What is The Magnus Archives?

The Magnus Archives is a fictional podcast by Rusty Quill. In it, Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist of The Magnus Institute, London, reads aloud the esoteric and possibly supernatural statements given to the Institute, which is dedicated to researching the paranormal. The statements are then also investigated by his archival assistants: Martin Blackwood, Sasha James, Tim Stoker, and later, Basira Hussain and Melanie King. Sinister plot threads span across the tapes, hinting at underlying malevolence towards the Institute and its members.

The Magnus Archives Wikia is an online repository for the articles discussed in The Magnus Archives. The aim of this archive is to draw connections between the statements as recorded by Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist of The Magnus Institute.

An extremely helpful Timeline is kept up to date with the latest episodes, and this wiki is usually updated within the week of an episode's release. A list of all current episodes can be found on the Cases page. Please feel free to edit or update the wiki, or add pages with common themes. You can do these even without making an account. However, please stick to the facts of the podcasts and avoid conjecture wherever possible.

If you have any questions about the wiki, please contact Spooniermist here, or on the RQG proboards.

Official transcripts for most of the episodes are available here. Unofficial transcripts can also be found here and here.

List of Episodes Sorted by Season

  1. Season 1
  2. Season 2
  3. Season 3
  4. Season 4

Recurring Characters

Jonathan Sims Martin Blackwood Sasha James Tim Stoker Elias Bouchard Basira Hussain
Melanie King Gertrude Robinson Jurgen Leitner Gerard Keay Breekon & Hope Jane Prentiss
Sarah Baldwin The Lukas Family Michael Crew 'Michael' Jared Hopworth Agnes Montague

Maxwell Raynor

Alice "Daisy" Tonner Nikola Orsinov Robert Smirke Georgie Barker Julia Montauk
Trevor Herbert Adelard Dekker Mary Keay Annabelle Cane Daniel Rawlings Diego Malina
Helen Richardson Jude Perry Mikaele Salesa Oliver Banks Rosie Annie
Robert Montauk NotThem | Not-Sasha Jonah Magnus

The Fairchilds

Gregor Orsinov

John Amherst

The Entities

Names in parentheses are alternatives.

There is also a list of all the entities' rituals.

Recurring Themes

Latest activity

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