The Flesh, also called Viscera, is one of the fourteen main Entities. It is thought to be the newest of them, born from the fear of animals bred for meat.

In humans, it manifests as strange bodies being twisted, reshaped, and butchered. It often employs Christian imagery, such as a cannibalistic version of Eucharist and using a gnostic church as its ritual site.

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The Flesh's ritual, The Last Feast, involved a pit of meat under a gnostic church in Istanbul. (MAG 130) It was thwarted by Gertrude Robinson who used explosives to collapse the church. Gertrude had 8 years to stop the ritual, and it helped her understand that conventional explosives could disrupt rituals.

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In MAG 20: Desecrated Host, Father Burroughs is tricked into cannibalism when taking part in the ritual of Eucharist. It seems he is tricked by the Spiral. Breekon & Hope, part of the Stranger, deliver a stole that is used in the ritual.

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