The Magnus Archives Wikia

This page details general guidelines and best practices for editors of The Magnus Archives Wiki.


Article Tense

  • Present tense is the overall standard but past tense is used when referring to events that took place prior to MAG 1.
    • Episode pages' tense should reflect the episode. I.e. Pre- and post-statement sections are generally present tense while statement summaries are generally past tense for seasons 1–4 and present tense for season 5.


The main numbered episodes constitute the canon of The Magnus Archives. Word of god and content from the Q&A episodes is relevant as commentary but is not strictly canon and must be clearly sourced when added to articles. Patreon bonus content is considered semi-canonical but is not relevant to the wiki.

Early Access

Patrons receive new episodes 24 hours in advance but new pages should not be created until an episode has been publicly released.

Edit Warring

Don't engage in edit warring. If you disagree with another editor, discuss the issue in the comments or on their message wall.

Fan Art

The wiki mainly displays fan art in episode infoboxes and it must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Art may only be displayed with the artist’s express permission.
  • All art must be credited, ideally including a link to the artist on their platform of choice such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.
  • The art should ideally come from different creators in order to showcase as many different artists as possible but having a few pieces from the same artist is acceptable. Just use common sense and do not spam a single creator.
  • The subject matter must not contain common triggers.


  • No links in headers.
  • Other pages should only be linked on their first occurrence.
    • Infoboxes and Episode Appearance lists do not count toward this limit and should have all pages linked.
    • Unusually long pages (example: Timeline) may also contain multiple occurrences of the same link.


  • References should be placed outside punctuation.
  • Either <ref></ref> tags or the (MAG 42) format can be used.
    • When one source is referenced multiple times <ref name="NAME"></ref> can be used instead. Simply use it on the first occurrence and any future occurrences can be replaced with <ref name="NAME" />.


  • British spelling is used.
  • Names are based on the official transcripts, where available.



Episode pages use the Case Template Infobox and should contain the following sections, where applicable:

  • Pre-Statement
  • Statement
    • This should be a succinct summary written in the same tense as the statement. All names and locations should be included but minor details can be omitted to keep it concise and easy to peruse. Transcripts are available for anyone who wants a play-by-play.
  • Final Comments (Only used for Gertrude's recordings)
  • Post-Statement
  • Continuity
    • Include significant connections to other episodes and include spoiler warnings as appropriate.
  • Notes/Trivia

Episodes that do not adhere to the standard statement format (example: MAG 119: Stranger and Stranger) are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Character pages use the Recurring Character Infobox and should contain the following sections, where applicable:

  • Personality
  • Physical Appearance
  • History
    • This can be broken into subsections as needed.
  • Known Powers
  • Episode Appearances
    • Episodes in which the character gives a statement should be bolded.
  • Trivia
  • References


Entity pages use the Entities Infobox and should contain the following sections, where applicable:

  • Episodes
    • Statements
    • Other appearances
  • Characters
  • Artefacts
  • Locations
  • Ritual
  • Connections to other entities
  • References