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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

This timeline is a comprehensive list of events, as best as they can be organised. Where events are contradictory, they are noted.

See Timeline/Episodes for a simplified timeline of episodes.


Pre Human Evolution

The original fear entity formed, feeding off animalistic fears of predation

Around 300,000 BC

The first humans evolve. Over the subsequent millennia, they split the original entity into multiple smaller entities.

Unknown prehistoric period

The first avatar opens a door between the realm of the entities and earth.

Before 1700[]

3300 to 1300 BC
The Indus Valley Civilisation. They create burial pits full of burned bones and ash, skulls with markings as if the eyes were removed, and others that seemed buried alive. (MAG 138)
ca 2613 to 2494 BC
The Fourth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. A pyramid is built to contain an immortal mummy. (MAG 64)
ca 2150 BC
The poem Lugal-e is written. It describes the Sumerian demon Asag. (MAG 12, MAG 139, MAG 145)
The Serapeum of Alexandria is torched by Those Who Sing the Night. (MAG 53)
ca 500-1000
Eowa flees a battle against a Mercian king (MAG 196)
Ulrich II dies and is succeeded by Eberhard I. A coin with the letters "JW" on the front, an image of a man with long flowing hair and the number "1279," the other side with the words "Für die Stille" ("for the silence") on it, was minted. (MAG 23)
ca 1279
Johann Von Württemberg's tomb becomes touched by The Eye. (MAG 23)
During the 1300s
The entities that would one day become Breekon & Hope accompany the Black Death wherever they travel. (MAG 128)

ca 1527-1590
A heretical sculptor is bisected during the Reformation. (MAG 196)
Unknown date between 1533-1594
Simon Fairchild is an apprentice to the painter Tintoretto. He becomes fascinated with the skies he paints and is claimed by The Vast. (MAG 151)
Christopher is dragged through the streets of Norwich by a horse, presumably after finding the book that would later detail his demise. (MAG 70)
A writer of anonymous letters is deemed a traitor in the English Civil War. (MAG 196)


John Flamsteed spies on Edmund Halley meeting up with people with black empty eyes. They kneel and worship around a dark pool. (MAG 140)
2nd May - Flamsteed drowns Halley in a mysterious dark pool in the woods. (MAG 140)
4th May - Flamsteed is surprised to see Halley alive. Halley thanks Flamsteed for his life and freedom. Spreading in Halley's eyes is darkness and mist. (MAG 140)
31st December - Flamsteed dies. He was the Astronomer Royale until his death. Halley succeeds him. (MAG 140)
Nathaniel Thorp, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, is at the Battle of Bunker Hill and flees after being shot. He finds himself confronted by Death and gambles his life on a game of Faro. After cheating to ensure his victory, Nathaniel finds himself cursed to wander the world, ending lives as the personification of Death for almost 200 years. (MAG 29)
October - Abraham Janssen witnesses Wolfgang Von Kempelen attempting to perform The Unknowing in the Court Theatre Buda. The ritual is eventually stopped by a group of soldiers, likely agents of The Slaughter. (MAG 116)
2nd November - Abraham Janssen writes down his experiences in his journal. (MAG 116)
Jeremy Bentham begins work on the Panopticon, a prison where the prisoners were visible at all times by the guards, on the site of what will become Millbank Prison. (MAG 41)


Winter - Albrecht von Closen is haunted by a strange man after investigating the tomb of Johann von Württemberg in the Schwartzwald (Black Forest) in Germany. (MAG 23)
Robert Smirke begins work on Millbank Penitentiary. (MAG 41)
Rudolph Zeitler is found dead in his home after stealing jewellery from the von Closen household, possibly including a coin from Johann von Württemberg's tomb. Doctors rule his injuries as "beyond the capacity of human violence". (MAG 23)
The Magnus Institute is founded by Jonah Magnus. (MAG 1, MAG 23)
Work is completed on Millbank Penitentiary. (MAG 41)
9th April - Barnabas Bennett writes a letter to Jonah Magnus begging for help in returning from a world where he appears to be the only living human. (MAG 92)
April - Doctor Jonathan Fanshawe visits Albrecht von Closen before performing his autopsy upon his death. (MAG 127)
Sampson Kempthorne takes on a protege, George Gilbert Scott, who frequently (and violently) redesigns his plans for various workhouses to be far more cramped and claustrophobic. He later is encountered by a cloaked and disconcerting figure, who disappears, leaving evidence of Gilbert Scott's presence. Upon finding Gilbert Scott's worksite, he finds that a labourer is convinced that his friend has been placed inside a wall by a "Governor", though none had yet been assigned to the site. (MAG 50)
Robert Smirke constructs the complex beneath 100 Pall Mall. (MAG 35)
August - Hezekiah Wakely writes a letter to Nathaniel Beale concerning Hezekiah's new job as a gravedigger. (MAG 152)
February - Wakely writes a letter to Beale about Wakely's habit of sleeping in the churchyard. He further writes about falling asleep in a grave, then dreaming that the grave collapsed around him and then waking outside the grave. (MAG 152)
June - Wakely writes a letter to Beale about Nelly Cooper, who was nearly buried alive, resulting in the Reverend deciding that all graves should be fitted with safety bells. (MAG 152)
December - Wakely writes a letter to Beale about how he was disturbed by the ringing of the safety bell on the grave of Jacob the baker, leading to him cutting the string of the bell. (MAG 152)
January - Wakely writes a letter to Beale, saying he is disappointed Beale told the magistrates about Wakely murdering Jacob. Wakely further writes he is coming to bury Beale. (MAG 152)
22nd October - The Millerite Movement's predicted date of the apocalypse goes by without anything happening, leading to the group calling it "The Great Disappointment". (MAG 134)
Robert Smirke retires and begins looking into "alternative" religions. In the future, his buildings will host an abnormally high number of paranormal incidents. (MAG 35)
Late May - Benjamin Carlisle and his wife leave Savannah, heading along the Oregon Trail. (MAG 58)
Late November - Carlisle and his wife are lured into the Rocky mountains by Eustace Wick, who tries to kill and eat them. Both men are killed in the struggle and Mrs. Carlisle is left alongside the corpse of her husband, which she begins to believe is telling her to eat him. (MAG 58)
4th December - Mrs. Carlisle writes a letter in regards to cannibalism while attempting to travel the Oregon Trail. (MAG 58) (N.B. While the description marks the statement as being written December 4th, the filing number indicates it was registered as being taken on December 5.)
Simon Fairchild attempts a grand ritual for the Vast. It is sabotaged by a Hunter and fails. (MAG 151)
Lt. Charles Fleming is pursued across China by those killed in the Taiping Rebellion after escaping the destruction of the HMS Nemesis. (MAG 105)
Algernon Moss outbids Maxwell Rayner at an auction and is visited that night by a "Sandman". He blinds himself rather than see the creature anymore. (MAG 98) (N.B. it is assumed that Moss gives his statement to the Magnus Institute relatively soon after this event.)
The last records of the existence of Garland Hillier. (MAG 134)
13th February - Robert Smirke begins writing a letter to Jonah Magnus, urging Magnus to not attempt to wear the Watcher's Crown. Smirke dies of apoplexy before finishing the letter. (MAG 138)
Millbank Penitentiary is demolished. (MAG 41)
The house at 105 Hilltop Road is bought by Walter Fielding. (MAG 8)


Sir Frederick Treeves publishes The Tale of a Field Hospital, a collection of columns written for the British Medical Journal detailing his experiences working in a field hospital during the Second Boer War, with the sections detailing Treeves's encounters with one Private Amherst omitted. (MAG 68)
A branch of the von Closen family moves to England. (MAG 23)
May - Wilfred Owen encounters "the Piper" whilst left for dead on the fields of France during the First World War. (MAG 7)
4th November - Wilfred Owen dies, ostensibly just as the war ends. (MAG 7)
Elsa von Closen marries Michael Keay. (MAG 23)
Walter Fielding dies. The house at 105 Hill Top Road is inherited by his son, Alfred Fielding. (MAG 8)
Mary Keay is born. (MAG 23) (N.B. This is later contradicted by MAG 62.)
Percy Fawcett goes on his second trip to the Amazon in an attempt to find the Lost City of Z. (MAG 133)
Simon Fairchild, a con artist, is thrown from a fourth-floor window by an irate member of the public. (MAG 51) (N.B. This is presumably when the entity currently known as Simon Fairchild takes on that identity. MAG 151)
April - Robert E. Geiger and Harry Eisenhard arrive at Stefan Brotchen's farm in Boise City, Oklahoma to write a story about the ongoing dust storms. As the storm hits, Brotchen appears to choke and they flee by car but in the darkness of the storm Eisenhard disappears and Brotchen chokes to death. (MAG 99)
Eugene Vanderstock is born. (MAG 139)
During the blitz (September 7, 1940 – May 11, 1941)
Eugene Vanderstock begins setting buildings on fire, creating targets for German bombers. (MAG 139)
November - Sgt. Walter Heller, after being injured during Operation Crusader, is hospitalised in Alexandria in Egypt. While taking a walk during his recovery process, he locates a lost offshoot of the Serapeum of Alexandria. Inside, he finds himself pursued by a robed, cyclopean figure. He also feels watched by many pairs of eyes, a phenomenon repeated over half a century later when he gives his statement to the Magnus Institute in 1997. (MAG 53)
Late 1942 - The Slaughter attempts its ritual. It fails. (MAG 137)
August - The 11th Army Hospital Train begins operating in the European theatre of World War II. (MAG 76)
April - The 11th Army Hospital Train is derailed, killing 5 crew members and injuring 14. William Hay suggests that this might have been done deliberately in order to kill a violent medic. (MAG 76)
Luca Moretti is part of an expedition into the Alps to hunt down deserters, described as rotten ("sono andanti marcio"). (MAG 95) (N.B. This is assumed to take place soon after the Italian armistice was signed in 1947.)
Arthur Nolan suggests creating a messiah who will eventually enact a ritual for the Desolation. The pregnant Eileen Montague volunteers her child and she is burned to death as Agnes Montague is born. (MAG 139)
November - Yuri and Ivan Utkin visit the Circus of the Other with their father. Ivan goes missing, and is made to walk a tightrope as the main attraction. While searching for his brother, Yuri finds a collection of circus freaks that defy biological explanation. (MAG 44)
A young Mary Keay (apparently nine years old) sneaks into the surgery of Dr. Margaret Tellison in Whitechapel, while her mother works at the Magnus Institute. She witnesses Dr. Tellison murder a patient and use what would become a Leitner book to extort money from patients “bound” within the pages. Keay uses her father’s straight-razor to kill the doctor in return, taking both the book and a smaller, unnamed book about dying animals for herself. (MAG 62)
Alfred Fielding dies. The house at 105 Hill Top Road is inherited by his son, Raymond Fielding. (MAG 8)
Autumn - Trevor Herbert and his brother Nigel are taken in by the "vampire" Sylvia McDonald. Nigel is drained of blood but Trevor is able to kill the sated creature with a knife wound to the stomach, followed by setting it on fire. The house of Sylvia McDonald is also set alight, and burns to the ground (MAG 10).
Raymond Fielding runs a halfway house for children on Hill Top Road in Oxford, on behalf of the local diocese. He takes on a girl called Agnes Montague, who is disliked by the rest of the neighbourhood (MAG 8). Montague was placed there by the Cult of the Lightless Flame, who found her difficult to raise (MAG 139). Ronald Sinclair is compelled to return back to the basement of the house, where Fielding is waiting with a large web-patterned table and a sinister apple but is able to escape, likely due to Montague's intervention (MAG 59).
Mid to late 60s
Kumo ga tabeteiru, a Japanese horror movie regarding spiders, is supposedly released (MAG 110).
June - Trevor Herbert kills the vampire Robert Arden (MAG 10).
Circa 1970
Gertrude Robinson begins working against the Cult of the Lightless Flame (MAG 145).
Elias Bouchard works as a filing clerk at The Magnus Institute (MAG 29). (contradictory with MAG 49, perhaps intentionally so)
Neil Lagorio splits with his partner, Gabe, who had worked with him on Labyrinth of the Minotaur (MAG 136).
April - Rosa Meyer goes through the belongings of her deceased brother, Christopher Meyer. Whilst handling a hand mirror, she glimpses a face behind her, leading to a feeling of being watched that doesn’t fade away (MAG 60).
4th June - Nathaniel Thorp gives his statement to the Magnus Institute, cutting off a finger to prove his supernatural nature, having been freed from his curse a few years prior (MAG 29).
James Wright takes over as head of the Magnus Institute after Richard Mendelson. (MAG 49, MAG 167)
Raymond Fielding disappears and leaves the house on Hill Top Road to Agnes Montague. She eventually burns the house to the ground and disappears. Fielding's badly burnt body is found in the basement, missing a hand (MAG 8, MAG 139).
Some time after 9th of October - Gertrude Robinson begins wondering about a Slaughter ritual (MAG 137).
Neil Lagorio works on Agents of Orion (MAG 136).
Late seventies
Neil Lagorio works on the science fiction movies Beyond Time, Under New York, and The Crawling Ones (MAG 136).
Neil Lagorio works on some of the horror movies of John Carpenter, as well as the horror movies Dead Sky, The Nightmare Children, Forty Winks, and Toy Shop (MAG 136).
Trevor Herbert kills Alard Dupont, incorrectly believing him to be a vampire (MAG 10, MAG 56).
Margaret Carnegie dies and leaves her dump to Gordon Goodman (MAG 84).
Julia Montauk is born sometime between April 1982 and March 1983.
Alexander Wollett is murdered in his home in Ulster, presumably after finding the book that would later detail his demise (MAG 70).
The Bright Lake amusement park is photographed, appearing to be fully operational (MAG 156).
January - Robin Patton stops leaving his bedroom (MAG 86).
February 12th - Patton wraps himself in a blanket in his cupboard (MAG 86). Later in the month, Benjamin Hatendi investigates Patton's house and finds his corpse, inadvertently touching the dark fluid that pooled around it (MAG 86).
7th March - Hatendi dies after repeated nighttime encounters with a mysterious darkness (MAG 86).
24th October - Rosa Meyer kills the driver of a delivery van heading towards the Magnus Institute, filling the van with petrol, but is stopped by police before any attack can be carried out (MAG 60).
Jurgen Leitner rents an office in Pall Mall, just above a series of passages designed by Robert Smirke. He continues renting these offices until 1994 (MAG 35).
Jurgen Leitner asks for Harold Silvana and Rachel Turley to dig a hole beneath 100 Pall Mall. When asked to confirm that he has the owner of the building's permission, Leitner becomes aggressive and they refuse to do the job (MAG 35).
Neil Lagorio works on the science fiction movie Orbit (MAG 110).
Jude Perry meets Agnes Montague (MAG 89).
Julia Montauk's mother disappears from the family house in Dartford in the dead of night, leaving behind a pendant belonging to the Peoples' Church of the Divine Host. No missing person report is filed by her husband, despite him working in the police force (MAG 9).
Elias Bouchard apparently joins the Magnus Institute, working in Artefact Storage (MAG 49). (contradictory with MAG 29)
Canyon Cafe opens. Agnes Montague begins visiting it regularly (MAG 67).
Jude Perry completes her initiation into the Cult of the Lightless Flame (MAG 89).
6th July - Adelard Dekker makes statement 9910607, about a creature he refers to as “NotThem” (MAG 77).
Autumn - Carlos Vittery accidentally kills a spider, the resulting half-formed spiders giving him life-long arachnophobia (MAG 16).
Kevin Costner stars in Jewel of the Amazon, with special effect work by Neil Lagorio (MAG 136). Between 1992 and 2011 Lagorio works on The Wire Runner, Eagle Falls, and The Harvestmen (MAG 136, MAG 110).
One "Detective Rayner" contacts the Montauk family, asking Robert Montauk to do an unknown act he clearly does not want to do (MAG 9).
Rosa Meyer dies in HMP Holloway (MAG 60).
Jurgen Leitner visits Pinhole Books (MAG 62).
Sgt. Terrence Simpson investigates a disturbance among a crofting community, where the locals have turned rabid (MAG 125).
The Leitner library is attacked and destroyed, scattering the collection to the winds (MAG 4). The attack was made by representatives of many supernatural powers (MAG 80).
June - The individuals that would become known as Breekon & Hope arrive at the office of Alfred Breekon (MAG 96).
Early September – Lucy Cooper visits her parents and finds that her mother Rose has been replaced by Not-Rose (MAG 77).
An unknown entity pursues Julia Montauk, only stopping when her father completes a ceremony involving human sacrifice and 41 human hearts. Robert Montauk goes to prison for these crimes (MAG 9).
Some time after the attack on Leitner's library, Jonathan Sims is given a children's book called "A Guest for Mr. Spider". A teenager who frequently bullies him is entranced by the book, knocking a door in it and causing large spider legs to pull him inside (MAG 81).
Lester Chang confronts his father-in-law in his home, which appears to have been overrun by a creeping purple mold. Breekon & Hope remove the furniture from the infested house (MAG 93).
Elias Bouchard takes over for James Wright as Head of the Magnus Institute (MAG 49).
Ivo Lensik's father is found dead and it is ruled a suicide (MAG 8).
Trevor Herbert kills the vampire Hannah Edwards (MAG 56).
May - Joshua Gillespie meets "John" in Amsterdam, unwittingly agreeing to look after a wooden coffin (MAG 2).
May 14th - Alfred Breekon gets a delivery from Breekon & Hope. He sneaks away to the Magnus Institute to give his statement, before returning and being killed by his replacements (MAG 96).
September - The Boneturner's Tale is returned to Chiswick Library by Michael Crew, before being immediately taken by Jared Hopworth (MAG 17).
Late October - Sebastian Adekoya is confronted in Chiswick Library by Jared Hopworth's mother, as she returns The Boneturner's Tale. Late that night, Adekoya returns to the library to be confronted by a changed Hopworth, who takes The Boneturner's Tale and flees (MAG 17).
4th November - Gertrude Robinson commits to tape the statement of Lucy Cooper. Robinson speculates that creature in the statement is the same as Adelard Dekker refers to as the “Not-Them” in statement 9910607 (MAG 77).
Dexter Banks directs Red Ronin (MAG 110).
Breekon & Hope deliver a wooden coffin to Joshua Gillespie (MAG 2).
15th April - Gertrude Robinson commits to tape the statement of Yuri Utkin (MAG 44).
September - Michael Crew first appears at Lion Street Books in Chichester (MAG 46).
5th September - Sgt. Walter Heller gives his statement (MAG 53).
Gertrude Robinson begins tracking supplicants drawn by "the siren call of flesh" in hopes of stopping the Flesh ritual (MAG 130).
Breekon & Hope, along with "John," pick up the wooden coffin from Joshua Gillespie (MAG 2).
January - Herbert Knox’s former lover, Kirstin Bowman, dies after losing her balance and falling down a flight of stairs, leaving Knox Ex Altiora (MAG 46).
FebruaryMichael Crew buys Ex Altiora from Lion Street Books, though his cheque bounces. When Knox tries to find him to request payment, Crew uses Ex Altiora in a ritual to try and fend off the Lichtenberg figure that has been pursuing him. Crew throws himself from a church spire and neither he nor Ex Altiora return to Lion Street Books (MAG 46).
March - An explosion in Alexandria destroys several buildings – Jonathan Sims later theorises that this is related to the Serapeum of Alexandria being located by Sgt. Walter Heller and Gertrude Robinson six months earlier (MAG 53).
A number of the Magnus Institute's files are leaked to the press, causing widespread derision (MAG 68).
September - Mikaele Salesa sells a meat grinder to the cook on his ship. The cook begins serving his own meat to the crew, healing himself with the meat grinder. Mikaele fights the cook, who is thrown overboard (MAG 115).
October - The Bright Lake amusement park closes its doors for the last time (MAG 156).


18th January
Vincent Yang is kept unintentionally imprisoned by Mikaele Salesa after impounding cargo going through Portsmouth. Yang awakens from sleep inside a wooden crate barely large enough to move in. He stays there for what he perceives as days, before eventually being released by Salesa and Peter Lukas on the 19th of January (MAG 66).


Lawrence Moore realises that his cousin Carl has been replaced by Not-Carl. Adelard Dekker comes to him and performs a binding ritual to bind the creature to a web-patterned table (MAG 78).
4th August
Graham Folger's parents, Desmond and Samantha Folger, die in a car crash on the M1 near Sheffield (MAG 3).


First week of March
Harold Silvana, Rachel Turley, and Alfred Bartlet (with the help of Gerard Keay) discover a passageway while doing renovation work beneath the Reform Club in Pall Mall. Bartlet dies, allegedly from a heart attack, and Keay escapes with a book. All survivors, as well as the police that investigate, deny all knowledge of the incident (MAG 35).
Late March
Robert Montauk is visited in HMP Wakefield by Maxwell Rayner. The lights blow midway through the visit and the guard Phillip Brown hears Rayner tell Montauk "You didn't think you could kill it for long, did you?" In the coming months, taps in the prison begin to run with stagnant water (MAG 52).
Early June
Robert Kelly takes part in a charity tandem jump in Doncaster but when he leaves the plane there is no ground, only an endless, bright, blue sky stretching out before him. When he lands, his co-workers tell him he was falling for 15 minutes but for Kelly it felt like hours, or even days (MAG 21).
3rd June
Joseph Puce hears an impact in one of his fields in Doncaster and finds a single parachute. There is no skydiving above his property that day (MAG 21).
7th June
Robert Kelly is reported missing by his mother, after "the sky ate him" (MAG 21).
24th July
Isaac Masters and Alice "Daisy" Tonner stop a Breekon & Hope delivery van. Upon being shown the interior of the van by "Tom," Breekon, and Hope, Masters opens the coffin being transported and disappears down the staircase inside. Tonner is injured and made to sign a Section 31 (MAG 61).
1st November
Phillip Brown and Peter Gordo encounter an unnatural darkness inside the cell of Robert Montauk inHMP Wakefield including another growling figure in the darkness (MAG 52). Montauk is found dead in HMP Wakefield. He was stabbed 47 times in the chest and the light bulb in his cell was blown out (MAG 9)


Fiona Law, a research assistant at the Magnus Institute, supposedly passes away from complications following a liver transplant (MAG 29). This is contradicted by information revealed by Jonathan Sims. (MAG 167).
3rd June
Joseph Russo gives a statement in regards to a first edition copy of The Tale of a Field Hospital (suspected to have been compiled by Jurgen Leitner), which he gives to the Magnus Institute (MAG 68).
5th June
Joseph Russo is found dead in his apartment, due to infection of a paper cut on his finger (MAG 68).
Paul McKenzie is visited at night by a presence that attempts to gain access to his bedroom every night for over a month (MAG 27).
1st August
Phillip Doah falls beneath a train at Birmingham New Street Station, after finding the book that would later detail his demise (MAG 70). N.B. this is also placed as occurring in February in the same statement.
Masato Murray is left a book by Doah. The book contains a series of stories of gruesome deaths, ending in his own, changing every time it is read (MAG 70).
Paul McKenzie dies of a stroke (MAG 27).
4th November
Enrique MacMillan gives a statement of his account of finding a presumed Leitner book. Afterwards, he attempts to claw under the floorboards of the Head Archivist's office at the Institute (MAG 88).
John Haan lets the staff of his takeaway go and replaces them with his nephew Tom Haan (MAG 72).
Circa 2003
Neil Lagorio supposedly begins suffering from Parkinson's (MAG 110).


Gertrude Robinson checks out the statement of Second Lieutenant Charles Fleming at the Pu Songling Research Centre, Beijing (MAG 105).
Deborah Mandaki begins attending a sculpting class alongside "Gabriel" (MAG 126).
9th April
Phillip Brown gives his statement regarding his time working at HMP Wakefield (MAG 52)
John Haan’s takeaway in Walthamstow is closed down after he is arrested for murdering his wife, Lanying, and disposing of her body in the meat he sold (MAG 72).
5th July
Toby Carlisle begins a bimonthly series of hours-long hammering that causes his downstairs neighbour Christof Rudenko some distress (MAG 18).
Nikolai Denikin dies. In the aftermath, his granddaughter, Leanne, finds a bright red calliope organ in his attic, along with a collection of wooden dolls. She plays it to her boyfriend, Joshua Drury, who is found mangled, with his jaw removed, after they split up. The calliope organ is removed and later finds its way to the Magnus Institute's artefact storage (MAG 24).


Father Edwin Burroughs begins his work as exorcist for the Diocese of Oxford (MAG 19).

Christof Rudenko delivers a package to his upstairs neighbour, Toby Carlisle, learning his name (MAG 18).
Grant Walker loses his job at Deloitte and moves in with his brother Stephen (MAG 75).
Stephen and Grant Walker are locked out of their house. Stephen breaks his arm and Grant is forced to confront his fear of ladders. During this, they encounter Michael Crew, who watches them for a while (MAG 75).
Jessica McEwen is taken by the Anglerfish in Old Fishmarket Close (MAG 1).


Antonia Haley takes part in a salvage dive of the Maria Fairchild in the Graveyard of the Atlantic, near Sable Island, Nova Scotia, accompanied by Simon Fairchild. In the wreck, Hayley discovers a portal in the hull to a region of high-pressure water with a colossal hand on the other side (MAG 51).
22nd January
Adelard Dekker writes a letter to Gertrude Robinson warning her that a 15th power is emerging (MAG 134).
7th April
Amy Patel witnesses Graham Folger's replacement by Not-Graham. Folger has in his possession a large table with a web pattern upon it (MAG 3).
17th April
Sebastian Adekoya is found dead, allegedly from a hit-and-run, with a number of his bones twisted (MAG 17).
Sarah Baldwin is taken by the Anglerfish in Old Fishmarket Close (MAG 1).
Agnes Montague talks to Jude Perry who asks for Montague to do a job, then hands her a "collection" in an envelope when she refuses (MAG 67).
Stephen and Grant Walker encounter Michael Crew again at the top of Tour Montparnasse. Grant disappears along with Crew (MAG 75).
20th November
Eugene Vanderstock makes his statement to the Magnus Institute after being instructed by Arthur Nolan to do so. Vanderstock says he wants to kill Gertrude Robinson but that Nolan tells him not to harm her yet. However, Nolan's authority has been weakened and many in the Cult of the Lightless Flame are looking to Diego Molina for leadership (MAG 139).
23rd November
Ivo Lensik uproots a tree at a house on Hill Top Road, finding beneath it a small box containing an apple, which in turn contains spiders (MAG 8). Simultaneously, Father Edwin Burroughs finds himself saved from an intense heat at the same house by the the demonic entity within him (MAG 19). (Father Burrough's statement suggests these events took place in 2009 rather than 2006)
Agnes Montague meets with other members of the Cult of the Lightless Flame, including possibly Diego Molina and Arthur Nolan. She kisses her date, Jack Barnabas, giving him severe burns in the process (MAG 67). Montague tells the cultists that if she died a cold and quiet death the cultists would have another chance at performing their ritual soon. The cultists hang her (MAG 139). Later that night, she is found dead in her Sheffield flat with a severed human hand attached to her wrist, whose owner must have died at the same time as her (MAG 8).
Daniel Rawlings is taken by the Anglerfish in Old Fishmarket Close (MAG 1).


"The Key of Solomon, owned by MacGregor Mathers and Jurgen Leitner," is purchased on eBay by user grbookworm1818 (MAG 4). Later investigation by Jonathan Sims reveals this to be Gertrude Robinson (MAG 66).
Early 2007
The Daedalus satellite is launched by Stratosphere Group, a consortium of scientific and aerospace groups including Pinnacle Aerospace (majority owned by the Fairchild family), Nathaniel Lukas (of the Lukas Family) and Optics Solutions Ltd. (based in Ny-Ålesund) (MAG 57).
Late 2007
Carter Chilcott goes to the Daedalus alongside Jan Kilbride and Manuela Dominguez in the employ of Conrad Lukas. He eventually escapes his isolation experiment (and various paranormal phenomena) after his exit code fails by refusing to eat or drink until the experiment ends (MAG 57). Kilbride becomes traumatised by The Vast (MAG 106). Dominguez uses fake science to create a tiny dark sun, which she plans to use to bring about the ritual of the Dark (MAG 135).
Gregory Pryor, a private investigator, follows Hector Laredo on the orders of Laredo’s wife, Nicola. He discovers that Laredo is involved in drug smuggling with the Ukrainian mafia and upon Laredo’s loss of a shipment, tails him to a butcher’s in Stockwell. There, Laredo is butchered and disposed of down a tooth-lined chute in the floor by a “man” called Jared, while Pryor hides in a locker. When Pryor attempts to escape, Jared removes the bones from his left arm. When police investigate the site, they find the body of Harry Gough, the owner of the property buried beneath the floor (MAG 49).
14th April
Ivo Lensik gives his statement (MAG 8). The statement is later destroyed by Martin (MAG 118).
2nd September
Gertrude Robinson, helped by her assistant Michael Shelley, begin to identify North America as the focal point for the ritual of the Buried. She also wishes to confirm the status of Jan Kilbride once he returns from the Daedalus satellite (MAG 99). N.B. At some time between this and October 2011, Gertrude leads Shelley to the non-existent island of Sannikov Land in order to disrupt a great ritual of the Spiral. The ritual fails but an aspect of the Distortion is bound to Shelley, forming 'Michael'. (MAG 101)
22nd October
Christof Rudenko confronts his upstairs neighbour, Toby Carlisle, over smells emerging from his flat. A hazmat team is called out when it is revealed that the flat is full of decaying meat (MAG 18).


Eugene Vanderstock moves to a flat in Ilford (MAG 145).
Arthur Nolan begins tormenting an old woman who is his tenant (MAG 145).
Oliver Banks, or "Antonio Blake," begins having prophetic dreams after suffering from a breakdown (MAG 11, MAG 121).
Jackson Ellis moves to Bucoda, Washington. There, he is disconcerted by the presence of a strange pit that the other residents seem to ignore. He also notices an older woman and a young man hanging around the pit. He moves away after witnessing a woman being killed by the pit, as well as an earthquake ruining the town. Shortly before leaving, he encounters an old woman and a young man with blue eyes examining the pit (MAG 97).
Jan Kilbride makes his statement (MAG 106).
Ashley Dobson is taken by the Anglerfish in Old Fishmarket Close (MAG 1).
Gertrude Robinson incapacitates and dismembers Jan Kilbride, casting his Vast-touched body into the Bucoda pit to disrupt the Buried's ritual (MAG 129).
Megan Shaw is taken by the Anglerfish in Old Fishmarket Close (MAG 1).
3rd July
Mary Keay visits the Magnus Institute to make a statement, clarifying that her Leitner book is from “the End” and that soon she will uncover the last of its secrets. She gifts Gertrude Robinson a piece of human skin binding an unknown person in English (MAG 62). Later that year, she attempts to bind herself to the book, begging her son Gerard Keay to help her. He refuses and her skin is found hung up and written on in Sanskrit after her death. Gerard is later charged with her murder (MAG 4, MAG 111)
21st July
Gertrude Robinson summons Eric Delano using the page given to her by Mary Keay. He tells her how he was able to quit working for the Institute (MAG 154).
Pinhole Books, Mary Keay's shop, closes (MAG 4).
8th August
Alan Parfitt finds the person that left the strange rubbish bags outside 93 Lancaster Road, Leytonstone. Keiran Woodward follows him, finding only a small metal piece in the shape of a human heart with Parfitt's name engraved on it. Parfitt is never seen again (MAG 5).
The Haans attempt to perform the Last Feast but is stopped by Gertrude Robinson using explosives (MAG 130).
19th December
Gertrude Robinson takes the statement of Lucia Wright and gives her a number for a counseling service. (MAG 130).


Breekon & Hope goes into liquidation (MAG 2).
Gerard Keay is acquitted of his mother’s murder, after evidence is found inadmissible (MAG 4, MAG 48).
Earliest mention of Martin Blackwood working at the Magnus Institute (MAG 72).
Lee Kipple attends a performance by the band Grifter's Bone, causing him to black out, and wakes up wandering Kilburn covered in wounds from a boxcutter. Afterwards, he takes to wearing earplugs and growing his hair to hide the fact that his ears are constantly bleeding (MAG 42).
Father Edwin Burroughs is found eating the flesh of two murdered students, Christopher Bilham and James Mann, in the house of Bethany O'Connor on Bullingdon Road. According to his later testimony, only a day or so had passed since his visit to Hill Top Road in 2006. He later pleads guilty to murder and serves two life sentences at HMP Wakefield (MAG 20).
Trevor Herbert notices a 40 year old woman repeatedly taking the place of several others at homeless shelters. He confronts her and she attempts to mentally compel him to leave. He is able to fight off the compulsion, which he credits to his experience with vampires. After a struggle, Herbert cuts her and she splits apart into spiders (MAG 56).
4th January
Adelard Dekker sends a letter to Gertrude Robinson regarding an incident in the ruins of the Bright Lake amusement park (MAG 156).
Ca 19th January -
According to Gertrude Robinson, Eugene Vanderstock is killed around this date (MAG 145).
2nd February
Gertrude Robinson records a statement from Arthur Nolan. Gertrude warns him that he and his cult should not attack her or Jack Barnabas (MAG 145).
Mid February
Jason North finds a ritual site near Loch Glass in the Highlands of Scotland. This ritual site contains many burn marks, as well as photographs of Gertrude Robinson. North finds himself cursed and everything he loves and owns begins to set alight, from his car, to his house, to his wife (MAG 37).
April 22nd
A woman calling herself Anya Villette makes a statement saying she cleaned the house on Hill Top Road on April the 23rd 2009, before entering the basement and exiting into an unfamiliar world, apparently two weeks before. No records of her exist (MAG 114).
A track of a voice reading numbers appears on Gary Boylan's iPod (MAG 144).
10th August
Jason North sets himself alight with petrol, being admitted to Raigmore Hospital, where he dies three days later (MAG 37).
16th August
During a performance of "As You Like it" at Duke's Theatre in Covent Garden, actor Adonis Biros notices a masked, cloaked figure in the audience (MAG 108).
17th August
While wandering London Adonis Biros finds it deserted except for several masked, cloaked figures. When hitting one of the figures it turns out to be empty, except for a stick holding it up (MAG 108).
19th August
While performing a play Adonis Biros gradually sees the whole audience replaced by masked, cloaked figures (MAG 108).
Andrea Nunis is warned by Gerard Keay to keep her mother’s face in mind while travelling the streets of Genoa, as she is “marked”. She gets lost and finds herself trapped in a “crowd with no people” and eventually emerges thanks to Keay’s advice (MAG 48).
27th September
“Craig Goodall” breaks into John Haan’s abandoned takeaway, “Waltham Express Grill”, is captured by a Chinese man (presumably one of the Haans) and loses three fingers before being rescued by Leroy Yates, a friend who he had told where he was going. He finds that once he is rescued, his fingers have returned, though the ring on them has not. The takeaway burns down in the pair’s struggle to escape (MAG 72).
3rd October
Gary Boylan gives his statement (MAG 144).
5th October
Deborah Mandaki has her final, maddening lesson with "Gabriel", who soon departs to the non-existent Sannikov Land (MAG 126).
Father Edwin Burroughs unsuccessfully attempts to exorcise Bethany O'Connor. She dies in the process and Burroughs is "marked" by the entity that possessed her (MAG 19).
Late 2009
Eugene Vanderstock goes missing (MAG 145).


Howard Ewing is held by a member of the British Transport Police after seeing a fiery apparition of a train while cleaning Moorgate station, alongside Kelly Dwyer and Vihan Prassad. A week later, his father dies and is cremated (MAG 107).
Nathan Watts is tempted by the Anglerfish (MAG 1).
John Fellows is taken by the Anglerfish in Old Fishmarket Close (MAG 1).
Dr. Neil Thompson sells an antique syringe, allegedly belonging to John Snow, to Mikaele Salesa (MAG 45).
30th May
After a lab accident, Dr. Neil Thompson is drained of blood by a swarm of mosquitoes at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (MAG 45).
10th July
Trevor Herbert gives a statement of his career as a vampire hunter to the Magnus Institute, before allegedly passing away from cancer (MAG 10, MAG 56). In fact, he survives, drawing strength from the killing of monsters (MAG 109).
Julia Montauk takes a job as a security guard at an office block in Manchester occupied by DKN Systems, a front for the People's Church of the Divine Host. She meets Trevor Herbert as he investigates the company as they perform a ritual involving darkness and they begin to hunt together (MAG 109).
Sean Kelly disappears from the port of Felixstowe (MAG 33).
Late November
Lawrence Mortimer travels to America to meet an "internet friend", Arden Neily, to go hunting in the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Over the next few days, they are hunted by an individual with the manner of an apex predator. Arden is killed by the predator, whereas Lawrence is able to flee (MAG 31).
Carlita Sloane is forced to take a job on the Tundra in order to leave Porto do Itaqui. While on the ship, she discovers that the cargo containers are empty and is huddled into a lifeboat late one night. The only member of the crew that is not woken, Sean Kelly, is never seen again (MAG 33).
Winter 2010
Darren Harlow, a cleaner at the University of Surrey, witnesses a psychology experiment conducted by Dr Elizabeth Bates go wrong, where a phobia of spiders is to be transmitted to a woman, Annabelle Cane. The arachnophobia “projectors” are entranced by Annabelle and Harlow finds himself being forced to throttle himself. In a struggle involving Annabelle and Mark Voight, one of the researchers, her head is caved in, revealing a mess of blood, bone, and cobweb. Over the following years, the “projectors” go missing (MAG 69).
1st December
Arden Neeli's body is found (MAG 31).


Jonathan Sims begins working at the Magnus Institute. (MAG 1)
Sunil Maraj quits his job at a shopping centre in Stratford after his co-worker Samson Stiller is absorbed by the surveillance system (MAG 148).
Floyd Matharu begins working for Mikaele Salesa aboard the Dorian (MAG 141).
A couple of years after the exorcism of Bethany O'Conner, Annie Willett asks Father Burroughs to have a look at the house on Hill Top Road (MAG 19).
Allison Killala becomes the carer of Neil Lagorio (MAG 110 and MAG 136).
Alice "Daisy" Tonner kills Calvin Benchley, a childhood friend who became influenced by a bloody and violent figure (likely associated with the Slaughter) to become a serial assaulter and murderer (MAG 82).
Early 2011
Lee Rentoul puts a curse on Paul Noriega after unwillingly spending 5 years in prison for him, which he accomplishes with the help of a old woman named Angela from Bexley. After Rentoul kills Noriega (at a meeting with Mikaele Salesa), the curse passes to him, causing him to progressively lose parts of his body (MAG 14).
9th February
Thomas Neill gives his statement (MAG 45)
Sean Kelly's body washes up on the coast of Morocco, with the coroner placing it as having spent no more than 5 days in the water (MAG 33).
29th May
Lee Rentoul approaches the Magnus Institute for help. He later disappears (MAG 14).
Summer 2011
Jordan Kennedy, an exterminator, is called out to a house that has an ant infestation. After clearing the bottom floor and identifying a yellowed fridge as the source of the issue, Kennedy is confronted by John Amherst, who threatens him before lifting him bodily. Kennedy uses a lighter to set Amherst on fire and leaves quickly after, after smelling a distinct and unpleasant smell (MAG 55).

19th July
Bertrand Miller dies in Ivy Meadows Care Home (MAG 36).
Late July
Ivy Meadows Care Home closes down. Most of the workforce is undocumented and many of the surviving occupants go missing (MAG 36).
Nicole and Josh Baxter, morticians at Baxter and Gordon Funeral Directors, are called out to recover the corpse of Bertrand Miller from John Amherst, the "new Director" of Ivy Meadows Care Home. The corpse is found covered in strange, weeping, yellow rashes (MAG 36).
Diego Molina is arrested at the scene of an arson near Clapham by PC Basira Hussain and PC John Spencer. When cuffing Molina, Hussain is burned by the metal of the cuffs. Spencer is later found scalded to death in a bathtub, after trying to burn the (suspected Leitner) book Molina had on him at the time of the arson. This is the first occasion PC Hussain has to sign a Section 31 form (MAG 43).
4th September
Nicole Baxter returns to Ivy Meadows Care Home and finds the entire population of the care home infected. Two unknown individuals (an old Mancunian man and a young woman with a scar on her face) confront her, convince her to flee and set the building alight (MAG 36).
7th November
Lisa Carmel hosts a meeting in Murder Club, a club for discussing true crime. The meeting is interrupted by a masked intruder. The members of the club kill the intruder. Over the next two weeks the members hunt and kill each other. The only survivor is Ananya Kaleka, who is arrested and dies in her cell a few months later (MAG 112).
23rd December
Gerard Keay and another unknown man (presumed to be Diego Molina, see MAG 43) are brought into St. Thomas Hospital in London for severe burns sustained near St. Mary's Church. Lesere Saraki witnesses Gerard kill the other man, before returning to his hospital bed (MAG 12).
27th December
Gerard Keay is released from St Thomas Hospital under the care of his mother, Mary Keay. (MAG 12).


Jonathan Sims investigates the haunting of several gems in Hackney that once belonged to "Simon Fairchild", a con artist killed in the 1930s (MAG 51).
Dexter Banks creates a remake of a film he half-remembered called 蜘蛛が食べている (kumo ga tabete iru, trans. Spiders Are Eating/The Spider is Eating), based off of a (suspected Leitner) book (MAG 110).
Julian Jennings and his mother meet Simon Fairchild at the Unterberg in Austria and are trapped on a cable car (MAG 124).

Before March 14
News break that Neil Lagorio is dead. Dexter Banks and almost a hundred actors are taken by a giant spider during the filming of Widow's Weave (MAG 110).
Andre Ramao, having bought a Chinese urn from Mikaele Salesa, begins inexplicably losing items, with no record of them ever having existed. He becomes progressively more obsessed with the urn, until he falls asleep in front of it, when all the items are returned. After fleeing pale, filthy hands pushing themselves out of the urn, Andre's husband disappears (MAG 38).
Shortly after 1st June
Annabelle Cane visits Neil Lagorio. This is the last day Alison Killala sees Neil alive. Alison begins watching the original cuts of Neil's movies (MAG 136).
Roughly 1st November
Alison Killala finishes watching the original cuts of Neil Lagorio's movies and sees Neil dead (MAG 136).
10th November
Dominic Swain purchases Ex Altiora (MAG 4).
11th November
Dominic Swain finds Mary Keay to explain its strange properties. Later, Gerard Keay purchases the book for £5000 and burns it (MAG 4).
19th November
Nicole Baxter gives her statement (MAG 36).
1st December
Alison Killala makes her statement and delivers the original cuts of the movies of Neil Lagorio to the Magnus Institute (MAG 136).
Circa 2012
Justin Gough has a vision during a near death experience in which he makes a deal to come back to life. He becomes a serial killer who kills victims in their dreams via the direct manifestation of carbon monoxide in their blood. Adelard Dekker follows him and scrambles his brain with a metal skewer (MAG 113).
Circa 2012
Gertrude Robinson destroys Mary Keay's pages and Gerard Keay joins her work "for a few years" before his eventual death in 2014. (MAG 111)


Alexander Scaplehorn, a tax specialist working for the Inland Revenue, is drawn to the basement of The Trophy Room, a taxidermy shop in Barnet, while examining the business' books. He finds a face within the darkness of the basement and when he tries to flee, is blocked by Daniel Rawlings, along with Breekon and Hope (MAG 54).
Tim Stoker's brother Danny Stoker takes up urban exploration with Abigail Ellison. He eventually breaks in to Covent Garden Theatre in the basement beneath the Royal Opera House. Tim follows him as he returns, only to find a marble copy of the Theatre Royal, an apparition of Joseph Grimaldi, and a strange dancer wearing his brother's skin (MAG 104).
Kulbir Shakya investigates a law firm offering to consolidate his debts and is plagued by a supernatural downpour and isolation until he attempts to drown himself (MAG 129).
A shriveled corpse is found washed up on Redondo Beach (MAG 110).
3rd July
Ross Davenport goes to his gym in Aberdeen, run by Jared Hopworth, only to be confronted by a mutilated creature with many arms using the equipment. He flees and warns Marie Balandin of strange events (MAG 90).
12th July
David Laylow and Thomas Haan leave their posts at a meat processing plant in Dalston. Later, David Laylow claims to have been trapped in a strange dream-like version of the slaughterhouse, while Tom Haan disappears altogether (MAG 30).
14th August
Adelard Dekker investigates an outbreak of disease in Germany. Finding that John Amherst is responsible, Dekker incapacitates him by trapping him in concrete but is himself infected in the process. He writes a message to Gertrude saying he intends to kill himself (MAG 157).
23rd August
A police report is filed naming Marie Balandin as a person of interest in a series of animal mutilations (MAG 90).
Late September
Jennifer Ling confronts Lee Kipple about his reaction to mention of the band Grifter's Bone and discovers what happened to him (MAG 42).
4th October
Gertrude Robinson submits to tape the statement of Abraham Janssen regarding a previous attempt at the Unknowing. She speculates about means of stopping the upcoming Unknowing (MAG 116).
16th Oct
Chloe Ashburt and Lana Billings close up Fanton's department store in Hammersmith. The mannequin that Ashburt had a strange feeling about kills and skins Billings, before the police arrive and find Ashburt traumatised but unharmed (MAG 83).
Late October
Jennifer Ling follows the suggestion of an online comment and wanders around Soho looking for a performance by Grifter's Bone. Upon finding it, she sets her phone to record it and leaves. Upon her return, all 11 members of the audience are dead, with many of them matching descriptions to those killed in violent circumstances in London the preceding month. She is unable to play the recording. N.B. Jennifer Ling's statement implies that this occurs in October but states it happened in November (MAG 42).
Mid November
Jennifer Ling assaults her neighbour Agatha Norrel with a claw hammer, before turning it upon herself. Neither of the women survive. It is suspected that she manages to decode the recording she previously made of Grifter's Bone before the attack (MAG 42).
Around 2013
Jess Tyrell works the sewer beneath Kentish Town. The tunnel collapses, trapping her. She feels a hand from below grabbing her leg (MAG 142).


Jurgen Leitner is almost beaten to death by Gerard Keay (MAG 80).
The crew of the Dorian retrieves a camera from an island in the Maldives then sail to Southampton. That night there is explosion in the port. Captain Gaultier returns to the ship, injured. He says he and Mikaele Salesa had left to deliver the artefact but they had been betrayed and that Salesa was dead. The captain dies from his injuries. Floyd Matharu stops working for the Dorian (MAG 141).
Gertrude Robinson visits the Pu Songling Research Centre, Beijing. She requests they forward two statements to her in West Pullman, Chicago (MAG 105 and MAG 107).
A second shriveled corpse is found washed up on Redondo Beach (MAG 110).
23rd February
Jane Prentiss makes a statement to the Magnus Institute. Following this, she is found in her attic, having buried her arm in what looks to be a wasp's nest found in her flat on Prospero Road, in Archway. She is taken to hospital and begins showing signs of "infestation". She murders six hospital staff as she escapes and one nurse breaks his neck while trying to flee (MAG 32). Jordan Kennedy is called in and tries (and fails) destroy the nest on behalf of the landlord, Arthur Nolan. Nolan is forced to set himself alight using a match and a strange flame-shaped scar pattern on his stomach to deal with the issue. Once the nest catches, Kennedy again detects the unpleasant smell he last encountered when confronting John Amherst (MAG 55).
Dylan Anderson acquires a "monster pig" on his farm near the Marlborough Forest in New Zealand, who begins to eat the other pigs in his pen, before moving on to Angus Dale, a worker from the Carly Brothers Circus (MAG 103).
26th March
Erin Gallagher-Nelson and Luke Nelson explore the ruins of St. James' Church beneath St. Paul's. They are followed by shadow-creatures until their lights are extinguished and Luke is beheaded (MAG 63).
2nd June
Gertrude Robinson and Gerard Keay go with François Deschamps to the house of Benoît Maçon in Paris, where they discover Maçon's lover, a large mass of crawling insects (MAG 102).
14-15th June
Laura Popham and her sister, Alena Sanderson, get lost caving in Lost Johns' Cave in Lancashire. Laura is eventually found but Alena is nowhere to be seen (MAG 15).
14th July
Manuela Dominguez makes her statement to the Magnus Institute saying the Dark will soon attempt its ritual. She urges Gertrude Robinson and the head of the institute to join the Dark before that happens (MAG 135).
18th July
PC Alice Tonner and PC Basira Hussain are called to the scene of a suicide attempt in Kensington. The victim, despite multiple gunshot wounds to the head, survives long enough to be taken to hospital (MAG 43).
Lorell St. John begins to perceive other people around her as philosophical "zombies" (MAG 122).
Sebastian Skinner is called in to sort out drainage problems at a workplace in a remote area of the Gwydir Forest and is greeted by Megan (presumably Megan Shaw, MAG 1). Upon a second visit, Megan is accompanied by Jude Perry and Skinner realises the horrors being done at the workplace in the name of "I-do-not-know-you". He is burned by Perry as he tries to escape and disappears shortly afterwards (MAG 87).
9th October
Gertrude Robinson commits to tape the statement of Wallis Turner. She considers using Gerard Keay to stop the Unknowing (MAG 137).
18th November
Harriet Lee is attacked in an alleyway by Jane Prentiss (MAG 6).
20th November
Timothy Hodge meets and has sex with Harriet Lee, before she explodes into worms (MAG 6).
Late 2014
Gerard Keay passes away from a brain tumour (MAG 12). This takes place in UPMC Presbyterian Emergency Department, Pittsburgh, while travelling with Gertrude Robinson (MAG 107). (N.B. MAG 12, which may take place in either late 2015 or early 2016 (as the next episode is recorded in early January 2016) states that this took place "late last year". However, the fact that Gerard died before Gertrude indicates that this must be referring to 2014.)
Gertrude Robinson breaks into the morgue and mutilates Gerard's body in the process of binding him to the Catalogue of the Trapped Dead (MAG 111). She is arrested but ultimately let go (MAG 107).
9th December
Timothy Hodge gives his statement, going missing shortly afterward (MAG 6).
21st December
"Antonio Blake" has a dream predicting the death of his father (MAG 11).
31st December
"Antonio Blake's" father dies of a heart attack, despite his attempts to prevent it (MAG 11).


Justin Gough was a resident at an East London Care facility but disappears from their records this year. Several of the staff dies from carbon monoxide poisoning at roughly the same time (MAG 113).
Donna Gwynne is part of an archaeological team lead by “Stavo” that works on a dig in the eastern Egyptian desert. Inside a 4th Dynasty tomb, the team finds a moving mummified corpse that appears to have been conscious for 4500 years. Gwynne speculates that the ancient Egyptians, who considered death the most important event of a person’s life, would not have been kind to a person who could not die (MAG 64). N.B. the statement is undated but it occurs during the three years prior to her statement made on the 20th May 2015.
Early 2015
Carlos Vittery begins to be haunted by the spider he killed in 1991. Eventually, some time after the 9th of April, he is found dead, with "foreign organic matter" in his throat, encased in web (MAG 16).
Melanie King witnesses Sarah Baldwin conversing with a strange figure while filming for Ghost Hunt UK, a paranormal YouTube channel, at the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot (MAG 28).
1st February
Gregory Cox is contacted by a client in Guildford for a freelance web development position. Despite the client's strange requests, Cox takes the position (MAG 123).
A third shriveled corpse is found washed up on Redondo Beach (MAG 110).
Mark Bilham goes to Hither Green Dissenter's Chapel in search of Natalie Ennis after a confrontation between her and Katherine Harper (his girlfriend, her past housemate) (MAG 25).
11th March
Natalie Ennis is reported missing (MAG 25).
Night of 12th/13th March
"Antonio Blake" has a dream predicting the death of Gertrude Robinson (MAG 11).
13th March
The Dark's ritual begins. It is supposed to last until the 20th March during the solar eclipse in Ny-Ålesund (MAG 143).
14th March
"Antonio Blake" makes his statement, warning Gertrude Robinson about his dream predicting her death (MAG 11).
15th March
Elias Bouchard finds Gertrude Robinson’s desk deserted but covered in blood matched to Gertrude’s. There is more present than a human could lose and survive, so she is reported missing. Some time later Jonathan Sims is promoted to Head Archivist of The Magnus Institute (MAG 40).
16th March
The Dark's ritual begins to come undone due to the collapse of the ritual at the Hither Green Dissenter's Chapel (MAG 143).
20th March
A full solar eclipse is visible from Ny-Ålesund (MAG 108 and real life). The ritual of the Dark ends in failure (MAG 143). Elias Bouchard shoots Gertrude Robinson three times, apparently killing her (MAG 158).
22nd March
Evan Lukas dies from congenital heart failure (MAG 13).
30th March
Naomi Herne attends the funeral of Evan Lukas, before crashing her car while returning home. She wanders across a haunting dreamscape of graveyards and crypts, before being assisted by the voice of Evan on the wind, and being hit by a passing car in the early hours of the morning (MAG 13).
4th April
Gertrude Robinson commits the statement of Sebastian Skinner to tape. She says she had hoped to have more time to recover and that she can still barely stand, as well as that the plans of the Desolation have recently gone up in flames (MAG 87).
15th May
According to her official file, this is the day Gertrude Robinson died. In addition, police respond to reports of screaming from Hither Green Dissenter's Chapel (MAG 25).
8th June
Lydia Halligan gives a disjointed report of her insomnia to the Magnus Institute detailing her contact with 'Michael'. She dies of a heart attack within a month (MAG 74).
1 August
Angie Santos gives her statement regarding Gregory Cox, Annabelle Cane, and the Chelicerae web forum. (MAG 123)


The apparent ghost of a burning woman shows up for several nights inside the flat of Lynne Hammond in Clapton (MAG 100).
Helen Richardson, an estate agent in Wimbledon, finds a door that shouldn't exist while showing a house to Michael. After passing through it, she finds herself trapped in a labyrinthine dimension of corridors, mirrors and paintings, along with a thin creature with sharp hands. She escapes and finds three days have passed. (MAG 47)
There is a suspected sighting of Angus Dale, a missing person since the appearance of the "monster pig" on Dylan Anderson's farm (MAG 103).
13 January
Naomi Herne gives her statement regarding the death of her fiancé Evan Lukas. When Jonathan Sims suggests she seek psychiatric care, she becomes angry and storms out of the Institute. (MAG 13)
A fourth shrivelled corpse is found washed up on Redondo Beach. It is Chadwick Frazier, an actor that was in Widow's Weave (MAG 110).
29th February
Martin Blackwood goes to Carlos Vittery's former building in Archway to follow up his statement. He returns to the building later that evening and enters through an open basement window. In the basement, he discovers Jane Prentiss, who attacks him. He flees back to his flat in Stockwell, where Prentiss traps him for approximately 13 days.
12th March
Martin Blackwood gives his statement in regards to and on the final day of the trapping in his apartment by Jane Prentiss (MAG 22).
31st March
Sasha James sees a distorted figure through the glass of a window. She later meets the man, who claims to be named Michael, and who offers to help save Jonathan's life.
1st April
Michael meets with Sasha James at Hamwell Cemetery. Michael leads James to an abandoned building containing what was once Timothy Hodge and saves her from the worms infesting Hodge's body. James kills Hodge with a fire extinguisher, revealing a method of defense against the worms (MAG 26).
2nd April
Sasha James gives her statement (MAG 26).
17th April
Melanie King gives her first statement to the Magnus Institute and investigates the memoirs of William Hay (MAG 28, MAG 76).
A hypnotic table with a piece missing, previously seen by Ronald Sinclair in the house of Raymond Fielding on Hill Top Road (MAG 59) and by Amy Patel in the living room of Graham Folger (MAG 3), is delivered along with a spiderweb-patterned lighter to the Magnus Institute by two deliverymen, Breekon and Hope (MAG 36).
12th July
Dr. Lionel Elliott gives a statement in regard to a series of events that took place during his class introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology at Kings College, London (MAG 34).
29th July
Jonathan Sims, while trying to kill a spider, puts a hole in the drywall of the Archives. In pour the worms that had been laying siege to the Archives since March (MAG 39). Elias Bouchard is able to activate the CO2 fire suppression system, killing the worms and Jane Prentiss. While fleeing, Sasha James escapes into the institute's artefact storage, where she is replaced by Not-Sasha. Two cassettes holding case recordings go missing - notably, they are the two cassettes that previously held a recording of Sasha (MAG 24, MAG 26). In the aftermath, Martin Blackwood finds the corpse of Gertrude Robinson in the catacombs beneath the Institute, dead of gunshot wounds to the chest (MAG 40). Jordan Kennedy later assists in the burning of Prentiss's body (MAG 55).
Jonathan Sims ventures into the catacombs beneath the Archives, locating a strange, closed "doorway" that had apparently been constructed by the worms a month earlier. He is told to leave by a voice from the darkness and quickly does so. He also begins to record secondary statements for his successor, detailing his investigation into Gertrude Robinson's death (MAG 41).
2nd September
Jonathan Sims records his statement in regard to his exploration of the tunnels recently discovered below the Archives (MAG 41)
19th September
Basira Hussain gives her statement to the Magnus Archives and secretly agrees to pass Gertrude Robinson's tapes to Jonathan Sims from the Metropolitan Police evidence room (MAG 43).
Tessa Winters opens an .exe file titled “Ushanka's Despair”, expecting a chatbot. Instead, a 17 hour video of a Russian man eating his computer pursues her, appearing on any screen she watches until she watches it in its entirety (MAG 65).
2nd October
Helen Richardson goes to the Magnus Institute to make a statement about her encounter with Michael and his twisting corridor. Afterwards, she leaves through a door that does not exist and is claimed by Michael, who appears to Jonathan Sims and stabs him, to no lasting damage (MAG 47).
Melanie King breaks into the C.F. Booth scrapyard in Rotherham. She locates the carriage of the 11th Army Hospital Train, soaked in blood, and is attacked by a figure wielding a scalpel (MAG 63, MAG 76).
1st December
Detective Alice "Daisy" Tonner delivers a tape to Jonathan Sims, confronting him about her and Basira Hussain's suspicions regarding the murder of Gertrude Robinson. She also gives a statement that confirms that vampires exist and are taken care of by the police when they are brought in (MAG 61).
17th December
Nicholas Leckman enters the London Underground at Moorgate following an argument with his son and never emerges (MAG 71).


7th January
Tessa Winters gives a statement in regards to a strange computer program she downloaded from the deep web three months ago. Jonathan Sims asks her to unlock a laptop of Gertrude Robinson’s found hidden in the Archives. She manages to do so but a row erupts between Sims and Tim Stoker over his obsessive behaviour (MAG 65).
6th of January
Karolina Górka is trapped on the Tube on the way home from King’s Cross, finding much of the train caved in. She finds a man, Nicholas Leckman, trapped in the wreckage (MAG 71).
A fifth shriveled corpse is found washed up on Redondo Beach (MAG 110).
11th February
P.C. Basira Hussain takes part in a raid on the People’s Church of the Divine Host, led by Maxwell Rayner and including Natalie Ennis, who are suspected of kidnapping a young boy named Callum Brodie. Several officers are killed in the unnatural darkness surrounding the cult but the boy is recovered. She then gives a statement to the Magnus Institute that same day, before leaving to retire from the force (MAG 73). 
13th February
Melanie King gives her second statement to the Magnus Institute in regards to her further research into war ghosts. She reveals that after completing her statement, she will board a flight to India to follow up further leads. While there, she is shown to be able to remember the real face of Sasha James and proceeds to have a loud argument with Jonathan Sims over the true appearance of Sasha. She leaves under the impression that Sims has been trying to gaslight her or play a trick. This is the first indication of the identity of Not-Sasha that Sims receives (MAG 76).
16th February
Jonathan Sims takes an axe to the web table in the Institute's Artefact Storage, setting free the "NotThem" that had been bound to it by Adelard Dekker. The creature, which had been posing as Sasha James, comes after him (MAG 78). Sims escapes with the help of Michael but is pursued into the tunnels beneath the Archives. Martin Blackwood and Tim Stoker also follow him but are tricked into Michael's labyrinthine dimension (MAG 79). Sims is eventually saved by Jurgen Leitner, who has been hiding in the tunnels beneath the Archives. After giving his statement, Leitner is murdered by Elias Bouchard. Shortly afterward, Blackwood and Stoker escape Michael's dimension and discover Leitner's body (MAG 80). 
17th February
Jonathan Sims stays with Georgie Barker while considering his next moves (MAG 81).
18th February
Alice "Daisy" Tonner begins her investigation into Sims, despite warnings from Elias Bouchard (MAG 82). 
Melanie King takes a job as an Archival Assistant at the Magnus Institute (MAG 84). Over the course of his investigation, Jonathan Sims reaches out to King in her new role and begins to piece together several clues linked to the Stranger sent to him on various tapes (MAG 83 and MAG 85). At some point, a circus passes by (MAG 87). (N.B. These events are undated.)
24th April
Jonathan Sims locates Jude Perry and takes her statement. Sims trades a handshake for the location of Michael Crew (MAG 89).
28th April
Jonathan Sims confronts Michael Crew and forces him to give a statement. Alice "Daisy" Tonner finally tracks Sims down and knocks out and kills Crew. She is only prevented from doing the same to Sims by the arrival of Basira Hussain, who convinces her to use Sims to get Elias Bouchard to confess to the murder of Gertrude Robinson (MAG 91). Sims, Hussain and Tonner confront Bouchard, a standoff which ends with Hussain under the employ of the Magnus Institute (MAG 92).
April 29th
Georgie Barker confronts Jonathan Sims regarding his increasingly strange behaviour (MAG 93). Barker gives her statement regarding a protest during her first year of university led by an autopsy cadaver. These events led to her losing the ability to feel fear (MAG 94).
Around May 6th
Robin Lennox encounters a stone circle in South Downs (MAG 100).
Unknown date
Jonathan Sims investigates the Newcastle branch of Breekon and Hope, finding the corpse of Alfred Breekon covered in bite marks (MAG 96).
Alice "Daisy" Tonner and Jonathan Sims 'arrest' Sarah Baldwin at The Trophy Room in Barnet. Baldwin reveals that a crucial piece of taxidermy was stolen by Gertrude Robinson, before escaping (MAG 96).
Nikola Orsinov visits Jonathan Sims and demands he find the ancient piece of taxidermy stolen by Gertrude Robinson (MAG 97).
Melanie King fails to murder Elias Bouchard. Instead, she agrees to assist Martin Blackwood in recording statements (MAG 98).
Breekon & Hope kidnap Jonathan Sims under the orders of Nikola Orsinov (MAG 99).
May 26th
Brian Finlinson visits the Magnus Institute to give a statement about spiders. He meets Peter Lukas who asks him for directions to the office of Elias Bouchard before casting him into the Lonely (MAG 100).
Unknown date
Michael gives a statement to Jonathan Sims while the latter is a captive of the Circus of the Other. Michael intends to kill Sims once the statement is given but is instead replaced by Helen Richardson, who uses a doorway to rescue him (MAG 101). N.B. The duration of his kidnapping is roughly one month (MAG 102).
Jonathan Sims returns to the Magnus Institute. He prevents Melanie King from killing Elias Bouchard with a knife and shows an increased ability for intuition following prompting from Bouchard (MAG 102).
Jonathan Sims uses his powers to blackmail Kurt Anderson into giving him papers left with his brother Dylan Anderson from Gertrude Robinson (MAG 103).
Jonathan Sims asks Alice "Daisy" Tonner to look after his assistants when he leaves the country following leads. He also discusses what moves Section 31 officers would make against Elias if he was a threat (MAG 103).
June 14th
Timothy Stoker tells Martin Blackwood about the death of his brother, Danny Stoker. (MAG 104).
Unknown date
Jonathan Sims visits the Pu Songling (蒲松齡) Research Centre in Beijing looking for statements checked out by Gertrude Robinson and gets referred to an address in America (MAG 105).
Elias Bouchard exerts his powers on Melanie King to grant her the knowledge of how her father truly died in the Ivy Meadows Care Home (MAG 36). He threatens to make her "see" it if she doesn't do as she is instructed (MAG 106).
Jonathan Sims travels across America following the trail of Gertrude Robinson and Gerard Keay, intending to continue his search at the Usher Foundation in Washington, D.C, gradually becoming sicker as he goes longer without taking a statement.
29th June
Jonathan Sims is kidnapped before arriving at the Usher Foundation by Julia Montauk and Trevor Herbert and threatened by a police officer called Max Mustermann (MAG 107). They take custody of Mustermann and interrogate him for information (MAG 109).
While Jonathan Sims is in America, Peter Lukas visits the Magnus Institute and speaks with Martin Blackwood (MAG 108).
30th June
Jonathan Sims interrogates the remains of Gerard Keay bound in a book and gets information on Gertrude's plans to stop the Unknowing (MAG 111).
2nd August
Jonathan Sims, Basira Hussain, Melanie King, Martin Blackwood, and Tim Stoker record their statements ahead of the mission to the House of Wax to disrupt the ritual of the Unknowing (MAG 117).
6th August
Jonathan Sims, Basira Hussain, Alice "Daisy" Tonner, and Tim Stoker infiltrate the House of Wax in Great Yarmouth and plant a large amount of plastic explosives. Nikola Orsinov completes the ritual of The Unknowing (MAG 118)
7th August
As reality rewrites itself, Tonner fights Breekon & Hope and is pulled into a coffin after killing Hope. Sims, unsure of what is real, is tormented by Orsinov disguised as both Gertrude Robinson and Jurgen Leitner, before he compels Stoker to be aware of the detonator that he is holding. Stoker detonates the explosives, killing himself and Orsinov in the process. Breekon and Hussain manage to escape, while Sims falls into an unliving coma (MAG 119).
9th August
Elias Bouchard visits the comatose body of Jonathan Sims, who dreams of those whose statements he has taken. He is arrested for the murder of Gertrude Robinson and Peter Lukas takes over day-to-day management of the Institute (MAG 120).
Martin Blackwood's mother dies. (MAG 127)
Jared Hopworth and his companions launch an attack on the Magnus Institute and its staff (MAG 123 and MAG 131).


15th February
Oliver Banks visits Jonathan Sims' body in the hospital, telling him to "make a choice". He is told to leave by Georgie Barker and Sims begins to breathe again (MAG 121). Sims wakes up while Barker and Hussain are talking. Hussain catches him up on what's happened since the Unknowing (MAG 122).
Unknown Date
Jonathan Sims confronts Martin Blackwood (MAG 124).
Sims and Basira Hussain remove a bullet from Melanie King's leg, destroying the Slaughter's influence over her (MAG 125).
Blackwood and Peter Lukas discuss their plans going forward (MAG 126).
Hussain and Elias Bouchard discuss the defence of the Archives (MAG 127).
3rd March
The entity known as "Breekon" delivers the coffin containing Alice "Daisy" Tonner (MAG 128).
Unknown Date
Jonathan Sims finds a tape recorded by Gertrude Robinson covered in cobwebs and decides to rescue Alice "Daisy" Tonner (MAG 130).
20th March
Helen gives Jonathan Sims access to Jared Hopworth, who is trapped in the Distortion's corridors after a failed attack on the Magnus Archives. Hopworth removes two of John's ribs, one for himself and one for Sims to use as an "anchor" (MAG 131).
24th March
Jonathan Sims journeys into the coffin to rescue Alice "Daisy" Tonner (MAG 132).
27th March
Jonathan Sims and Alice "Daisy" Tonner return from the coffin (MAG 132 and MAG 133).
Unknown Date
Elias Bouchard warns Basira Hussain that the Dark will soon attempt their ritual (MAG 135).
Alice "Daisy" Tonner breaks into the office of Elias Bouchard. She finds and signs an employment contract (MAG 136).
Jonathan Sims tries to use his powers to know what Peter Lukas and Martin Blackwood are planning (MAG 139).
Circa 29th May
Jess Tyrell sees Jonathan Sims staring at her while she is in a coffee shop for a date. He compels her to tell him about her encounter with the Buried (MAG 142).
11th June
Jonathan Sims and Basira Hussain are aboard a ship headed for Ny-Ålesund. Sims records a statement from Floyd Matharu (MAG 141).
12th June
Jess Tyrell visits the Magnus Institute to lodge a formal complaint after being harassed by an Institute employee (MAG 142).
16th June
Jonathan Sims and Basira Hussain meet Manuela Dominguez in Ny-Ålesund. She tells them the ritual of the Dark has already been stopped. Sims destroys the Dark Sun by beholding it. Dominguez is captured by Helen, who then offers Sims and Hussain a way home (MAG 143).
20th July
Annabelle Cane's statement is found by Jonathan Sims, Basira Hussain, Melanie King and Alice "Daisy" Tonner when they go on an expedition to the house on Hill Top Road. Cane warns Sims not to come back to Hill Top Road again (MAG 147).
14th August
Simon Fairchild visits the Archives to explains things to Martin Blackwood (MAG 151).
Unknown Date
Trevor Herbert and Julia Montauk visit the Archives to get back the page that Jonathan Sims stole from them. After learning Sims burned the page, they decide to kill him. He is rescued by Alice "Daisy" Tonner (MAG 153).
Jonathan Sims suggests to Martin Blackwood that they gouge their eyes out in order to leave the Institute (MAG 154).
Melanie King blinds herself to sever the Eye's claim to her, escaping the Archives and moving in with Georgie Barker (MAG 155 and MAG 157).
25th September
Peter Lukas and Martin Blackwood use a map of the tunnels underneath the Magnus Institute to navigate to the Panopticon, where they discover the body of Jonah Magnus. Alice "Daisy" Tonner gives in to The Hunt in order to fend off Trevor Herbert and Julia Montauk, as well as the newly-released NotThem. Elias Bouchard reveals that Magnus is "occupying" his body. Lukas casts Blackwood into The Lonely. Jonathan Sims follows them by using The Eye to see their route. (MAG 158)
After following Blackwood and Lukas into The Lonely, Sims extracts a statement from Lukas, which Lukas ultimately fails to resist. Sims attempts to compel him further to learn what Jonah Magnus gains from their wager, the result of which being that Lukas ultimately dies. Blackwood seems to be taken by The Lonely before Sims compels Blackwood to See him, breaking him out of the trance. (MAG 159)
18th October
Jonathan Sims is tricked into completing a ritual and bringing about the apocalypse as all Entities are brought into the world. (MAG 160)