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Mikael is a qualified archivist with a passion for the paranormal who works as an assistant in the research department of The Magnus Institute.

Physical Appearance[]

Mikael has been implied to be rather short.


Early History[]

Mikael is hired by the Institute as a research assistant in early 2014. He spends several months trying to get transferred to the archives but Elias simply refers him to Gertrude, who is nigh impossible to get ahold of.[1]

After Gertrude goes missing in March 2015, Mikael petitions Elias for the head archivist position, and is shocked and distraught when Jonathan Sims is promoted instead. Elias also refuses to transfer him to the archives as an assistant, mysteriously citing “workplace cohesion” and "team dynamics" as his reasons.

Season One[]

Mikael researches Jonathan Sims and finds both his qualifications and work experience entirely unsuitable for a head archivist.[2] He becomes convinced Jon was only promoted because of nepotism and starts spying on the archives, hoping to find anything that could get Jon demoted or fired.

He quickly discovers that no one in the archives knows the first thing about archiving. The head archivist uses archaic equipment seemingly at random[3] and keeps open containers of liquid, mainly tea, right next to paper statements. Mikael brings a complaint directly to Elias but it is to no avail.

On July 29th, 2016, Mikael evacuates the building alongside everyone else and only learns about the invasion of worms and the discovery of Gertrude Robinson’s body later. Whatever is wrong with the archives seems to run deeper than he suspected and his fascination turns to obsession as he feels a growing need to know what is going on.

Season Two[]

Mikael spends the next few months witnessing the increasingly dysfunctional archives as Jon buried himself in paranoia. He makes several attempts at hiding recording devices but they return only static, despite working fine outside the archives.

On February 16th 2017, police are once again called to the Institute as the body of an unknown man is found in Jon’s office and Sasha James has gone missing. Mikael is barely surprised to learn that Jon is suspected of murder.[4]

Season Three[]

On July 7th, 2017, Dr. Teatime is relaxing in the break room when Daisy walks in and punches him in the face. She is intent on starting a fight to distract Elias but Teatime goes down immediately, gushing blood from his broken nose and nearly fainting from the shock.[5]