The Distortion is a manifestation or avatar of the Spiral. Its current form was created when it was merged with former archival assistant Michael Shelley as part of Gertrude Robinson's plan to stop The Spiral's ritual. Shelley was later replaced by Helen Richardson.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Distortion’s appearance is flexible in nature. As Michael, it appears as a large man, 6.5 feet tall, with long, curly straw-blond hair and a round face; or as a human-like being with a thin, limp body and huge, pointed hands that are as large as its torso. Its distorted form is visible if it is viewed through warped glass or in a reflection.[1] As Helen, it is a smiling, friendly woman with hands that can become sharp and distorted like Michael's. It is also mentioned that she has a "warped body." [2]

The distortion can also appear as also a series of windowless corridors with walls covered in paintings, photographs, and the occasional mirror. It has electric lamps about every ten feet and carpeted floor with a rug running down the middle.

When Helen Richardson first encounters it, the corridors have green wallpaper covered in a swirling pattern, yellow carpeting, and a black rug. These colours are mutable and seem to shift over time.[3]

Gabriel makes a clay sculpture of the distortion that is described as being a hard-to-look-at mess of sharp lines that merge into the appearance of a door.[4]

The Distortion becomes a domain in the post-change world that takes the appearance of an impossible to navigate hotel where Helen appears and torments victims under the guise of help.[2]

According to John, the Distortion represents the fear of false friends, of the uncertainty of whether someone truly cares about you or is simply luring you into a trap. It keeps this nature hidden and it is unclear if it has any motive for what it does. [5]

History[edit | edit source]

In July, 2003, The Distortion was terrorising Paul McKenzie but he passed away from a stroke before it "got a chance to open properly" and eat him.[6][7]

The Distortion is mentioned by Ivo Lensik in 2007, who said that years ago his schizophrenic father committed suicide after claiming to followed by someone who looks like "all the bones are in his hands". His father was also obsessed with fractals, a common manifestation of The Spiral. This would have occurred prior to it being forced into the form of 'Michael,' implying that it has taken humanoid form in the past, though whether that was its choice or not is unclear.[8][9]

Michael[edit | edit source]

The Distortion became Michael when Gertrude Robinson stopped The Spiral's ritual by sacrificing her assistant Michael Shelley, who had worked for her for years.[10] Gertrude, hiding her true intentions, took Michael Shelley a trip to Sannikov Land to disrupt the ritual of The Spiral. She did so by sacrificing Michael, forcing The Distortion to take his form and be limited by having an identity.[11]

In April 2016, "Michael" approaches Sasha to warn her about the oncoming attack by Jane Prentiss and the Flesh Hive, going so far as to show Sasha that fire extinguishers could kill the worms, and then removed a worm from her.[1]

Shortly before October 2016, it shows up to the house tour Helen Richardson is giving, refusing to shake her hand while in human form, and appeared in its distorted form in the coloured corridors that she later got lost in.[3] Michael approached Jonathan Sims after he took Helen's statement, taking her back to the corridors. When asked if it owned these corridors, it suggested that it owns the corridors in the same way that your hand owns your stomach. It alluded to a war that was going on, and that the destruction of the Magnus Archives would sway the war too much in one way, although it claimed to be a neutral party.

The Distortion torments a woman with insomnia losing her grip on reality, repeatedly appearing to her to taunt her.[12]

It returns to the Magnus Institute following the destruction of the Web Table by Jonathan Sims,[13] offering him a doorway away from the unbound NotThem, comparing its viewing of the events to a "sport." It then traps Martin and Tim in its corridors for a period of time to prevent them from assisting Jonathan.[14][15]

Michael's final appearance is to a kidnapped Jonathan Sims, currently in the custody of Nikola Orsinov. Michael gives Jon a statement regarding how Gertrude sacrificed her assistant Michael Shelley to stop The Great Twisting, an event which merged Michael with The Distortion. Michael says that it is here to kill Sims, but before it gets the chance, it screams and is replaced by Helen Richardson. Helen says that Michael had gotten distracted, and now that it is gone, and she will take its place.[16]

Helen[edit | edit source]

In MAG 115, Helen comes back to John, asking for help and saying that she wants to feel better. John accuses her of pretending to be Helen, to which she replies that she is Helen, but she is not sure if she was meant to be. She tells him she took an old man to feed The Spiral, but that it felt wrong, that Helen "wasn't ready." John is suspicious of her sincerity, but Helen tells him she has never lied to him. When she implies she and John have something in common, as he is becoming The Archivist, he gets angry and shouts at her to leave.

She seems to become more confident in her identity, however. In MAG 131 it is revealed that she helped the Institute during The Flesh's attack and has been assisting the Archives since. She insists that she is still Helen Richardson and that people change. She gives John access to the Boneturner and says she supports what he is doing and is happy to provide assistance. Helen and Melanie seem to be on friendly terms, and when Melanie asks her where the Boneturner ended up, she replies that "he found a door" and "the door may have been in a wall some distance above a river."

In MAG 143, she traps Manuela Dominguez inside her realm and gives John and Basira a lift back to the Institute from Norway.

John occasionally goes down to the tunnels to visit Helen. They discuss what it means to be an avatar of a fear entity, and Helen encourages John to embrace his role and powers as The Archivist just as she embraced her role as the Distortion. She says that Helen, like John now, used to feel bad about overtaking people, but that she chose to stop caring when she realised her feelings would not change things. (MAG 146, MAG 152)

In MAG 157, John goes to Helen to ask if she will bring him to the centre of the tunnels to stop whatever Peter is doing with Martin, but she refuses. She says that it will be more fun if he does not know. He tries to compel her to tell him, but she threatens to stab him again and promises that if he tries to compel her again one of them would not survive the confrontation. John is desperate to find out what is going on, but Helen does not tell him, just says that bad things are coming. She seems delighted at the whole affair, and we can now often hear her laughter, sounding more and more like Michael's eerie, resonating laugh.

In MAG 164 John and Martin encounter Helen again. She talks to them as if they are old friends and offers her friendship in the world that is. John rebukes her, but Martin seems interested, asking "Who else is there?"

They encounter her several more times on their journey and after they have been separated, in MAG 187 John enters her domain, a hotel, alone. He admits that he intends to destroy her as she is too big a threat to reversing The Change and a struggle ensues. Helen traps John within her domain and evades his powers until he asks if she is afraid of him. She tells him that she is not afraid and, using this lie, John is able to See her and destroys her.

Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

Bold marks episodes where The Distortion has given a statement.

Episode Appearances

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its last words (as Helen) were "You can’t save anyone!"

References[edit | edit source]

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