The Desolation is one of The Entities. It is also known as "The Lightless Flame", and "Asag" by Diego Molina. It is a manifestation of the fear of pain, of loss, burning, fear of unthinking or cruel destruction: "all of the worst parts of fire, with none of the warmth." Jude Perry calls it "a reckoning, a surging tide of destruction and pain" and "blackened earth, the destructive agonizing heat of burning flesh and land scoured of life, the light with the comfort of fire stripped from it, leaving nothing but the terror of its approach."[1]

The Desolation is worshipped by The Cult of the Lightless Flame. Cult members are enriched by destroying the lives of people who had things to live for, destroying things before their potential is realized. In exchange, the cult members can create heat--but not fire--and gain the ability to make their skin run like wax.

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The Desolation's ritual involved the creation of Agnes Montague as a messiah and incarnation of flame that was to bring about "The Scoured Earth”. She became temporarily unable to fulfill the ritual when the Web bound her to Gertrude Robinson.[2] The Cult of the Lightless Flame, fearing that a violent death would also harm Agnes, decided to wait for Gertrude to die of old age.

In 2006 Agnes was afflicted with doubt and realized she may be unable to complete the ritual. Rather than attempting it, leading to centuries of waiting before it could be attempted again, Agnes decided to die a cold and quiet death. She hoped her spark would return to the Lightless Flame and allow for a new ritual attempt much sooner.[3]

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  • Jude Perry worked with The Stranger to burn down Gwydir Forest in Wales in 2014.[4]
  • The Lonely, The Desolation, and The Dark are all associated with cults. The Lukas Family are described by Evan Lukas as very "religious",[5] The Desolation has The Cult of the Lightless Flame,[1] and The Dark has The People's Church of the Divine Host.[6]
  • Agnes Montague was sent to live at Hill Top Road, a stronghold of the Web, for several years. She saves at least one of the resident's from the Web's machinations and the house is ultimately destroyed in a fire.[7]
  • After losing his leadership position in The Cult of the Lightless Flame, Arthur Nolan discovers a nest of the Corruption. He ultimately burns the nest by immolating himself.[2]

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