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The Web is one of The Entities. It is the fear of being controlled or trapped without knowing it, and your will not being your own, of being manipulated. It manifests as spiders, webs and web-like patterns, marionettes (puppets controlled by strings), and addictions.

This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.



Other Appearances[]


  • Annabelle Cane: Avatar of The Web who was observing The Magnus Institute and subtly influencing events.
  • Raymond Fielding: Servant of The Web and former owner of the house on Hill Top Road.
  • Neil Lagorio: Special effects artist who specialized in advanced marionette puppetry. Servant of The Web.
  • Emma Harvey: Assistant to Gertrude Robinson who became aligned with The Web.
  • Geoffrey Neckam: Paranoid man who became a servant of The Web, past resident of Hill Top Road. [1]
  • "Sculptor of Puppets": Past resident of Hill Top Road, made marionette strings from the tendons of people who "did not appreciate his art". Killed by a "crusading hunter of the Reformation." (possibly an avatar of The Hunt) [1]
  • "Writer of Anonymous Letters": Past resident of Hill Top Road who did not know where the secrets they knew about others came from (possibly an avatar of The Eye), killed during a civil war by a "man whose teeth were always stained with mud." (possibly an avatar of The Buried)[1]


  • The Web Table: A table with a hypnotic pattern design with a small, removable box in the middle of it. Used by Adelard Dekker to bind the NotThem. Was often carried and delivered by Breekon & Hope.
  • Web Lighter: An anchor of The Web’s power in the form of a Zippo lighter with a cobweb design. It allows The web and its tape recorders to track John.
  • A Guest for Mr. Spider: A children's book that enthralls the reader and leads them to a door where they are taken by a large, spider-like creature.
  • "A thrumming silk-wrapped object:" An artefact of unknown abilities used by Breekon and Hope to torture an unspecified woman.[2]
  • Original cuts of Neil Lagorio films: The specific effects of watching the cuts are unknown. Lagorio's care aid was trapped for five months after being made to watch them.[3]
  • Tape Recorders: The tape recorders follow the archival staff, mainly Martin Blackwood and Jonathan Sims, recording statements and important or interesting happenings. Annabelle Cane used them to spy on the Magnus Institute.[4]


  • 105 Hill Top Road: A stronghold of The Web. Formerly owned by Raymond Fielding, the house has a tree in the backyard and at one point served as a teenage half way house. It was unknowingly built on top of a "crack" in the universe, which had continually widened over countless centuries before finally becoming a true Gap in Reality. The house was later destroyed by Agnes Montague and the land seemingly touched by the Desolation.
  • Domain in the post-Change world: A large theatre with many stages, in which victims are forced on stage and have their bodies manipulated by hooks and pulleys controlled by a large spider lurking above. Victims are forced to relive events that spurred on or aggravated substance use that they had since recovered from, then made to consume tiny spiders in the form of the previously-used substance. This process repeats indefinitely.
  • The Upton House: Though overall shielded from the entities and therefore not tied to them, Annabelle Cane resided inside "spinning her webs."


There is no record of a ritual for the Web. Peter Lukas speculates that it prefers the world as it is, where it can manipulate people against each other. It appears to actively dislike the post-Change world.

In MAG 197, it is revealed that the Web knows a successful ritual would ultimately lead to the Entities' deaths by starvation, because no new humans would be born in the post-Change world and the End would ultimately claim all life. In MAG 200, John explains that the Web purposefully orchestrated the Mass Ritual over centuries so it could spread into multiple new dimensions and realities.

Connection to other Entities[]

  • The relationship between The Web and The Eye are unknown, as it may have been affecting Jonathan Sims specifically rather than the Archives or Beholding itself. Due to John's encounter with The Web at a young age, he may have been targeted by The Web his entire life.[5]
    • John attempting to crush a spider on the wall of the Archives leads him to break through the wall, finding Jane Prentiss and her worms planning to attack the Archives.[6]
      • This may be The Web helping to protect the Archives from The Corruption.
    • A lighter with a web design was delivered to John,[7][8] and as a former smoker he is unsure why he keeps it. John steps out for a cigarette after his encounter with Jurgen Leitner, an action that allows Elias to kill Leitner.[9]
      • After The Change, Annabelle Cane reveals a plan to remove The Entities from their world's dimension that heavily involves the lighter.[10] Although John privately resolves not to follow Annabelle's plan, he shares a cigarette with Georgie Barker despite both of them having previously quit smoking. He distractedly gives Georgie the lighter after sharing his intentions to quit again, which ultimately allows Annabelle's plan to succeed.[11][12]
        • As one area of The Web's influence is addiction and relapse, it likely had a role in orchestrating the death of Jurgen Leitner and the lighter changing hands.
    • The Web sent Oliver Banks to give his statement to John to encourage him to wake up from his coma. [13]
    • The Web directed John to the statement leading to his encounter with Jared Hopworth. [14]
  • The Desolation and The Web seem to have an antagonistic relationship.
    • When Gertrude Robinson discovered and attempted to counter the Desolation's ritual, The Web metaphysically bound her to Agnes Montague, thus stalling the counter-ritual.[15]
    • While 105 Hill Top Road is strongly connected to The Web, The Desolation seems to have also left its mark on the place.[16][17]
      • This may be why a young Agnes was placed under the care of Raymond Fielding at Hill Top Road.[18] While there she thwarts Raymond's attempt to trap Ronald Sinclair and eventually burns the house down.
    • Agnes's presence in a man's home burnt a cobweb. During a vague ceremony just before Agnes's death, another agent of The Desolation held a box filled with spiders.[19]
    • Daisy brings magnesium flares when searching Hill Top Road after John mentions that The Web is averse to fire.[20]
    • Despite their antagonistic relationship, The Web's plan to escape through the Gap in Reality heavily involves The Desolation. The Gap in Reality was wide enough to be useful only after Agnes Montague burnt down the house on Hill Top Road, and Web's plan to escape through the Gap in Reality relies on mass destruction of the archives by fire.[10]
  • The Web seems to have a limited, neutral relationship with The Corruption. In her statement, Jane Prentiss mentioned having seen spiders and cobwebs near the attic that contained the "wasp nest" she was drawn to and noted the distinction between the spiders and the hive.[21]
  • The Web is revealed as the only fully self-aware Entity, able to think and plan. Over millennia, people's fears of plots and unintended consequences that fed the Web became metaphysical nerves, creating a vast intelligence. The Web hatched a grand plan over centuries involving the Gap in Reality and, by manipulating the Eye, used the successful ritual as a springboard to escape from this reality into countless new realities.[12]