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The Mass Ritual is the only ritual to have been successfully completed. It was devised by Elias Bouchard/Jonah Magnus and aimed to bring all 14 entities into this world at once.

The Ritual utilised The Archivist, a powerful avatar of The Eye, being marked in body and mind by all 13 other entities. Marking them in mind was simple, simply feed them respective statements about each entity, but marking them in body was a lot more difficult. The Archivist for this ritual was Jonathan Sims. After being fully marked, The Archivist must recite an incantation to "open the door", and complete the ritual.



The following marks were inflicted on Jonathan Sims with each entity:


Once fully marked, the following incantation completed the ritual:

"You who watch and know and understand none. You who listen and hear and will not comprehend. You who wait and wait and drink in all that is not yours by right.

Come to us in your wholeness.

Come to us in your perfection.

Bring all that is fear and all that is terror and all that is the awful dread that crawls and chokes and blinds and falls and twists and leaves and hides and weaves and burns and hunts and rips and bleeds and dies!

Come to us.



The Ritual worked as intended, enacting The Change and bringing all entities into the world. The Eye Reigns supreme, drinking in the terror produced by the others in their respective domains.


  • This ritual does not have a canonical name and "The Magnus Archives" is the only name Jonny Sims has tentatively provided.[1]