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The Dark, also known as "Mr. Pitch" and "The Forever Blind", is one of the fourteen main Entities that can affect our world. It is a manifestation of our very primal fear of the dark and what might be in it. It, along with The Hunt and The End, is one of the oldest Entities[1].

The People's Church of the Divine Host is associated with The Dark, as is Outer Bay Shipping and Ny-Ålesund. Thematically, it is frequently associated with dark/sticky/brackish water.[2][3][4][5] It is also often associated with coldness and blindness.

Because many entities coincidentally frighten their victims at night or in the dark, please do not add The Dark as a related entity simply because a statement mentions darkness or nighttime. The Dark should only be added as a related entity if a recurring character/concept appears or if the primary focus is a deep fear or love of darkness.

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  • The People's Church of the Divine Host: A religious organization dedicated to the Dark.
    • Maxwell Rayner: The leader of the Church of the Divine Host and the Dark's most well-known avatar. After being drowned in a pool used in rituals to the Dark, he became a parasitic being of darkness, and all of his hosts have distinctive milky white eyes. He met his final end during a police raid that caught him in the process of transferring to a new body.
    • Manuela Dominguez: A high-ranking member of the Church of the Divine Host, as well as a brilliant scientist. She created the dark sun used in the Extinguished Sun ritual.
    • Lynette Montauk: A member of the church who split from the group for unknown reasons, only to be killed shortly thereafter to silence her.
    • Robert Montauk: Husband of Lynette Montauk. When she was killed, he was given the task of feeding the Still and Lightless Beast under the belief that she could still be saved. When he learned she was gone, he began hunting the Church's members to use as fuel to banish it.
    • Vardaan Darvish: The leader of a cell operating under the guise of DNK Systems in Manchester. He understood the Dark better than most, but he made the fatal mistake of crossing a Montauk and was killed by Julia.
    • Natalie Ennis: A new member of the church, though one of no small influence within its ranks.
  • Outer Bay Shipping: A shell company associated with the People's Church.
  • The Sandman: A humanoid figure that curdles light into darkness and has a continuous stream of black sand pouring from his mouth. He plunges his victims into utter darkness, which serves as his "sack" to take them away. One can escape this fate by permanently blinding themselves with the sand he carries with him (MAG 98).
  • The Still and Lightless Beast: A monster of the Dark connected to the Church of the Divine Host. Maxwell Rayner sent it to kill Lynette Montauk when she split from the organization, and it was later banished by her husband. When it recovered it soon returned to Rayner's side and killed the man who had banished it. It was killed as part of the Extinguished Sun ritual.
  • Those Who Sing The Night: A historical predecessor organization to the People's Church of the Divine Host, which destroyed an ancient archive aligned with The Eye.
  • Shadow figures that are invisible to the naked eye but appear in photographs and in brief bursts of light. These beings can affect and kill people by interacting with their shadows, which have correlating effects on them.
  • A formless shadow entity with numerous feelers. It has a sense of sadism, moving closer to its victims only when they don't cover themselves in a blanket. The blanket offers no innate security, and when they grow complacent and stop fearing the creature, it reveals the truth and attacks.

Locations Edit

  • The Daedalus: A space station constructed in cooperation with servants of The Vast and The Lonely.
  • Ny-Ålesund: The northernmost town in the world, and thus the one with the longest nights. It was a key location in the Extinguished Sun ritual.

Artefacts Edit

  • The Black Star: A miniature star that shines with darkness rather than light, created by Manuela Dominguez for the Extinguished Sun ritual. As a powerful item of the Dark, it would kill all who looked upon it if they were not sufficiently protected by an Entity. It survived the collapse of the ritual, only to be destroyed by Jonathan Sims.

Ritual Edit

The Dark has one known ritual, known as The Extinguished Sun. The ritual involved a week of night and horror with hundreds of sacrifices in a central location and at a number of secondary supporting locations. The ceremony began with the sacrifice of a creature of the Dark so that the worshippers could drink its blood and be baptised in the waters it touched, and would end with the unveiling of a sun of darkness during a solar eclipse in a location near to the North Pole and its months long nights.

  • March 2015 is the most recent execution of this ritual and the only one that is known for certain. The Black Star used in the ritual was created by Manuela Dominguez on board the space station Daedalus in July 2014. The primary location of the ritual was Ny-Ålesund, with secondary locations in Russia, Alaska, and Hither Green.[6] The creature sacrificed was The Still and Lightless, Beast, and Maxwell Rayner used its claws to cut into his chest and release the darkness within his body. The ritual ultimately failed without any outside interference.
  • A solar eclipse occurred in Ny-Ålesund 300 years prior to the known execution of the ritual, which may be presumed to have been the date of the last attempt.[7] It is likely the specifics of the ritual differed given the difficulty in manufacturing a Black Star for the 2015 ritual and the fact that the creature of the Dark would have had to been killed for it to function, assuming such things even happened in the previous version.

The Extinguished Sun is the only ritual known for certain to predate Smirke's list, as it was a conversation he had with Maxwell Rayner regarding it that inspired him to put them to paper.[8] As such, it may be the only ritual of The Dark to exist.

Connections to other Entities Edit

  • The Buried: Their overall relationship is unclear, but elements of both powers cooperated in the attack on Jurgen Leitner's library.
  • The Desolation: The Dark and the Desolation seem to have a passably good relationship with each other.
  • The Eye: The Dark and The Eye currently have an antagonistic relationship.
    • The use of a closed eye as a symbol is directly opposing The Eye's symbol of an open one.
    • An ancient archive suspected to be a predecessor of the Magnus Institute was destroyed by "those who sing the night".
    • Maxwell Rayner and Jonah Magnus were once friends, though they have since become enemies due to their opposing work in support of their patrons.
    • The People's Church of The Divine Host has been watching The Magnus Institute since they disrupted The Unknowing.[10]
  • The Flesh: Their overall relationship is unclear, but elements of both powers cooperated in the attack on Jurgen Leitner's library.
  • The Hunt: The Dark and the Desolation seem to have a passably good relationship with each other.
    • Both manifest through monsters that hunt chosen prey, particularly when that prey knows they are coming.[2][11][12][4]
    • Elements of both powers cooperated in the attack on Jurgen Leitner's library.
  • The Lonely: The Lonely and The Dark are currently allies.
  • The Spiral: Their overall relationship is unclear, but elements of both powers cooperated in the attack on Jurgen Leitner's library.
  • The Vast: The Vast and The Dark are currently allies.
  • Vampires are reportedly weaker in the daytime and stronger at night, although their affiliation and the mechanism for this difference is currently unknown.[16]

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