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The Extinction is the new fifteenth Entity that Adelard Dekker and others hypothesize is emerging.

It is the fear of catastrophic change, the extinction of humanity and its replacement by something else, especially by humanity's own doing.

But now the fear is not of a rapture or a revelation. It is of catastrophic change. Mankind will warp the world so much it kills us all, and leaves only a thousand years of plastic behind. Technology will strip us of what it means to be human, and leave us something alien and cold. We will press a button that in a moment will destroy everything we have ever been. Animals are witnessing the end of their entire species within a single generation.

It was possibly once part of The End but has grown into its own fear now that the end of humanity is not thought of to be the end of all life itself.

It has been emerging since at least the 1860s (MAG 134), and as of circa 2012 it may not yet have been strong enough yet to begin taking avatars. (MAG 113)

Dekker also calls it "The Terrible Change" and "The Future-Without-Us".

The Extinction appears to be associated with doomsday events, man-made catastrophes (including bombs and climate change), codes or strings of numbers, and the destruction of human skin and tissue.

Episodes that seem to deal with this power

Episodes that may or may not deal with this power

Efforts to Stop its Emergence

Many avatars of other entities want to prevent The Extinction from being born, or at least weaken it. This is because in contrast to the passive End, it will be active and seek to create a lifeless world - potentially replacing humans with something else that could then fear their own annihilation.

Peter Lukas has a plan for a ritual to stop the emergence that requires The Magnus Institute and someone touched by The Eye who can "balance" between it and The Lonely, for which he is using Martin Blackwood.

Elias Bouchard knew about it as well, but hoped to simply enact The Watcher's Crown before it emerged.


  • Its theorized existence is somewhat controversial, as Gertrude Robinson for one did not believe it was distinct from other powers. (MAG 134)
  • Dekker mentions that some "immediate dangers" that Gertrude is focusing on could be a direct result of the new power's emergence (MAG 113).
  • The string of numbers given in MAG144, when decoded using a Polibius square, spell out the sentence "THE WORLD IS ALWAYS ENDING".
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