The Vast is one of the Entities. Its domain is our fear of our own insignificance in this universe, of losing yourself in too much space.

Its effects involve void, vertigo, and falling, but also anything to do with openness and open spaces, fears like Agoraphobia, fear of deep water. (Note that The Buried also frequently manifests as deep water, but unlike The Vast, it will generally have descriptions of claustrophobia, crushing, drowning, heaviness, or sinking.)

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Ritual Information Edit

Currently, nothing is known about The Vast's ritual.

Connections With Other Entities Edit

  • The Vast and The Flesh have similar trauma related to being insignificant or meaningless.
  • Like the Fairchilds and the Lukases have been serving their entity for around two decades. However, "Fairchild" is apparently an assumed name, whereas the Lukases marry "spooky singles" and bear children with them[1].
    • Also like The Vast, The Lonely often targets people who are predisposed to isolation[2][3][4]to frighten. In contrast, most entities appear to prefer recruiting those with an affinity for their ideals and frightening people who are neutral or already afraid of them.

References Edit

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