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The Flesh is one of the Entities. It is the fear of mutilation and having your body changed or destroyed as well the animal fear of being slaughtered for meat. It is also connected to insecurity and self-hatred, specifically regarding one's own body image.

It is thought to be the newest of the entities, born from the fear created by the increase in the industrial farming of animals for meat. In humans, it manifests as bodies, bones, muscles and flesh bodies being twisted, reshaped, and butchered. It often employs Christian imagery, such as a cannibalistic version of Eucharist and using a Gnostic church as a ritual site.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.



Other appearances[]


  • Jared Hopworth: The Boneturner. An avatar of the Flesh with the power to manipulate meat and bones, has a large body with extra limbs and organs taken from his victims.
  • Toby Carlisle: Covered his apartment with meat.
    • He has the same last name as Benjamin and his wife in MAG 58. It is unclear if they are related.
  • John Haan: Cannibalistic murderer who formerly owned a fast food restaurant, rumoured to have used human meat in his food.[1]
  • Tom Haan: Nephew of John Haan, found in the slaughterhouse where he was firing a bolt gun into his head.[2]
  • Eustace Wick: Cannibal who posed as a guide on the Oregon Trail.
  • The Monster Pig: A manifestation of the Flesh in the form of a massive pig.
  • An unnamed avatar: Ruler of the Processing Line, a post-change domain of the Flesh.
  • Angela: A Flesh avatar who was mentioned in MAG 14. She is mentioned to have her own domain in MAG 199.
  • An unnamed tall woman who was described as having arms that bent backwards. [3]


  • The Boneturner's Tale: A Leitner version of The Canterbury Tales that can grant people the ability to manipulate bodies.
  • Unnamed book of poetry about dying animals: A Leitner written in Sanskrit. Drops small animal bones that have been warped into unnatural shapes.
  • The Meat Grinder: An antique meat grinder that can regenerate lost limbs by grinding them.


  • The slaughterhouse: A seemingly endless maze of hallways, conveyor belts and industrial machinery related to the manufacture of meat products.[2]
  • The takeaway: Restaurant owned by John Haan, where he fed his wife's body to his customers.[1]
  • The butcher's shop: A normal seeming butcher's shop where Jared Hopworth kills and mutilates victims from the Ukrainian mafia, taking their body parts or feeding them to a meat "pit."[4]
  • The gym: Owned by Jared Hopworth. Targeted toward body builders with feelings of inadequacy. Their bodies are changed beyond recognition in order to achieve "perfection."[5]
  • The Mortal Garden: Jared Hopworth's domain in the post-Change world. A field of flesh and bones, with people planted as flowers that grow with their fear.
  • The Processing Line: A domain in the post-Change world ruled over by an unknown avatar.[6]


The Flesh's ritual, The Last Feast, involved a pit of meat under a Gnostic church in Istanbul.[3] It was thwarted by Gertrude Robinson, who used explosives to destroy the church and the pit. Gertrude had 8 years to stop the ritual, and it helped her understand that conventional explosives could disrupt some rituals.

Connections with other Entities[]

  • In MAG 20: Desecrated Host, Father Burroughs is tricked into cannibalism when taking part in the ritual of Eucharist. Father Burroughs was under the effects of the Spiral or The Web at the time and had recently met with Breekon & Hope, agents of the Stranger.
  • The Flesh attacked the Magnus Institute, a stronghold of The Eye. The relationship between the entities is uncertain, as the attack was orchestrated by avatars Elias Bouchard and Jared Hopworth, rather than the powers behind them.


  • At some point during development The Flesh's name was going to be Viscera.[7]