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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

The Gap in Reality is an ambiguous hole in spacetime which appears to stay in Hill Top Road, making the house a nexus for paranormal activity.


The Gap has always existed, though it started out as more of a crack, for as long as spacetime has existed. It may even predate the Entities. The rip was positioned at a plot of land where, eventually, a man named Eowa built a house. Annabelle Cane describes Eowa as a coward, who ran from a war. His fear and pain fed the Entities. One day, he found himself in a world where the invading forces Eowa had ran from had pushed even further. He died there, in that "somewhere else." Over time, others built houses there and the town around it grew. No one suspected anything was weird, except a scholar named Geoffrey Neckam. His investigations combined with his fear of his colleagues' machinations brought the Crack to the attention of the Web.

The Web worked to weaken the Crack by luring in servants of other powers and over the years, many people lived in Hill Top Road, described by Annabelle Cane as "schemers and spiders and full-throated monsters."[1]. Their crimes fed the Web, and their deaths widened the crack. Eventually, Raymond Fielding moved into the house and began feeding his foster children to the Web. After Agnes Montague killed him, the house burned down and the crack finally widened into a Gap.

While the Gap was not big enough to actually affect the world on a major scale, it was big enough to cause the occasional accident, causing people to fall through to other dimensions.

On April 23rd, 2009, a woman named Anya Villette was pulled through the Gap into a different dimension, where nothing was quite as she remembered it and it was April 8th again.

After the Change, Hill Top Road was left standing, and the Gap remained untouched. Annabelle takes Martin Blackwood to the Rift as a means of luring Jonathan Sims there. She weaves a web of tapes above the Gap, creating a secondary anchor between the Entities and reality. When the Panopticon collapses, the recorders pull The Web through the Gap, dragging the other entities with it, restoring the world back to its pre-Change state.


Even while the Gap was a tiny crack in spacetime, it had a strange effect on its surroundings. The temperatures in the area surrounding it were always just a bit off and the mushrooms that grew in the damp corners were a brighter white than most mushrooms. Flowers that grew on the land were duller than their neighbors'.

After widening into a proper gap, the spacetime gap was big enough to cause the occasional accident, pulling people like Anya Villette through.

Avatars that do not serve The Web can recognise the strange properties of the Gap, but do not necessarily understand what it is or what purpose it might serve.[2]

The Gap is also big enough for the Entities to be dragged through into the multiverse, allowing them to spread into several scores of various realities.