The Eye, sometimes referred to as Beholding, Ceaseless Watcher, and (taking into account the auditory medium) The I, is one of The Entities. It is the manifestation of the fear of being watched, exposed, followed, of having secrets known, but also the drive to know and understand, even if your discoveries might destroy you. It is also the fear that you’re suffering for the sake of something watching.

The Eye is among the chief "characters" of the series. It is the power behind the Magnus Institute, influencing the members and granting them certain powers. It seems to have been responsible for giving Elias the ability to see and know all things, although he does not do this without effort. Its associated ritual is called "The Watcher's Crown."

It is the entity that granted the Head Archivists, currently Jonathan Sims, the ability to ask a question and compel the listener to answer. This power also affects avatars of the other entities as Jude Perry became upset when Sims compelled her. 

Other characters and avatars in the world, such as Perry, have criticized Beholding, as an entity of great power that does very little and seems content only with feeding its thirst for knowledge. Perry even states it cannot stop the Desolation from winning and will leave it a burned out blind eye by the end.

We currently do not know how much influence The Eye is exerting on our world.

Statements Focused on The Eye

Technically every episode deals with the Eye as its influence is felt throughout the Institute and its employees, so this list should be limited to when the contents of the statement itself concern the Eye.

Other Appearances

In addition to statements regarding the Eye, there are several episodes that deal heavily with this entity outside statements. Standard statements given in person should not go on this list, unless they are significant in some other way.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

Ritual Information

The Eye's ritual is called "The Watcher's Crown." According to Basira in MAG 123, The Eye is the only entity who hasn't yet attempted a ritual.  However, this is contradicted by Peter Lukas in MAG 134, where he tells Martin that to his knowledge, Terminus and Mother of Puppets are the only two Entities that have never attempted a ritual (presumably because Terminus doesn't care and Mother of Puppets likes the world just the way it is).

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