The Hunt is one of the oldest of the fourteen main Entities. It is a manifestation of the animalistic and instinctual fear of being hunted/chased, of becoming prey. It is less able to affect humans, due to our self-removal from the food chain. However, statements featuring vampires,  

Avatars of the Hunt, often refered to simply as Hunters, have an affinity for hunting down and killing monsters and Avatars. When deep enough in their transformation, Hunters enjoy enhanced health (such as remission from cancer) and can seem somewhat predatory and feral (MAG 109).  

Per Adelard Dekker, Hunters seems to be one of the few beings capable of killing a fully-realized Avatar of a different Entity (MAG 113). Under extreme pressure, Hunters can go berserk and tear other avatars apart with their bare hands (MAG 119). As a result, Hunters are often hired or coerced into serving other Entities. Even when Hunters are unwillingly serving another Entity, however, they still thrive on taking down monsters (MAG 112). 

Police officers seem especially prone to becoming Hunt avatars, notably Daisy Tonner, Robert Montauk, and other Section 31 officers. According to Elias Bouchard, Hunters have no qualms about killing other avatars of The Hunt when necessary—even when their fellow Hunter is also a fellow police officer. 

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Ritual Information Edit

Little is currently known about its ritual; Gertrude Robinson was considering the US as a potential location for it, though "not completely sold", and thought it would likely take place sometime after that of The Buried (MAG 99).

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Connections to Other Entities Edit

  • Robert Montauk serves The Dark to protect Julia, although he later turns on them and kills a member of The People's Church of the Divine Host.
  • Adelard Dekker mentions (MAG 113) that if the avatar of The End becomes strong enough, only a Hunter could defeat it (and he finds them too unpredictable to make that his first choice).
  • Daisy Tonner spends a significant amount of time killing mannequins belonging to The Stranger while she is forced to work for The Eye via Elias.
  • When necessary, an avatar of The Slaughter can defend a place or group of people from other Entities. However, while Hunters thrive on the role, avatars of The Slaughter seem to devolve into constant rage and unhappiness (at least in the case of Melanie King).