The Flesh is one of the fourteen main Entities. It is thought to be the newest of them, born from the fear of animals bred for meat.

In humans, it manifests as strange bodies being twisted, reshaped, and butchered.

Episodes that seem to deal with this power


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.


  • Toby Carlisle attaches meat to the walls of his apartment. There is a living pile of meat. (MAG 18)
  • Father Burroughs is tricked into cannibalism when taking part in the ritual of Eucharist. (MAG 20)
  • The phrase "Silk will not stitch the butcher's meat" is written on a wall. This is apparently the only connection to meat in this episode, and may have been a reference to The Slaughter instead. (MAG 28)
  • David Laylow works in a meat processing plant. He begins to think of people as meat. (MAG 30)
  • Eustace Wick kills Benjamin Carlisle with the apparent intention of eating him. The corpse of Benjamin talks to his wife, urging her to eat him. (MAG 58)
  • John Han murdered his wife and apparently disposed of her body by putting it into the meat he sold. (MAG 72)
  • An assistant was pulled into a great, pulsating pile of meat. (MAG 80)

Episodes that may deal with this power

  • There is a bag of identical teeth, maybe connected with the regenerative power showed in MAG 72: Takeaway. There is a paper with the Lord's prayer, and several of the meat episodes seem connected with Christianity. (MAG 5)
  • Angela used the phrase "Some hungers are too strong to be denied." Lee Rentoul is made to chew off his own hand. (MAG 14)
  • Jared Hopworth is able to change the bodies of people and animals by removing or adding bones. (MAG 17)
  • Creatures pretending to be humans are able to change their own body parts. (MAG 34)
  • Another appearance of Jared Hopworth. (MAG 49)
  • Another appearance of Jared Hopworth. (MAG 90)

Recurring characters and concepts

Carlisle family

Toby Carlisle from MAG 18: The Man Upstairs has the same last name as Benjamin and his wife in MAG 58: Trail Rations. (They have not been confirmed to be related.)

Han family

Tom Han from MAG 30: Killing Floor is the nephew of John Han from MAG 72: Takeaway. Tom Han appears in MAG 130.


Angela appears in MAG 14. She may also be the old woman in MAG 130. The woman is described as being "gangly" and having to stoop to step through a doorway. She has backwards arms and is thrown into the meat pit when she falls during the night of offerings.

Christian imagery

  • In MAG 20: Desecrated Host there is a cannibalistic version of Eucharist.
  • In MAG 58: Trail Rations Eustace Wicks mutters a perversion of a Lutheran grace. He might be the same man as the Lutheran priest Horatio Wick who had a falling out with his colleges about the Eucharist.
  • In MAG 72: Takeaway a mysterious man talks about how the early Christians were persecuted for cannibalism. There is a stack of old bibles in the takeaway.
  • In MAG 130: Meat, the Flesh seems to be involved with a church in Istanbul.

Ritual Information

The Flesh's ritual seems to involve a meat pit in a gnostic church in Istanbul MAG 130. It is thwarted by an explosion that buries it under rubble and stone. Gertrude calls it "The Last Feast" and apparently was the one to blow it up. Gertrude had 8 years to stop the ritual, and it helped her understand that conventional explosives could disrupt rituals.

Connections with other powers

In MAG 20: Desecrated Host, Father Burroughs is tricked into cannibalism when taking part in the ritual of Eucharist. It seems he is tricked by the Spiral. Breekon & Hope, maybe part of the Stranger, delivers a stole that is used in the ritual.

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