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The Hunt is one of the Entities. It is one of the most primal powers,[1] the animalistic and instinctual fear of being hunted or chased, of becoming prey. It doesn't affect humans too much due to their self-removal from the natural food chain but still manifests through with an affinity or love for tracking, finding and hunting.  

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.




Other Appearances[]


  • Hunters: Avatars adept at finding and killing monsters and Avatars. Hunters can seem somewhat predatory and feral,[2] often viewing it as an addiction, ambivalent to The Hunt's control over them.[3][4] The Hunt is also sometimes described in terms of the Hunter's "blood" telling them whom to hunt and how to hurt them and so on, giving Hunters a predatory bloodlust. Hunters seem to be one of the few beings capable of outright killing a fully-realised Avatar of a different Entity,[5] able to tear apart other avatars with their bare hands under extreme pressure.[6] As a result, Hunters are often hired or coerced into serving other Entities.
  • Vampires: Creatures hunted by Trevor Herbert and killed by the explorers in The Everchase, with an unknown connection to The Hunt.
  • 'Werewolf': Possibly a Hunter who has given in to their predatory instincts, now more Hunt than Human.
  • The Admiral: After The Change The Admiral ended up in a Hunt Domain as a more monstrous form of himself.
  • "Crusading Hunter of the Reformation": Killed a servant of The Web and resident of Hill Top Road, possibly an avatar of The Hunt.[7]


There are no known artefacts associated with the Hunt.


  • The Forest Domain: A domain in the post-Change world where a pack works as a collective to hunt a common prey, turning on each other whenever they need a new target.
  • Cat Domain: A domain where monstrously transformed cats chase "prey." The Admiral resides in it post-Change.


The Hunt's ritual is potentially called the Everchase.[8] Little is currently known about it; Gertrude Robinson was considering the US as a potential location for it, though "not completely sold", and thought it would likely take place sometime after that of The Buried.[9]

Connections to other Entities[]

  • Adelard Dekker mentions that if the avatar of The End becomes strong enough, only a Hunter could defeat it (and he finds them too unpredictable to make that his first choice).[5]
  • Daisy Tonner spends a significant amount of time killing mannequins belonging to The Stranger while she is forced to work for The Eye via Elias.[10]
  • When necessary, an avatar of The Slaughter can defend a place or group of people from other Entities. However, while Hunters thrive on the role, avatars of The Slaughter seem to devolve into constant rage and unhappiness (at least in the case of Melanie King).[11]


  • Jonny Sims cites Bloodborne as "a little bit of an influence" on the development of the Hunt as a concept.[12]
  • Police officers seem especially prone to the Hunt, notably Daisy Tonner and other Section 31 officers.
  • According to MAG 200, the Hunt was part of the "original" Fear, from which the other Entities split off from as humanity evolved.