The Circus, known alternately as другой Цирк ('Drugoy Tsirk’. Another Circus or the Different Circus) or Цирк другого ('Tsirk Drugovo', The Circus of the Other), is an organization of The Stranger. It formerly primarily toured in Russia, but came to England at some point. It was last led by Nikola Orsinov, and previously by Gregor Orsinov. Its members have been working to bring about The Unknowing.

Jonny Sims has confirmed the correct name is meant to be другой Цирк/Another Circus. However, the "Circus of the Other" name has continued to be used in canon.

History Edit

Not much in known of how and when the circus came to be. It was once led by Gregor Orsinov before he was killed and usurped by his creation Nikola.

The circus was very dangerous, but became less so after the organist Nikolai Denikin left in the 70's.[1]

1948 - seen in Minsk, Russia.[1]

1952 - seen in Algasovo, Russia.[2]

2013 - seen in London, UK.[3][4][5][6]

Known Members Edit

References Edit

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