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Tom Haan is an avatar of The Flesh


Haan is a Chinese man who has pale skin and black hair. Craig Goodall says he is "painfully thin" and speaks in "a crisp RP accent."


Haan Tao changed his name to Thomas Haan upon moving to England from China. Tom Haan is the nephew of John Haan, who killed his wife and disposed of her body by selling her meat as takeaway food. Six months before his arrest in May 2004, John replaced all of his employees with his recently immigrated nephew. (MAG 72)

Shortly before December 2008, Haan was involved in the Last Feast, the Ritual of The Flesh, in a gnostic temple near Istanbul, as recounted in MAG 130: Meat. Haan drove a truck to the temple which held an enormous pile of meat, including distorted meat creatures. Haan passed handfuls of the meat to each of the creatures, which they carried inside the temple to throw into a massive pit of meat that was also a mouth. Many more trucks arrived to feed it. The ritual was stopped when the temple was brought down by Gertrude Robinson's explosives.

In September 2009, Craig Goodall encountered a man who was likely Tom Haan in the abandoned takeaway store. (MAG 72) The man cut and dismembered Goodall, though the injuries later healed instantly. The man said the Christians were persecuted for cannibalism and rambled about meat, souls, and blood. Goodall escaped and the takeaway burned down.

Haan worked in a slaughterhouse from late 2009 to 2013. (MAG 30). On July 12, 2013, when David Laylow requested to move from the slaughterhouse floor, Haan told him, "You can not stop slaughter by closing the door." When Laylow is later lost in a slaughterhouse maze, he finds Haan repeatedly using the bolt gun on himself, covered in bloody wounds. When Laylow uses the bolt gun on Haan, he finally collapses and Laylow is able to leave the slaughterhouse. Haan disappeared after the incident.

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  • In the season 4 Q&A, Jonny explains that MAG 5's main Entity is intended to be The Flesh, as an early version of Tom Haan. It was based on notions of removal and transformation of body parts, surplus, and overproduction. Due to the early writing and production of this episode, several thematic elements of this Entity had not yet been fully nailed down.
  • Jonny Sims has apologised for the unintentionally racist portrayal of the Haan family as it leant into the cannibalistic stereotypes of Asian cultures.