The-corruption by sandpaperdaisy

Art by Sandpaperdaisy

The Corruption is one of the Entities. It is linked closely to our feelings of disgust, of feeling revulsion and fear of corruption, disease, filth, and manifests as mould, bugs, rot, decay, infection. The feeling of your skin crawling. It is also known as "Filth" or "The Crawling Rot."

Episodes That Focus on This Entity

Recurring Characters and Concepts

  • The main recurring manifestation of the Corruption is the Flesh Hive, also known simply as the Hive. It presents as a swarm of insects which parasitizes and consumes its victims. While most humans who encounter the Hive do not survive, those that are predisposed to the Corruption's influence seem more likely to become hosts for it, capable of spreading the Hive to others. It is unclear to what extent the Flesh Hives are the Corruption essentially possessing its human hosts and taking over their bodies, and to what extent they are humans who have become Avatars.
    • Jane Prentiss is the primary Flesh Hive shown, whose attacks on the archive form much of the plotline of season one.
    • Timothy Hodge may have been in the process of becoming a Flesh Hive when Sasha James encountered him.
  • John Amherst is an avatar of the Corruption who first appears in MAG 36. While he is associated with insects, particularly flies and ants, he more heavily aligns with disease than the Flesh Hives.
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