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Timothy Stoker is an archival assistant at The Magnus Institute, London. He helps Jonathan Sims with statement follow-ups by looking into the details of various cases.

Description Edit

Tim has worm scars from the events of MAG 39 which, unlike John, he manages to "pull off," and when compared to Martin, Basira called Tim "the hot one."[1]

History Edit

Tim has a First in Anthropology from Trinity College and previously worked five successful years climbing the ladder at a major publishing house.[2].

Tim had a little brother named Danny who he adored. To Tim, Danny was better than him in everything except for humor, but his charisma was so off the charts that he didn't need it. In 2013, Danny's urban exploration hobby led him to the Royal Opera House, a place designed by Robert Smirke, where he was presumably killed by an agent of the Stranger, the clown Joseph Grimaldi. Tim went in to find his brother and had to watch as the clown ripped the skin off something that looked like Danny.

After that, he started working at the Magnus Institute, looking for anything related to the circus or Robert Smirke. He'd hoped to find something about what happened, but at some point he stopped seriously looking and started getting comfortable.[3]

Jonathan Sims claims he has used Institute funds to woo filing clerks in the past.[4]

Season One Edit

Tim is a researcher for the Magnus Institute before the newly appointed Head Archivist Jonathan Sims pulled him as an archival assistant. He passively continued his search for circus related things while helping with statement follow ups. Tim uses a variety of ways to get information, such as impersonating and flirting.

Tim is out for lunch during Jane Prentiss' siege on the Institute and is absent when the others barricade themselves inside the safe room.[5] He comes back to the Archives unaware of the danger, and is rescued by Sasha James. He attempts to escape alongside Jonathan Sims and Martin Blackwood, but becomes separated from the latter in the tunnels under the Institute. He and Sims are both attacked by Prentiss, but are saved by the deployment of the CO2 system.[6]

Season Two Edit

The two of them are given leave following the attack[7] and takes Sims' subsequent paranoia the worst of the researchers. He, along with the others, confronts Sims over his increasingly erratic behaviour, but relations between Tim and Jonathan do not improve following the intervention.[8] This comes to a head in an argument during which Tim demands sympathy, having faced the same hardships as the rest of them, but Sims tells him that he is still unable to trust him. When Tim attempts to quit, he realises that he and the others are somehow being compelled to stay at the Archives.[9]

Before breaking the table binding Not-Sasha, John gave Tim and Martin the day off. The two opted to investigate instead, as Tim was suspicious of what John was going to do. They briefly spot Not-Sasha, then get trapped in Michael's corridors. They escape to see the corpse of Jurgen Leitner in John's office, and assume John killed him.[10][11]

Season Three Edit

Tim continues being bitter about his work life and being trapped there. Elias Bouchard confronts him about his "unauthorised absences." Turns out, Tim had run away to Malaysia to escape the Archives. Tim knows he can't quit and Elias won't fire him, so he figured 'hey, why not?' But eventually, like John's visit to America, he grew weak and sick and had to return. Tim asks Elias if he knows what's going on in the Archives and Elias, like the boring bureaucratic boss he's pretending to be, says it's best to not think about it and focus on work.[12]

Tim is present when Daisy, Basira, and John confront Elias about the murder of Gertrude Robinson in MAG 92. He's initially annoyed at John's continued paranoia, but is horrified once he learns the truth about Elias and the death of Sasha. Fed up with not being told anything and not having anyone on his side, Tim later demands Martin tell him what The Unknowing is and why he wasn't told when it had to do with the circus. He gives Martin his statement about how his brother disappeared, and how he'd been working at the Institute since to find anything about what happened to him. Elias tells Tim to stay away from the Unknowing and the circus. Tim has some bad words for Elias.[3]

Tim accompanies John, Daisy, and Basira to stop the Unknowing.[13] Nikola distorts his perception, and he becomes unaware that he is holding the detonator. However, John is eventually able to snap Tim out of it; Tim makes a joke to Nikola, who doesn't appreciate Tim's comedic genius. He detonates the explosives and stops the Unknowing, and is killed in the explosion.[14]

Episode Appearances Edit

Bold marks episodes where Tim has read a statement.

Episode Appearances

Trivia Edit

  • Tim is attracted to both men and women.[15]
  • Timothy Stoker was named after horror writer Bram Stoker and Tim Ledsam, who voices Jordan Kennedy.[16]
  • Tim is the second assistant of the original trio to die. His last words were "I know."
    • It is a common fandom joke that Tim is not dead but has simply gone on a long kayaking trip. The cast and crew reference this joke in the Magnus Bloopers Special.
  • Tim's D&D class would be fighter.[17]
  • Non-revenge related hobbies include playing video games and going on adventure holidays such as rock climbing and kayaking.[18]

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