entities. It is the manifestation of a collection of fears that deal with being trapped without enough space: claustrophobia, small spaces, of being unable to breathe and the underground and dust, of being at the centre of everything and it is all pushing down. It may be focused in North America.

It is identified by name by Gertrude Robinson in MAG 99 in reference to a series of deadly dust storms in and around Boise city, and Gerard Keay confirms much of the information in MAG 111.

Deep water may be associated with The Buried if it the effect is described as claustrophobic, crushing, drowning, heavy, sinking, etc.

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Ritual Information Edit

The site of The Buried's Ritual was intended for Bucoda, Washington. The ritual was referred to as the "Forever Buried." Some time before March 2009, Gertrude Robinson stopped the ritual by exposing Jan Kilbride to The Pit in Bucoda (confirmed in MAG 129).

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