The Web (also known as The Spider or Mother of Puppets) is one of The Entities. It is the manifestation of the fear of being controlled, entrapped, being trapped and not knowing it, and your will not being your own, of being manipulated. It manifests as spiders and spider webs and patterns like spider webs.

Episodes that focus on this entity

*Real/realistic spiders

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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

Ritual Information

The Web's ritual has never been attempted. According to Peter Lukas, it is because the world is already a playing field for the web, so why bother.

Recurring characters and concepts

Raymond Fielding appears in MAG 8: Burned Out and MAG 59: Recluse.

The table appears in many episodes.

The lighter with the cobweb design appears in MAG 36: Taken Ill and MAG 91: The Coming Storm.

Connections with other powers

In MAG 22: Colony Jane Prentiss appears in the basement of the apartment where Carlos Vittery lived, connecting the Spider with The Hive.

In MAG 32: The Hive cobwebs appears in Jane Prentiss' attic, connecting the Spider with The Hive.

In MAG 38: Lost and Found Jonathan Sims attacks a spider. This leads him to discover that the Hive is planning to attack the archives, which belongs to Beholding.

Jonathan Sims, working for Beholding, carries around a lighter with a cobweb design. In MAG 81: A Guest for Mr. Spider it is revealed he a childhood encounter with the Spider.

In MAG 59: Recluse Agnes Montague, of the Desolation, lives in the home on Hill Top Road with Raymond Fielding. She thwarts Raymond's attempt to trap Ronald Sinclair. The home burns down, perhaps by the Desolation.

In MAG 67: Burning Desire Agnes Montague, of the Desolation, burns a cobweb and another man probably working for the Desolation has many spiders in a box.

In MAG 19: Confession the Desolation apparently try to stop the exorcism done by father Burroughs. The exorcism seems to result in the uprooting of the tree above the box from the table. Father Burroughs is marked by the Spiral.

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