The Magnus Institute, London, is an academic institution dedicated to researching the esoteric and paranormal. They are not - and they would like to make this clear - paranormal investigators; they are researchers dedicated to revealing knowledge of the unknown. Nevertheless, there are many mysteries about the Institute itself. It was established by Jonah Magnus in 1818 and is currently run by Elias Bouchard.

The Institute is associated with the Entity known as The Eye. It is also patronized by other groups such as the Lukas Family.[1][2]

Building Edit

The Institute building is located in Chelsea[3] near the Thames Embankment. It is a small building, old, and pillared[4], with at least three floors[5] and the archives in the basement.[6] The Institute is connected to the tunnels that were formerly below Millbank Prison.

The Institute possesses a library of books on the supernatural, which is well organised.

The Institute also possesses a department called Artefact Storage, which houses the various strange and dangerous items collected from statement givers and other circumstances. Sasha originally worked in Artefact Storage, but she found the work unpleasant and terrifying and transferred after only three months.[7]

The Archives is a collection of statements on the supernatural taken (and researched when possible) at the Institute. It is, at present, horrendously disorganised due to the (in)action of Gertrude Robinson, the previous Head Archivist. At present, Jonathan Sims is the Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute. The Archives appear to be located in the basement of the Magnus Institute building.

The Magnus Institute has a café or canteen.[8]

Motto Edit

Audio. Vigilo. Opperior." is the motto on the crest of the Magnus Institute, which roughly translates to "I listen. I watch. I wait."

Personnel Edit

Like many other academic organization, the Institute has several departments. Those currently employed to the Institute are as listed.

Leadership Edit

Archives Edit

Current set: Edit

Previous set: Edit

Other Edit

  • Daisy Tonner - Security and protection (reports directly to Elias)[12]
  • Rosie - Administrator
  • Sonja - Artefact Storage[14]
  • Hannah - Library[15]
  • Sarah Carpenter - Former Researcher[16]
  • Fiona Law - Former Research Assistant[17]

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