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The Fairchilds is a group of people connected to The Vast who use names with the surname Fairchild. They do not actually have a biological familial relation.[1]

The Fairchild family is known as a very wealthy family based in Cornwall, who invest in aerospace technology, shipping logistics, and underwater drilling and construction.[2]

Besides Simon, Harriet Fairchild is the only known member but Michael Crew, another avatar of The Vast, has also been reported to hang around with them sometimes.[3]

Known Members[]

Simon Fairchild[]

Avatar of The Vast and Head of the Fairchilds.

Harriet Fairchild[]

In the early 2000s, Robert Kelly took a job as a skydiving instructor for a company named "Open Skydiving", though no official records indicate its existence except a few news articles in late 2000. One of his fellow flight instructor colleagues was Harriet Fairchild. In June 2002, an 85-year old man named Simon, presumably Simon Fairchild, was doing a tandem jump with Harriet supposedly for charity in memory of his wife. Right before Harriet and Simon jumped out of the plane, Simon turned to Robert and shouted something that may have been "enjoy sky blue", causing him to feel a rush of dizziness. Harriet greeted Robert when he landed.[4]

Episode Appearances[]

Note: episodes listed refer to the Fairchild family as a whole or multiple members, not just one individual.