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The Dark is one of the fourteen main Entities that can effect our world. It is a manifestation of our very primal fear of the dark and what might be in it. It, along with The Hunt and The End, is one of the oldest Entities[1].

The People's Church of the Divine Host seems to be associated with The Dark, as is Outer Bay Shipping and Ny Alesund. Thematically, it is frequently associated with dark/sticky/brackish water[2][3][4][5]. It is also often associated with coldness and blindness.

Because many entities coincidentally frighten their victims at night or in the dark, please do not add The Dark as a related entity simply because a statement mentions darkness or nighttime. The Dark should only be added as a related entity if a recurring character/concept appears or if the primary focus is a deep fear or love of darkness.

Episodes that seem to deal with this power Edit

Recurring characters and concepts Edit

  • The Church of the Divine Host
  • Maxwell Raynor
  • Robert Montauk (opposed)
  • Julia Montauk (opposed)
  • Natalie Ennis
  • Darkness monster (possibly Mr. Pitch) temporarily killed by Robert Montauk
  • Manuela Dominguez
  • The Daedalus (space station)

Ritual Information Edit

In July 2014, Manuela Dominguez created a dark sun that was to be used in the ritual.

In March 2015, Natalie Ennis says that the cult has been waiting for 300 years but soon will be taken by "Mr. Pitch", which matches the timeframe and description of the Entities' rituals. The cult was soon after seen doing ritualistic activities in Hither Green Chapel, including singing the name "Ny-Alesund"[6]. Basira Hussein later connects these comments to a solar eclipse in Ny-Alesund around the same time and one 300 years ago, the later thus presumably the date of the last attempt[7].

The People's Church of The Divine Host has been watching The Magnus Institute since Jon returned[8].

Connections to Other Powers Edit

  • The use of a closed eye as a symbol, as well as the fact that an ancient archive was destroyed by "those who sing the night", indicate an opposition to The Eye.
  • Vampires are reportedly weaker in the daytime and stronger at night, although their affiliation and the mechanism for this difference is currently unknown[9].
  • The Lonely, The Desolation, and The Dark are all associated with cults. The Lukases are described by Evan Lukas as very "religious"[10], The Desolation has The Cult of the Lightless Flame[11], and The Dark has The People's Church of the Divine Host[6]. Additionally, the descriptions of locations (particularly churches) magically changing to other locations appears to be connected to both The Lonely[10]and The Dark[6][12].

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