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The Calliope is an antique calliope steam organ associated with The Stranger.


The Calliope is bright red with brass pipes and has a small brass plaque that reads "The Calliophone". The phrase "Be still, for there is strange music" is carved into the cover of the keyboard.


The Calliope was part of The Circus of the Other with Nikolai Denikin as the organist. A photo from 1948 shows Nikolai and The Calliope alongside other members of the Circus[1] and Yuri Utkin hears a steam organ during a performance in 1952.[2]

Nikolai Denikin eventually leaves the Circus, bringing The Calliope with him as he settles in England. He passes away in August 2004 and leaves his house to his granddaughter Leanne.

Leanne finds The Calliope in the loft, alongside a steamer truck containing 23 dolls. The instrument should not work as it is lacking a blower but she is still able to play it. She later plays one of her grandfather's melodies for her boyfriend Josh and they break up a few weeks later. When she revisits the loft, she finds a new doll that looks just like him.

About a week later, Leanne's house is burglarised and the only things taken are The Calliope and the steamer trunk of dolls. Four days later, Josh is found dead with his throat crushed and his jaw torn off.

The Magnus Institute acquires The Calliope sometime in 2007 and it goes missing from artefact storage at some point between April 2016 and April 2017.

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