This wiki is a collaborative volunteer project. No one is getting paid to contribute articles, let alone clean up vandalism or spam. Consequently, users who violate this wiki’s conduct expectations may be banned, and repeat or notable offenders may have their username or IP address distributed to moderators of other TMA communities as a precaution.

General conduct expectations for this wiki include:

  • Contributing to the Wiki only in mature, civil, and helpful ways.
  • Citing your claims correctly and accurately whenever possible.
  • Reviewing the Editing Guidelines page before editing.
  • Sharing the workload with other fans rather than complaining when information is missing.

This wiki is a community project. Anyone can (and is encouraged to) contribute to it. However, please be aware that the following actions may result in an instant block (ban):

  • Vandalism (inappropriately removing or adding info, usually deliberately)
  • Self-promotion (such as posting your website link) without admin approval
  • Criminal activity (such as links to torrents, illegal images, or information on law-breaking)
  • Hate speech or slurs against any ethnic minority or other marginalized group.
    • Please note that “slurs” in this context include but are not limited to the words r*tard, wh*re, g*psy, f*g, d*ke, cr*pple, tr*nny, pr*stitute, s*ssy, and other words some do not realize are slurs. Ignorance of a word being a slur does not necessarily absolve the user from consequences.
    • Please further note that everyday terms such as “gay” and ”queer” will generally not result in a block/ban. However, aggressively using them to attack someone (such as using them in a homophobic way or calling someone a term they‘ve asked you not to) may result in an instant block.
  • Repeated vulgarities or spam in comments or articles
    • “Spam” includes most memes, especially one-letter replies (“f”) and generally nonsensical comments, e.g., “Yaoi Hands McMike is a thot,” “I want him to yeet me off a roller coaster,” or “oh my god, they were tombmates!” Please keep the wiki tidy and post memes on social media instead.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.