The Web is one of The Entities. It is the fear of being controlled or trapped without knowing it, and your will not being your own, of being manipulated. It manifests as spiders, webs, web-like patterns and puppets.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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  • Hill Top Road: A stronghold of the Web with strange features such as the tree in the backyard, the web-shaped crack in the basement, and its former owner Raymond Fielding. The house was later destroyed by Agnes Montague and seemingly 'cursed' by the Desolation.
  • Domain in the post-Change world: A large theatre with many stages in which 'actors' are forced on stage to be controlled by hooks, pulleys and addictive substances, conducted by a large spider lurking above.

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There is no record of a ritual for the Web. Peter Lukas speculates that it prefers the world as it is, where it can manipulate people against each other.

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  • The relationship between The Web and The Eye are unknown, as it may be affecting Jonathan Sims specifically rather than the Archives or Beholding itself. Due to John's encounter with The Web at a young age,[3] he may have been targeted by the web his entire life.
    • John attempting to crush a spider on the wall of the archives leads him to break through the wall, finding Jane Prentiss and her worms planning to attack the archives.[4]
      • This might be The Web helping to protect the archives from The Corruption.
    • A lighter with a web design was delivered to John,[5][6] and he admits he is not sure why he still holds on to it, as he has quit smoking. After his encounter with Jurgen Leitner, John steps out for a cigarette, an action that allowed Elias to kill Leitner.[7]
      • This may imply that The Web is assisting with Jonah Magnus' agenda.
  • The Desolation and The Web seem to have an antagonistic relationship.
    • When Gertrude Robinson discovered and attempted to counter the Desolation's ritual, The Web metaphysically bound her to Agnes Montague, thus stalling their ritual.[8]
    • This may be why a young Agnes was placed under the care of Raymond Fielding at Hill Top road.[9] While there she thwarts Raymond's attempt to trap Ronald Sinclair, and eventually burns the house down.
      • While the house is still strongly connected to The Web, The Desolation seems to have also left its mark on the place.[10][11]
    • In MAG 67, Agnes burns a cobweb, and another agent of The Desolation held a box filled with spiders.

References Edit

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