Trevor Herbert is a self-proclaimed vampire hunter, though more recently has branched out into other kinds of monsters as well. He has lived most of his life as a homeless person and is known locally in Manchester as Trevor "The Tramp" Herbert.

Description Edit

Trevor is said to be very strong for his age, able to tackle and pin down other adults in a way that surprises them. He had a long, matted white beard at one point, although it is unknown if that is still his normal style of grooming. He has pink, unblemished skin and a strong Mancunian accent.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Trevor's abusive father killed Mrs. Herbert and then drank himself to death 4 months later when Trevor was a teenager. Trevor and his older brother Nigel chose homelessness over being separated. When Trevor was about 16, a vampire named Sylvia McDonnell lured the two brothers to its house and devoured Nigel. Trevor managed to kill the creature and escape, although for the next several years he convinced himself it was a delusion brought on by the stress of witnessing his brother's murder.

Trevor has battled a heroin addiction for much of his life. He even lost a few toes due to an infection acquired from injecting between them. He has always tried to hide this addiction from the public, as he knows he has a "reputation" to uphold. However, the heroin in his bloodstream saved him on one occasion, when a vampire tried to drink his blood and got a taste of the heroin. Trevor was able to kill the vampire and survived to kill several more over the next few decades.

Trevor later killed several other vampires and (by accident) one mute human criminal. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and decided to give his statement to The Magnus Institute, and he supposedly died soon after doing so.

This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

2010 to Present Edit

Trevor rescued Julia Montauk from The Dark (and she returned the favour moments later) in an office building in Manchester where she worked as a security guard in July 2010.[1] The two apparently became inseparable from that point, and they have travelled and hunted together ever since. Although they bicker and tease each other, the two seem to care deeply for each other. Trevor often defers to Julia when it comes to making decisions.

Although Trevor has advanced lung cancer, he is no longer dying of it. The Hunt appears to be keeping him alive as long as he does its bidding and hunts, which he describes as feeling like another kind of addiction.

In July 2011, the pair arrived at Ivy Meadows at the same time as Nicole Baxter. Trevor tackled Nicole to the ground and told her to keep her voice down. Julia told him to leave her alone. When they saw Nicole was healthy, Trevor was in favour of telling Nicole what was happening as a defence, but Julia felt running away would be a better one. They released Nicole, and she fled. Trevor and Julia proceeded to burn down Ivy Meadows Care Home.

A few years prior to 2017, Trevor and Julia snuck into America in search of a wolfman in the Pacific Crest Trail. Although they never found their wolfman, they did find plenty of other things that needed killing. They are now trapped there due to the legal entanglements of trying to leave via plane plus Julia's refusal to spend weeks on a boat. However, they don't seem terribly sad about being stuck in America, especially upon learning about The Stranger's impending ritual in the U.K.

Jonathan Sims encounters Trevor and Julia during his trip to America.[2] When Julia notices that "Officer Mustermann" has taken an interest in Jonathan, she kidnaps the latter while Trevor waits in the boot of the car. When "Officer Mustermann" pulls them over, Trevor incapacitates it and they take it to a remote cabin for interrogation. While waiting for it to regenerate its lungs, Julia and Trevor give Jonathan a statement about how they met.[1] Once satisfied by what Mustermann says, the pair loan Jonathan their Skin Book so he can contact Gerard Keay.

Julia and Trevor later show up at the Archives looking to retrieve Gerard's page from John. Upon learning that he burned the page, they are angry and plan to kill John, but are interrupted by the arrival of Daisy Tonner.[3] 

They return in MAG 158 and kill Institute staff in their hunt for John. They encounter Daisy, who has just given into the Hunt. The recording cuts out after a gunshot is heard.

After The Change, Julia has been killed and Trevor is on the run from Basira in a domain of The Hunt. He encounters John and Martin, and is shot by Basira after taking Martin hostage.

Recurring Nightmares Edit

Since giving a joint statement with Julia in MAG 109, Trevor has shared a recurring dream with her in which the two of them creep through a newer versioned of the dark building in Manchester, an alert hunger on their faces, and try to stalk and catch the darkness before it does the same to them.

Episode Appearances Edit

Bold marks episodes where Trevor has given a statement.



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