The Magnus Archives Wikia

Audio Recording of the first Magnus Archives Liveshow as part of the London Podcast Festival presents Audio Drama Live Event, recorded November 2019. The events of this episode take place before MAG 1.


Rosie is showing Jonathan Sims his new office as head archivist. He notes the disorganised state of the Archives and they chat about his predecessor Gertrude Robinson. He only met her a few times and got the impression that she did not care for him, Rosie remarks that she did not really like anybody much.

John asks what actually happened to her, he has heard rumours floating around the research department that she died at the desk in his new office. Rosie seems to confirm that this was the case and offers to speak with Elias about a replacement desk. John assures her that it is fine as he does not believe in ghosts. Rosie leaves, wishing him luck and notes that Elias should be coming down to speak with him soon.

John immediately gets to work, he sets his laptop to record and reads the entirety of case #0122204.

He has just finished when Martin Blackwood walks in, asking if he has seen a dog, when John is confused he clarifies that he thinks it was a spaniel. John demands to know why there would be a dog in the Archives and just who Martin is. Martin nervously introduces himself and explains that he was making friends with the dog outside and accidentally let it in.

He mentions that he works in the Archives and John immediately disbelieves him, he only requested Tim and Sasha as assistants. Martin clarifies that Elias transferred him to the Archives from the library, apparently without telling John.

John notes that, as Martin's boss, he could fire him if the dog situation is not resolved immediately. Martin laughs and agrees before realising John is being serious. He leaves to deal with the dog, apologising profusely as he walks out.

John gets back to work and reads the entirety of case #9982211. After the statement he clicks around on his laptop, unsuccessfully trying to play the recording.

Tim shows up and checks in with John, who admits that he is having a bit of a rocky start in the Archives. He mentions that he is trying to record the Gillespie statement and Tim notes that it is a real weird how Gillespie was the only resident in that block of flats for two whole years. John agrees, that is weird.

Tim gets back to the business at hand and reports that the dog is still in the Archives and it has made a mess of the doggy variety. John closes his laptop and says that they will just have to deal with the situation before it escalates, he also asks if they have any better recording equipment since his laptop is acting up. Tim thinks they might have some old tape recorders in storage and John figures that might work.