The Spiral is one of the Entities. It is based on the fear of madness, that your world isn’t right, that your mind is lying to you. It deals with deception, lying, deceiving the mind and senses.

The Spiral is associated with fractal patterns, hallucinations, doubt of sanity, impossible geometry, maddening realms and dimensions, doors and mazes.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

  • The Distortion: The most commonly encountered aspect of The Spiral, the Distortion is self-described as "a door that would open to all the places that were never there."[1] It can appear anywhere it wishes, including underneath solid surfaces, standing alone with no attached structure or taking the place of other doors. The door can take a variety of forms, trying to get people to enter, an endless maze of carpets, paintings and mirrors waiting within. It was permanently altered after Gertrude Robinson's interference in The Great Twisting, wherein a human was given an accurate map to its interior and guided to its core, with the human component combining with the door component.[1]
    • The father of the Ivo Lensik encountered someone who "all the bones were in his hands" in 1996 (before The Distortion became Michael), which matches Sasha's description of Michael's distorted form.[2][3]
    • Michael: The Distortion's first known human form. As a human Michael Shelley was an archival assistant to Gertrude Robinson, who she sacrificed to The Distortion to disrupt The Spiral's ritual.
    • Helen: The Distortion's second known human form. As a human Helen Richardson was a real estate agent ensnared by Michael.[4] She later replaces Michael as the human component of The Distortion after he gets 'distracted'.[1]
  • The Man Who Wasn't There
  • Gabriel: An Avatar of the Spiral, also known as The Worker of Clay.[1] He was the mastermind behind The Great Twisting in the late 2000s and committed suicide when it failed.
  • The Lichtenberg Figure: A creature taking the form of a man with flashing Lichtenberg fractal organs. It tormented Michael Crew until he exploited the connection between Lichtenberg figures, lightning, and The Vast to trap it in the book Ex Altiora.
  • Dr David: A possible avatar of Wonderland House who torments victims of The Spiral post-Change. He manipulates the victims into believing their mental problems are made up and berates and gaslights them for it.

Artefacts[edit | edit source]

  • The Fractal Pot:[5] A Chinese, Jiajing-era ceramic pot decorated in crisp geometric blue lines that repeat perfectly even as they grow smaller and denser. It takes things from its owner, along with all memories and evidence of those things, save the memories of its owner. It may be the residence of a being of the Spiral rather than an artefact itself, as one of its victims witness long, thin finger with dirty nails emerge from the interior.
  • The Pattern Rug:[6] A rug with a pattern separate from this being. The pattern can remove itself from the rug and flow across other things in a mess of diamonds, swirls, and colours, a process that is painful to living creatures and can pull them apart from the inside. It is unclear whether the rug is powered by the Spiral or the pattern is a Spiral creature that merely resides upon the rug while not hunting.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Zemla Sannikova (Sannikov Land): An island north of Russia that doesn't exist, defined by impossibility and structures that should not be able to exist. It was the staging ground of The Spiral's ritual in the late 2000s.
  • Wonderland House: The Spirals domain after The Change, it is a mental institute where a being known as Doctor David manipulates victims into thinking that their mental problems are fake and berates them for it.
  • The Distortion: The physical form of The Distortion in the post-change world, it took the shape of a shifting, confusing hotel. Destroyed by Jonathan Sims in MAG 187.
  • An Unnamed Maze Domain: Similar to the one mentioned in MAG 100. Laverne, Melanie's therapist, was trapped in it before she was rescued.

Ritual[edit | edit source]

The Spiral's ritual is called "The Great Twisting", which took place in Zemlya Sannikova (Sannikov Land) sometime between 2009[7] and 2011.[8] Gertrude Robinson stopped the ritual by sacrificing her assistant Michael Shelley to merge with The Distortion and become the being we have met as Michael.[1] The ritual failed as the unknowable being of The Distortion combined with a knowable being in the form of Michael Shelley.

Gertrude Robinson used the statement from MAG 126 in her research to formulate the counter-ritual, presumably taking inspiration from Gabriel saying that The Distortion does not have a name and would hate to have one, and using that as a weakness to exploit.

Connections with other Entities[edit | edit source]

  • Its allegiances are difficult to fully know, though it has been seen actively fighting against The Corruption and The Stranger.
    • It seems to want balance or a delay in events as Michael explained in the tunnels when combating Not-Sasha.
    • It helped the real Sasha fight a manifestation of The Flesh Hive (affiliated with The Corruption).
  • The Spiral's relationship with The Eye is unknown, but The Distortion's relationship with Beholding seems to be based on its human element's opinions.
    • Michael helped the Archives to foil others' plans, later stating he wanted neither the Circus nor the Archives to "win", making it convenient for him to kill John himself before The Stranger could.
    • Helen, on the other hand, is revealed in Season 4 to be regularly helping the Archives.
    • In MAG 187 John questions if Helen is working with Elias to stop him from reversing The Change.

References[edit | edit source]

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