The Corruption is one of the Entities. It is linked to feelings of disgust and revulsion, as well as fear of corruption, disease, and filth. It manifests as mould, bugs, rot, decay, and infection.

Elements of The Corruption also show themes of love and companionship with unhealthy boundaries, where several of its victims find comfort in its manifestations, growing fond of company others find vile.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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  • Agape: An emaciated dog that compelled obsessive, incredible love. Notably, 'agape' is also a Greek word meaning spiritual or metaphysical love as opposed to sexual, romantic, or platonic love.
  • The Flesh Hive: Also known simply as The Hive, the Flesh Hive is a symbiotic entity between a swarm of silvery worms with black heads and its human host. The worms can burrow through flesh to nest and infest humans, multiplying and growing until they can devour them from the inside out in one gory burst. Sometimes, if a victim is predisposed to The Corruption's influence, they can instead become a host, allowing them to continue 'living', though it is unclear how much control the host has over the worms, and to what extent they are considered Avatars.
    • Jane Prentiss: The primary Flesh Hive shown. She was the first known host, as the Flesh Hive originated from a mass of The Corruption growing in her attic.
    • Timothy Hodge: A man who slept with a woman with a dormant Flesh Hive infestation, shortly before it consumed her. He was encountered two years later by Sasha James, by which point he seemed to be becoming a Flesh Hive himself.
  • John Amherst: An avatar of the Corruption who is able to return to life after seemingly dying of various diseases and infections. While he is associated with insects, particularly flies and ants, he is primarily aligned with disease and plague.
  • The Little Beetle: A manifestation with 'many children'. It entrances those desperate for companionship, gradually infesting them as they love it.
  • Old Maggie (Margaret "Maggie" Carnegie): A recluse in the village of Cratfield, whose yard served as a dump for the townsfolk.
    • Gordon Goodman: The boy charged with delivering groceries to old Maggie, and subject to her various experiments. He is the current owner of the dump, now known as “Gordie’s Dump”, of which he was the sole inheritor. He also was the one to identify her corpse, which then vanished the following night.

Artefacts Edit

  • A Journal of the Plague Year: A variation of A Journal of the Plague Year that causes structures to rot apart.
  • The Tale of a Field Hospital: A variation of The Tale of a Field Hospital that contains passages about John Amherst. Its pages are sharp and eager to inflict papercuts, which rapidly become infected..
  • A plague-infected scalpel that cannot be disinfected.[1]
  • A 19th century syringe with unusual effects on mosquitoes. Given the context of the related statement, wherein unusual events happen only after its sale, it may actually be a ward of some kind against the Corruption's influence.

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  • The Sick Village: A domain of Corruption in the post-Change world, it is a town riddled with a disease that discolours the skin and buries itself into a person before melting their flesh. The town is wary of outsiders and has a complex, contradictory system of governance that results in an eternal cycle of mistrust and suspicion.

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The Corruption has no known named rituals, though presumably Smirke created one when he wrote rituals for each Entity.

Jonathan Sims theorized that Jane Prentiss was attempting to begin a ritual in 2016. The ritual involved the creation of a gate with the worms of the flesh hive in an area saturated with its influence, intended to rot a hole into The Corruption itself. Her attack on The Magnus Institute in MAG 39: Infestation may have been meant to fuel the ritual with the destruction of a rival Power's stronghold. This ritual was preemptively ended with the death of Jane Prentiss and the flesh hive.


  • Some aspects of the Corruption were considered separate entities at various points in the early development of the podcast.[2]


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