The Web Table is an artefact first introduced in MAG 3.

It is a large, dark wood table that has engraved upon it a hypnotic pattern that appears to lead towards the centre, where there is a recess for a matching box to be placed.

Later statements reveal it as being an embodiment of the Web, though rituals performed by Adelard Decker have bound the NotThem, an aspect of the Stranger, to it.


1960s Raymond Fielding runs a halfway house for orphans on Hill Top Road in Oxford on behalf of the local diocese. He takes on a girl called Agnes, who the rest of the neighbourhood dislike (MAG 8). Ronald Sinclair is compelled to return back to the basement of the house, where Fielding is waiting with a large web-patterned table and a sinister apple, but is able to escape (MAG 59).

April 2001– Lawrence Moore realises that his cousin Carl has been replaced by Not-Carl. Adelard Dekker comes to him and performs a binding ritual to bind the creature to a web-patterned table (MAG 78).

7th April 2006- Amy Patel witnesses Graham Folger's appearance change due the NotThem. Graham has in his possession a large table with a hypnotic pattern upon it (MAG 3).

23rd November 2006 - Ivo Lensik uproots a tree at a house on Hill Top Road after finding a box previously belonging to the table, engraved with the same pattern (MAG 8).

Summer 2016 - A hypnotic table with a piece missing is delivered to the Magnus Institute by two deliverymen from Breekon & Hope (MAG 35 and MAG 36).

29th July 2016 - Jonathan Sims, while recording a statement, puts a hole in the drywall of the Magnus Institute's archives. In pour the worms that had been laying siege to the archive since March (MAG 39). While fleeing, Sasha James escapes into the institute's artefact storage, where she becomes the victim of the being bound to the table delivered by Breekon & Hope, and is replaced by Not-Sasha. Two cassettes holding case recordings go missing - notably, they are the two cassettes that previously held a recording of Sasha (MAG 40). 

16th February 2017 - In an attempt to kill Not-Sasha, Jonathan Sims takes an axe to the web table in the Institute's Artefact Storage, inadvertently setting free the "NotThem" that had been bound to it by Adelard Dekker (MAG 79).